Nian Nian and en en waved at Yin Yihan the moment they saw him.

They didn’t know what kind of bewitching potion this man had given the children… … He actually made them stick together like this …

Yin Yihan took the initiative to go over and hug the two babies.

“I WANT TO BE CARRIED BY UNCLE! ” NIAN NIAN was even more insatiable. She gently twisted her small body and was picked up by Yin Yihan from the ground.

“Uncle, is Nian Nian pretty today? ” Nian Nian let Yin Yihan look in front of her and then let him look behind her.

Yin Yihan looked at her smug little face and smiled as he reached out to pinch Nian NIAN’s little nose. “Yes, Nian Nian is everyone’s little princess. She’s the most beautiful. ”

Of course, Yin Yihan would not forget en en. He turned his face and looked at en en, who was holding Jing Qiuci’s hand. He asked, “has en en en done his homework on the movie we’re going to watch today? ”

“En… Although this movie is an animated film, but… ” En en nodded very seriously and continued to talk …

After buying the movie tickets, they sat in the Waiting Area for some time before they left the venue.

The SOFA in the waiting area was quite comfortable… …

It was rare for someone to help take care of the children. Jing Qiuci began to play with her phone, mainly because she did not want to have any topics with that person.

Yin Yihan glanced at Jing Qiuci from the corner of his eyes and leaned the two little guys’ heads together. He lowered his voice and said, “later… you have to help uncle. Let uncle and mom sit together, okay? ”

“Okay, okay! ” NIAN Nian said with a smile. She saw Yin Yihan’s eyes signal to Jing Qiuci He quickly lowered his voice and said, “is it… after mommy and Uncle Yin are on good terms, uncle Yin can be our father? ”

Yin Yihan didn’t expect the two little guys to be so sensitive. Although he didn’t understand many of the underlying principles, he did… He had almost understood everything …

Yin Yihan smiled and reached out to touch NIAN NIAN’s little head. “You have to help uncle anyway! ”

“Oh… ” Nian Nian turned around and pointed at the movie in the glass display case not far away. “Nian Nian wants that great sage’s doll… ”

Yin Yihan saw that Nian Nian was starting to act again and couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re such a Brat! Buy It after you watch the movie! Otherwise, your mommy will definitely scold you. ”

“where’s En en? ” Yin Yihan turned around to ask him.

“En! I’ll help you too! ” En En nodded his little head seriously.

“No, uncle is asking you… ”

“Ah… this, I have been wanting more recently… xxxx motherboard… xxxx alloy material… and a small welding tool. ” En En used his finger to press against his chin He frowned slightly, seriously thinking about his recent needs in making small robots.

Listening to en en’s words, Yin Yihan was a little embarrassed.

Yes… … His children really had their own personalities …

Very good, very smart… …

After waiting for a while, Yin Yihan brought Nian Nian and en en to buy popcorn and drinks, and then they could enter the venue.

Of course, Jing Qiuci couldn’t sit next to Yin Yihan.

So… … The plan that Yin Yihan had prepared began. He gave Nian Nian a look, and Nian NIAN’s acting skills began to explode again …

“Aiya! Mommy, I’m so afraid of the dark, I want to sit at the outermost seat! If any monsters appear later, I can escape first! ”

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