977 Meeting Again

"The military conducted a successful attack with the help of Doctor Dark Star, the Black Death God, and the Thunder God!

"Although we paid a heavy price, I would like to announce with great delight that we have destroyed the Seven Emotions Overmind!"

Fang Yuan looked at a familiar face giving an impassioned speech on the news channel. "Other than that, cosmic lifeforms are now receding on all fronts. We have now proven that our alliance has the confidence and capability of protecting life and property!"

"The Seven Emotions Overmind… destroyed…" Fang Yuan turned the television off, still feeling it incredible. "Probably fake?"

"This plan was designed by the best photon computer. We secretly sent out the most advanced spacecrafts, three ace mecha pilots, and many treasures!" Ross was in a state of excitement. "The Seven Emotions Overmind fell into a trap, so how could it not die?"

"This is great for us!" Ye Piaoling said breathlessly. "As long as we have the biological gene of that strongest cosmic lifeform, our Momon armor will definitely enhance!"

"Yes. That's why all of you have to put aside whatever you're doing now and wait for the materials to arrive. After that, you will assist me in my research and the upgrade of the Blood Sea Medium."

Fu Hongxue was wearing a dirty lab coat as he walked into the research institute. His expression was not good.


"There's no need to worry about me. I've just been up all night… Also, remember that the evolution speed of these cosmic lifeforms is far beyond our estimates!" Fu Hongxue warned. "Besides the Seven Emotions Overmind, another terrifying entity was discovered on Planet East Dragon last night!"

According to the Human Alliance, anything not part of the Human Alliance was considered a cosmic lifeform.

In addition, the other party did not hesitate to attack last night, showing their hostility. Fu Hongxue and the Undead Immortals were quite worried about it.

They did not have any clues about this elusive party.

Even Venerable Three Star's Heavenly Eye did not manage to capture any useful information. This entity might still be hiding on Planet East Dragon!

This mere possibility caused the prestigious schools to jump at shadows.

Of course, Fu Hongxue would not divulge too many details about this. There was not any use after all.

"Now, let's focus on the cells that are coming!" Fu Hongxue's eyes had a rare shine. "Our Blood Dragon mecha will definitely take off with the Seven Emotions Overmind's genes!"

Fang Yuan raised his hand and asked, "Professor, was it really destroyed?"

"There was a strong attack when the Zero Lock returned to zero, resulting in the annihilation of time and space. No living thing could survive in that environment… Actually, I'm confident we discovered the Seven Emotions Overmind's gene because of this!" Fu Hongxue said with certainty. "This is a monster that can control its own genes. It wouldn't let us obtain any information if it wasn't dead!

"Of course, this kind of information was pretty dangerous as well, so I announce… only the more senior researchers can join in this genetic research. Also, we won't increase the ability of the culture medium before we crack all of its secrets!"

Everyone nodded. It was what it should be.

Not being directly involved in the research did not mean that they could not participate in auxiliary research. In fact, there were not enough researchers. When the time came, there would be several powerful teams coming to East Dragon University to join in.

Many forces were interested in the Seven Emotions Overmind.

Speaking of which, Fang Yuan was grateful that he was not involved in the core team.

His current disguise might fool the Undead Immortals, but if the Seven Emotions Overmind was truly the Abominable Lord like he thought, he would not die just like that. At worst, he probably escaped heavily wounded.

Moreover, there might be some conspiracy within this.

It was obviously better to be as far away from any part of its corpse as possible.

"Perhaps… there's some trick on the remaining gene…"

The military arrived at the research institute in a black triangular aircraft.

"Good, there should be an Undead Immortal escorting it!"

Fang Yuan saw an emotionless person carrying a suitcase, and his eyes narrowed.

To be honest, he would also like to be near the Seven Emotions Overmind to confirm its identity.

However, owing to the nature of Demon Gods, the Abominable Lord would also know about him if he truly was the Seven Emotions Overmind.

This was why he decided against this unrealistic thought.

Behind the Undead Immortal, a man in a black uniform piqued Fang Yuan's attention.

"Junior Lin Meng, long time no see!" An ordinary-looking youth stepped forward and greeted him calmly, restraining all his sharp edges.

