475 Mitchnew Interrogates

Half Moon Village was nothing Desert Lily expected and while it was full of many things she didn't understand, the assassin immediately knew that there were extremely powerful individuals present. Not to mention, the thickness of mana in the air was something that would drive regular people insane early on.

What she did not expect was to see a regular human female in the village. Karris was surprised at the visitor but welcomed Truen and Mitchnew back. 

"Welcome back," she greeted warmly. "Would you like me to make some tea for our guest?"

Mitchnew glanced back to Desert Lily and nodded. "Please do. She's been wanting to see the village so if Seff isn't too busy perhaps you could take her around after a cup of tea."

Karris laughed. "I think he would love the excuse to escape lessons. Ever since Pepper started working on New Moon Village, my boy has been running in and out of the abyss. He's gotten so out of control now that even Ruth has to take the extra effort to nab him for a spanking. I've failed as a mother."

Truen chuckled. "Don't say that. He's a handful now but he's a good kid. We'll see him later, please get some rest. You shouldn't come here too often, it's not very safe."

Desert Lily was about to ask why it wasn't safe but had no time when several daggers flew in her direction. She deflected them with ease and had to counter a water spell next. Truen was faster and carried Karris away while Mitchnew glared at the troublemakers.

"Run!" Leon yelped after looking at Mitchnew's glower. The dark elf was drenched from head to toe and she wasn't pleased.

Desert Lily didn't really stay to watch what happened to the misbehaving children because she heard their pained cries when Mitchnew caught up quickly. Instead, she followed Truen who led her to the base of a cliff where three small and homey huts were. Karris thanked Truen and was barely let down when a small blur tackled the archer who dodged swiftly.

The small blur crashed into the wall of the hut beside and Desert Lily flinched. That must have hurt. Then again, the speed of this young boy impressed her. She couldn't tell what kind of creature he was because he looked and behaved like a human at first glance until he pointed at her and asked who she was. Desert Lily caught sight of tiny fangs and her eyes widened.

Karris smacked her boy and scolded him harshly, making the rowdy boy appear very small and meek in front of his raging mother who apologised profusely to Truen and Desert Lily. Seff sulked and Truen shook his head.

Seff looked guilty and apologised before hurrying back into the hut. Karris smiled apologetically and ushered Desert Lily into her humble abode while bowing to Truen who left to look for Soon. The necromancer wasn't able to get answers out of the nutcase but with Truen's spell and Mitchnew's terrifying reputation, he didn't think they wouldn't be able to squeeze a few answers from him.

Lady Death looked satisfied with herself after teaching the rowdy werecat and mermaid a lesson. Truen noted how scary she actually looked with a grin but thought that it was perfect for what they were about to do. Soon greeted them when they entered his apartment and made space for them. The gay harassing necromancer was bound and looking very jaundiced at his predicament.

Soon closed the door behind him and Truen summoned Sureshot, notching his arrow and spell, aiming it point-blank at the necromancer. The necromancer laughed nervously and tried to talk his way out of what looked like certain death but Truen was merciless and the necromancer screamed when Truen released the mana arrow, half expecting a gruesome injury but nothing happened. He appeared fine and didn't feel any pain.


Truen turned to Mitchnew. "He's all yours now," he told her. Seraph's Command would last for a good hour or so, plenty of time for Mitchnew to do what she needed to while he took a break.

Mitchnew grinned evilly and cracked her knuckles as Truen left the apartment to soak in the small pool.

Having the Spring of Vitality so readily available in the village was certainly a blessing. Zero's foresight saved them both and Truen wondered if there was a way to increase his current mana regeneration ability. Just firing a signature spell took out half of his existing mana reserves because of the Parallel Minds he needed to activate for a short while. If he had enough mana to maintain the Parallel Minds, he could continuously recover mana using clones. However, without sufficient mana to support the minimum number of Parallel Minds for that function, Truen would have to spend a good number of days in the Spring of Vitality.

While there really wasn't a need to torture or traumatise the necromancer for answers, Truen still heard screams coming from Soon's apartment. Nobody questioned it as if it was simply another ordinary day in the village.

Truen sighed and closed his eyes, meditating and feeling his body soak up the mana in the air around him. The density of mana in the air around the small pool became so intense that Seff who was giving Desert Lily a tour decided to take a different route. The hot springs were in use and he was told not to go near it until he could control his blood abilities.

"Let's go over there," he smiled at the pretty lady. "I'll show you the feast cave where most of the party activities take place!"

Desert Lily didn't question the strange flow of mana and nodded. It was better to not offend whoever it was. A person who could withstand such an intense flow of mana was certainly a powerful magician. They were probably on par with Dwayne and she didn't want to offend anyone. It was better to earn the support of this village and align the Black Mamba with them for future collaboration.

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