Chapter 1277 - Envy, Jealousy And A Desire To Go Crazy.

Gu Mengmeng and Ian were so engaged in their conversation that they completely did not notice Gregory’s envious gaze behind them.

He was extremely unsatisfied towards Ian’s tone when speaking to Gu Mengmeng and this dissatisfaction surpassed the dissatisfaction he felt when Ian went against the Motou Mountains’s vow.

Because it was his duty to kill Ian according to the vow but he also wanted to kill Ian because of his attitude towards Gu Mengmeng that made him growl internally.

And when he looked at the current situation, his anger subsided and all that’s left was loneliness.

Ian and Gu Mengmeng were not partners and they had their own partners too. It seemed like they did not stay together for a long time but whenever they met, they did not feel the least distant from each other.

This was the first time Gregory witnessed Gu Mengmeng baring her fangs and brandishing her sharp claws. In his recollection, other than the dense murderous aura she gave off when plucking grapes outside the tribe, she always treated everyone with warmth. But Ian was special and they interacted very differently too. They were clearly dissing each other with sharp statements but they never lose their temper and no matter how crude their words were, she would still throw Ian a delicious fruit instinctively whenever she had one and Ian would receive it without having his guard up. They could even transit from almost battling each other to normal interaction mode and back from normal interaction mode to dissing each other in a split second…

Although Gu Mengmeng described him as ‘bad company who can’t achieve anything and is only good at spoiling things’, when he was attacked, she would rush to protect him behind her without hesitation.

To Gu Mengmeng, Ian must be a special male.



They were clearly not partners, why was he so special?

Envy, jealousy and a desire to go crazy.

Especially when Gu Mengmeng stood opposite him without hesitation to protect Ian. This made Gregory explode in anger.

For the past 24 days, she smiled at him, treated him well and said that she wanted to gift him her first Melotti feather fan. She even said that she ‘can’t bear’ for him to leave. Were all of these just an illusion? Did he not deserve to be mentioned at all in her heart?

But just a while ago, she wiped the blood off the corner of his lips gently and apologized.

Ha, no matter how few times he left the mountains, he knew that it was a matter of course for females to cut open a male’s chest to see how his heart looked like in the Beast World. So, she just gave him a push, why should she say sorry?

Gregory’s attention was fixated on Ian and Gu Mengmeng, he did not notice Lea’s helpless laugh by the side.

Sometimes, abilities and intelligence really did not make everyone live a good life.

It was just a clumsy tactic of throwing someone a bone, to use the carrot and stick approach but Gregory reacted like an ignorant and dumb fellow who was unaware of worldly affairs. He just fell deep into it in one go.

Everyone was like him when they experienced love for the first time, right?

Lea did not even need to think it through seriously because he could easily guess that Gregory must be thinking inside him, “If I betrayed the Motou Mountains like Ian, will Gu Mengmeng treat me like how special she treats him? Will she stand by my side without hesitation in times of danger?”

This was why Lea did not allow Ian to expose himself when he just reached Sauder.

Just like what Gu Mengmeng said, beggars would not envy Jack Ma’s pots of money but they would envy their next-door beggar from getting two dollars more than them that day.

Gregory was the same too, he would not envy how well Gu Mengmeng treated Elvis and Lea because they were her partners and he was not.

But he would envy Ian because….they were both birds and not Gu Mengmeng’s partners. Furthermore, regardless whether it was their abilities or titles, Ian would never surpass him but he received special treatment from Gu Mengmeng…

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