"It's him! Wu Wudi!" Ross exclaimed immediately, stars almost emerging from his eyes. "When did you join the military?"

"Hehe… I assisted the military this time and clocked in some merits. The military rewarded me with a request, so I asked East Dragon University to make an Emperor-grade mecha… This is what I originally deserved!"

Wu Wudi looked at Fang Yuan, hatred clear in his eyes.

After he had reached Nascent Soul, the school had not only wanted to promote him to professor, but they would have also provided him many privileges.

However, all of this was destroyed by Fang Yuan. It would be strange not to hate him.

"Really? Congratulations then," Fang Yuan said indifferently. "However, Senior, I have to remind you that your mind is too narrow. How can you want something for yourself? As a thoughtful, cultured, and conscientious young man, you should give it to the Alliance!"

"You…" Wu Wudi's face turned red, but he calmed down immediately. "That's right… I might be confident, but I'm not as good as you. However, this world isn't just about talent. I've been leading for so many years, so how can you fight with me!"

This world was inherently unfair. Even the same kind of genius would have everything determined based on their years of cultivation.

Take Fang Yuan, for example. Even if they had the same cultivation talents, Wu Wudi would suppress him from beginning to end due to being older.

"But it's a pity, Senior…" Fang Yuan smiled broadly. "My talent is more than ten folds greater than yours. Therefore, I can catch up within a short period!"

"All right! I'll wait!"

Wu Wudi walked away.

"Lin Meng, what happened? You're not friends with Wu Wudi?"

Ross and Ye Piaoling walked over with worried expressions.

Fang Yuan and Wu Wudi's last few sentences were communicated through sound transmission, but anyone who with could see that something was wrong.

"Just some friction previously!" Fang Yuan waved his hand dismissively. "It's nothing!"

"All right!" Ross was relieved, obviously not optimistic about Fang Yuan at all.

However, Ye Piaoling was indignant. "Be careful of that Wu Wudi and his subordinates! He has had his way in school and isn't anyone decent!"

It seemed like his friend or he himself had been on the wrong side of the Wu family.

"I understand!" Fang Yuan nodded.

"No! You don't understand anything at all!" Ye Piaoling became solemn. "All of Planet East Dragon might be under the control of the military because of what happened last night. Do you know what this means?

"It means he could use military law to arrest you at any time! You'd have no say then!"

"Th-that's impossible!" Ross covered his little mouth, obviously very shocked.

"Don't worry. He wouldn't dare do this in East Dragon University!" Fang Yuan blinked, seeming as though he had backing.

He actually did have backing!

The entire East Dragon University was his backing.

Not to mention his cultivation talent, just donating the Wings of the Sky and the sharp needle were enough to have the university's protection.

Fu Hongxue would probably be the first to jump out if Wu Wudi were to take Fang Yuan away without any evidence.

"That's great!" Ye Piaoling heaved a sigh of relief. "I knew that you being here as an assistant researcher when you're just a second-year was not for nothing!"

"I'm more curious about Wu Wudi's mecha!" Fang Yuan's eyes shone. "Don't you think its all very coincidental? They sent the gene to our research institute after he joined the military? What's next?

"Obviously, he will be the first to benefit when Professor Fu Hongxue develops the new generation of the Momon armor!"

Ye Piaoling nodded. "And… the professor is also a famous mecha designer. Looks like Wu Wudi has great ambitions. He wants an Emperor-grade mecha that's good enough for him to use even as an Undead Immortal!"

"Emperor-grade? Haha…" Fang Yuan laughed and shook his head.

Ye Piaoling and the others underestimated Wu Wudi's ambition.

The Wings of the Sky he had wanted was an Emperor-grade mecha. Now that he was going to make a mecha, Emperor-grade would be a basic requirement!

However, the higher Wu Wudi's sights were, the happier Fang Yuan was.

All the materials he gathered would be his in the end.

If he could really build a mecha with Thearch-grade potential, Fang Yuan would simply expose his true identity and snatch it.

Although Thearch-grade potential is at the level of the Gemini Star and Wuhou Star, Wu Wudi has a great destiny. Perhaps he can find some precious materials…

It seems like his idea of creating a flesh mecha is the same as mine. Are flesh mechas the future of mecha development?