This made Jin di, a junior, even more embarrassed.

“Uncle Lu, please don’t say that. Everything happened because of my father. Today, the Jin family brought this upon themselves, and it has nothing to do with anyone else. ”

When Jin di mentioned the Jin family, he naturally acknowledged Lu Mobai’s status as the son of the Jin family.

Lu Hui immediately understood the hidden meaning behind these words and could not help but sigh inwardly. Jin Di was indeed a magnanimous person.

His magnanimity was a rare feeling among many young people.

“This child, Mo Bai, has been somewhat withdrawn since he was young. I also know that he has a mental illness in his heart that I can’t cure. I originally thought that as long as I gave him everything that he wanted, perhaps he would be satisfied and would not pursue those matters of hatred and revenge… … It seems that in the end, my guess was wrong … ..

“although he has the bloodline of the Jin family in him, to me, Lu Mobai is Lu Mobai and he is my son. “No matter what he did wrong, I will take responsibility for my son. Jin Di, you don’t have to think too much… … What happened back then, your father.. .. That’s right, he didn’t have a choice.”

Jin Di still had some respect for his parents, so he never judged whether his parents were right or wrong when they were young.

He felt that he didn’t have the right.

But… … He couldn’t say that he really didn’t blame Jin di for what happened to Lu Mobai …

If his father really did make a mistake back then and really gave birth to a child with another woman, then he should at least take responsibility like a man.

How could a man be blamed for running away with his wife and hiding everything?

After sending Jin Jingrong and Feng Shuyuan to the sanatorium, he didn’t talk to Jin Jingrong or communicate with him anymore.

Jin Jingrong didn’t contact him either.

Maybe he remembered what happened that year because he saw the news.

“actually… you don’t blame your father for what happened that year. ”

Lu Hui suddenly said.

Jin Di thought that he was just comforting himself and didn’t take it to heart. However, the next moment, Lu Hui suddenly continued.

“All of this… is actually my fault. ”

How many secrets was locked in the heart of an old man who was over 50 years old?

And how many were there in the past?

Zuo Aiai had always thought that Lu Hui was a kind and gentle old man. However, she did not expect that in the heart of this old man, there was actually such a secret that no one knew.

If all of this had not happened, if Lu Mobai had not resolutely chosen revenge, if everything had not turned into what it was now.

Lu Hui had originally planned to forget all of this, live, grow old, get sick, and die, until he was brought into the coffin.

However… …

Now, it seemed that everything was impossible.

“Back then… … Actually, Lu Mobai’s mother contacted your father. Your father also said that if a woman named Shao Ling contacted him, please tell him “At that time, he brought your mother, who had just entered the recovery period, to Switzerland. I was the only one who stayed in the United States at that time “… Your father and mother trusted me very much. I had just started the Lu group’s business and was preparing to officially list the Lu Group’s shares on the New York Stock Exchange . . I was so busy every day .. But even so, I still took Shao Ling’s matter to heart… … ..

“It’s just that… … I really didn’t want to see your mother’s sad and sad look. To me back then, all the misfortune of others was not as good as your mother’s smile . . Young and vigorous love was always so extreme and paranoid. I would rather give up everything just to let her live happily and happily.”