Chapter 275 - Primary Match

Chapter 275 Primary Match

“Yueyue, your supporting rate is not good enough.”

Inside the Pixie Pet Store, two girls were sitting on the lounge’s couch: Su Lingyue and Jiang Xingyu, her friend of the same class.

At the academy, Jiang Xingyu was somewhat of a campus belle. Her look, her figure, and her family were all extraordinary. Her grades were not as good as Su Lingyue’s in the academy but she was among one of the best.

Recently, people had been heatedly discussing the competition between Primo and Pixie. Both stores had published some names of customers buying their packages. Pixie had released the name of the would-be champion, Su Lingyue. Some nosy people had even dug out Su Lingyue’s pictures and information. As such, Su Lingyue had become somewhat famous in the Longjiang Base City and received some attention.

After seeing that the “conceited” person aiming to become the champion was such a beautiful damsel, many grumpy onlookers chose to forgive her at once…

What else could they do when she was so adorable!

Many had even become her fans and supported her online…

At the moment, Su Lingyue and Jiang Xingyu were going through the voting activities of various platforms.

Su Lingyue’s situation was not promising. She only had a bit over thirty thousand votes backing her, putting her at No. 82.

The 10 people with the most votes each had at least a million votes!

Su Lingyue blushed. Su Ping had gotten her involved and named her the would-be champion. But people’s voting told her that few were taking her seriously. They were seeing this as a drama play.

This embarrassed and frustrated her.

Su Ping sat behind the counter. Although he was some distance away, his abnormal body enabled him to hear the girls’ conversation. He looked at them as he wiped his hands and then the counter with the rag. Since few people were in the store, he walked to them.

“You win with your strength, not because of those votes. There’s no point in looking at this,” Su Ping sulked. He sat down next to them. He needed some rest as well.

The Elite League was just around the corner and the number of people coming had begun to decrease. Many were making their final preparations. For the past couple of days, the places with the most business were not the pet stores, but battle stadiums.

Almost all the battle stadiums had been fully booked at all times.

Jiang Xingyu gazed at Su Ping with admiration. She had met him when he was still teaching in the academy as an advanced teacher. It was rare to see a teacher so young. He had to be outstanding to become a teacher, an advanced teacher when he was almost as young as the students.

When the Berserker Blade Academy went to challenge them, Su Ping stood up and defeated them easily, which left a deep impression on her. Him flying across the venue had stunned everyone.

She was envious that Su Lingyue had such a brother in her life.

“I would rather see you learning from Master Wu than wasting your time looking at these boring votes. Master Wu is a titled battle pet warrior. He has enough knowledge for you to learn for a lifetime.” Su Ping still sounded grumpy.

Su Lingyue was surprised, “How did you know Master Wu is…”

She thought she was the only one who knew. When Master Wu’s lesson stretched for long, her mom would tell him to stay for dinner. Su Ping never showed respect to him, as if he had no idea how powerful Master Wu was.

But he did know!

Then, why would Su Ping treat Master Wu so casually?!

Su Ping sneered. “He is teaching you healing skills but you can also learn something from him regarding battles. He is a titled battle pet warrior, you know? Learn from him and ask him about anything you don’t understand. It’s not like people can have titled battle pet warriors as teachers all the time!”

Su Lingyue sat there still. Her brother had never asked her about her studies and never expressed any interest in her teacher. She didn’t realize that he knew about him and what she was learning!

“You…” She glared at Su Ping. “Are you stalking me?” she wondered.

“Piss off!”


Angrily, Su Lingyue looked away.

Jiang Xingyu found those two funny but she just wore a light smile on her face without laughing out loud. Her eyes were sparkling as she looked at Su Ping. She felt that Mr. Su appeared to be more real, more approachable this way.

Looking at the two cups of juice on the table, Su Ping said to them, “Finish this and go back. Don’t always come to the store to waste your time.”

Su Lingyue turned around to face him. “Isn’t my Moonfrost Dragon with you? How are you expecting that I train without my pet? Anyway, what did you do with my pet? I found more golden scales. Have you been feeding it hormones?”

Su Ping rolled his eyes at her. “I think your brain has been filled with hormones.”

“Your brain is eating hormones.”

“You are.”

“You’re the one eating hormones.”


“Quit it. We have guests,” Tang Ruyan said, pulling a long face. She couldn’t stand the two anymore.

Jiang Yuxing sat between them, smiling embarrassingly.

Su Ping snorted. He left to receive his customer.

Su Lingyue picked up her juice and drank it up. “Xingyu, let’s go. I will go back and cultivate. We don’t have to stay in his store.” She said, panting with rage.

Jiang Xingyu forced a smile. She left with Su Lingyue although she was unwilling. Before she went out, she darted some extra looks at Su Ping.

After Su Ping sent that customer away, Tang Ruyan moved closer and teased him. “The girl with your sister, I think she is into you.” “What do you mean?” Su Ping asked. “She likes you.” Tang Ruyan grinned. Su Ping replied, “Is that strange? I’m handsome. Lots of girls like me.”

Tang Ruyan’s mouth twitched.

He’s so… shameless!

Su Ping sized Tang Ruyan up and down curiously. “I haven’t had the time to ask you this. Are you really a future family head of the Tang Family? You’ve been on display for days. Why isn’t anyone coming to pick you up?”

“You are on display. Your entire family is on display!” Tang Ruyan was fuming with rage.

Su Ping patted her forehead. Immediately, she quit arguing but she still glared at him.

Su Ping had become used to seeing this look on her. “I think the Tang Family is just so so. Their future family head is missing for so long and I’m not hiding it but they have yet to show up. How disappointing.”

Tang Ruyan ground her teeth. “Who can tell what kind of remote and backward place this base city is!”

“Gee.” Su Ping shook his head and left.

Tang Ruyan stumped her feet in wrath. When she first went to Su Ping’s store, she thought the Tang Family would track her down in no time. However, one day had passed and then two days… A week had passed but she had seen no signs of the Tang Family.

She wondered if she had covered up her face too well with the veil in the old days, and because of that no customer among the countless people she had met recognized her. That was hard to believe.

The only explanation she came up with was that Su Ping’s store was in a too shabby place!

How could those puny insects recognize a phoenix?

Three days whooshed by.

Amid people’s discussions and avid anticipation, the qualification trials at the base cities had finally begun!

In each base city, the qualification trials would be held in several stages. First, the primary matches.

Branch venues were set up in the different zones of the base cities for the primary matches. In total, there were 12 branch venues in the Longjiang Base City!

The zones in the upper town area had 10 branch venues in total, whereas merely two were in the shantytown area!

As a matter of fact, the shantytown area was not smaller than the uptown area. If anything, the former was larger than the latter. However, due to a lack of resources and talents, merely two branch venues had been set up in the poorer area. Therefore, people in many zones of the shantytown would have to hurry overnight to where the venue was.

One of the venues was in shantytown’s richest zone, the Crescent Zone; the other was at the Gun Control Zone where the shantytown government offices were.