Once Again, the Enslavement Magic

A solid blue flame appeared on Shao Xuan’s hands.

The beast that was struggling to escape was now breathing nervously but it was suddenly like a flame blown out. It did not happen to just this beast, but the other six as well. They seemed like a settling flag, a resting drumroll. Their struggling movements suddenly stopped and all their eyes were fixed on Shao Xuan.

The blue flame wrapped around the palm of his hand and he extended his hand towards the beast in front of him.

There was a sudden gust of wind in the house, and it was as if the air had layers rippling from the source of energy.

The soldiers who were keeping guard outside were a little uncertain when they heard the sound. The grass and trees outside were calm and settled, but how come they could hear the wind?

The sound of the wind was growing louder and louder, and the soldiers could no longer ignore it.