Chapter 152 - Lin Hui (1)

Ch.152 Lin Hui (1)

Xin Siyue returned to A City to complete the procedures while Chen Sinan accompanied her. But because of an urgent matter in the company, he had no choice but to hurry back to Sheng Jin City.

That night, Xin Siyue and her colleagues gathered together for dinner. The next morning, she invited Gu Tong out for breakfast. What shocked her was that Xia Qiao came too. From what she knew, Xia Qiao had been hosting a tourism variety show. Therefore, he would be constantly on the move. She hadn’t seen him in a while.

Xin Siyue noticed that Xia Qiao became tanner and skinnier.

She asked him, “Is the new show tiring?”

Xia Qiao replied, “It’s ok. It’s just hot over there.”

Xin Siyue faintly smiled. “Take care of yourself.”

“Mhm.” As Xia Qiao said this, he finally looked up at her. He opened his mouth but didn’t say anything else in the end.

They were all A College’s students. Xin Siyue naturally didn’t mind Xia Qiao tagging along. This was good. At least they could all gather together for a last meal before she had to go.

Seeing that Xia Qiao looked down and wasn’t saying anything, Gu Tong helped to warm the atmosphere up. “Siyue, you already contacted the people at Sheng Jin City about your work?”

“Yes. The interview that day was very successful.”

Gu Tong smiled and said, “Of course! Based on your popularity, it’s the TV Station’s loss for not accepting you!”

“Don’t say it like that. In a new workplace, I would have to start everything over.”

Gu Tong patted her chest and promised, “Don’t worry! I believe you!”

“Hm, ok!” Xin Siyue laughed too.

They had a happy meal together. But in between the conversation, Xia Qiao didn’t talk much. Xin Siyue could feel his careful gaze on her occasionally mixed with an unknown feeling.

On the way back, Xin Siyue and Gu Tong walked together. She asked Gu Tong, “Are you for real when you told me you were going to pursue Xia Qiao last time?”

Gu Tong immediately admitted, “Of course it’s true!”

“Then how’s it going for you guys now?”

Gu Tong thought about it before replying, “Mission not accomplished. I will work harder!”

“You’re going to have to work harder. I’ll be waiting to attend your wedding feast!”

To Xin Siyue, Gu Tong and Xia Qiao are her two best friends in this city. If they could be together in the future, that would be the best.

“I’ll try my best! I’ll either succeed or die trying!”

Xin Siyue returned the words she had said to her, “Don’t worry, I believe in you!”

After bidding farewell with Gu Tong, Xin Siyue returned to her apartment to pack up her things.

Chen Sinan said that if she enjoyed being here, they could come live here frequently if they had time in the future. Therefore, Xin Siyue didn’t plan on packing everything. She simply packed essential items.

When she finished packing up in the evening, Chen Sinan called her and asked when she would be back.

Xin Siyue thought about it before replying, “In a bit, in another hour.”

“I’ll have Assistant Wang book a plane ticket for you.”

“Ok, thank Assistant Wang for me.”

Chen Sinan hummed in agreement before he continued, “How about me? How do you plan on thanking me?”

“This…” Xin Siyue purposefully said, “I don’t want to thank you. Plus, I don’t need to either.”

Chen Sinan smiled faintly. He was pleased that she didn’t treat him as a stranger. He reminded, “Be careful on your way. I probably don’t have time to pick you up later so I will have Assistant Wang pick you up.”

“That’s unnecessary. I can go back myself.”

Chen Sinan allowed her to have her way.

When the plane landed in Sheng Jin City, it was nighttime. The airport was bustling with people.

Xin Siyue dragged her suitcase as she walked. She wore a white double breasted coat and sunglasses. As she walked, her figure and temperament attracted many people’s gazes.

But before she could walk out of the airport, she was suddenly stopped by a man.

The man wore a gray suit but his suit wasn’t like Chen Sinan’s, meticulous. His suit was a bit wrinkled and his blue tie was also crooked.

Xin Siyue stopped walking and looked at the man in front of her through her black sunglasses. He had an ok appearance and she confirmed multiple times before coming to the conclusion that she didn’t know him.

Xin Siyue took off her sunglasses and asked, “Mr, you are?”

The moment she said this, numerous paparazzi surrounded them. Before Xin Siyue figured out what happened, that man rushed over and hugged her. He sobbed and said as if he was wronged, “Wife, wife, I finally found you!”

Xin Siyue would’ve never thought she was called “wife” under these circumstances.

Chen Sinan had never called her that. He loved calling her “wifey.”

Comparing the two, Xin Siyue just realized how disgusting it was for the man to call her “wife.”

He didn’t have a fresh and pleasant smell like Chen Sinan. There was also a strong smell of smoke and sweat on him.