Chapter 289 - Dark Elves

What Roy did not expect was that Julia only returned after a while.

Although it had been a while, Julia still brought an attacker back. When she threw the attacker in front of Roy, he realized that it was a dark elf!

This dark elf was knocked unconscious and lying motionless on the ground. Roy looked up and asked Julia, “What’s going on?”

“It’s a group of dark elven assassins!” Julia said in a depressed tone. “There are still a lot of them, and they’re very good at concealing their whereabouts. After Giovanni and I rushed over, these bastards attacked us, but after realizing that they weren’t our match, they immediately scattered in all directions to escape. Giovanni and I split up to chase after them for a while, but the assassins we caught all chose to commit suicide. It wasn’t easy for me to knock this guy out first…”

“The question is, why are dark elves in Eeofol?!” Giovanni was a little depressed. “Are they here to attack demons specifically? I wonder which clan they belong to…”

The dark elves were defectors of the wood elves. They did not have a country, and they lived in the underground world with their clans as their units. In each clan, the leaders were matriarchs, a typical matrilineal society. These matriarchs controlled the religious, political, and military power of the dark elves. It was said that they never raised their children personally but sent them to the temple to learn all the skills needed for survival. Male dark elves were generally trained as assassins, while female dark elves were generally trained as killers.

In addition to being extremely hostile to the elves, they had been fighting endlessly among themselves, so they had yet to unify into a country. But these dark elves who believed in the Dragon of Darkness, Malassa, were also an enormous force in the world of Ashan. No one was willing to be targeted by the dark elves because once they were targeted, it meant endless assassinations and schemes. The dark elves themselves understood that with their sparse numbers, they could not live openly like other forces, so they used ruthlessness and insidiousness as a means to preserve themselves. Precisely because of this, the dark elves had always been feared by other races.

Therefore, when he found out that the ones who attacked his people were actually dark elven assassins, Giovanni had a headache. He thought that nothing seemed to have happened between the kingdom of Heresh and the dark elves recently…

“Won’t it become clear if we ask?” Roy looked at the motionless dark elf on the ground. “How long are you going to pretend?”

Hearing Roy’s words, Giovanni and Julia immediately drew their swords and were on guard. The dark elven assassin realized that he had been noticed and did not continue pretending. He stood up from the ground and looked at Roy calmly.

There was a mask covering his mouth and nose, but his long ears were very conspicuous. Perhaps because of living underground for a long time, the skin of this dark elf was very dark, which was beneficial for them to hide in the darkness and shadows.

Julia had already searched his body on the way. His poisoned daggers and crossbow bolts, including the poison sack in his teeth, had already been taken away. This dark elven assassin had no strength to resist, so he did not do anything extreme. “Which clan are you from?” Roy rubbed his chin with his claws and looked at this guy with interest. “Why did you attack my


The dark elf said nothing, but his eyes darted around, observing the surroundings.

Roy smiled coldly. “Don’t bother. Even if you remember everything, you might not be able to pass the information back!”

After hearing Roy’s words, the dark elven assassin did not continue looking. He lowered his head and remained silent.

Facing this situation, Giovanni was furious. He had also encountered this situation when he was trying to capture these assassins. These assassins were simply ruthless, the kind that would commit suicide without a word. Although this dark elf had lost his means to commit suicide, he still looked like a tough nut to crack. So Giovanni could not help but walk forward, step on the dark elven assassin’s hand, raise his sword, and cut off a finger.

Giovanni planned to interrogate him, but despite the dark elven assassin trembling in pain, he gritted his teeth and said nothing.

“Tsk tsk! You have guts!” Roy quite admired him, but he did not intend to continue wasting time with this guy. He stretched out his hand and snapped his fingers. Then he saw Benia sashaying over with a smile. “Benia, I’ll leave it to you!” Roy said. “Find out his origin and purpose!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll get him to confess after he experiences a few wet dreams!” Benia giggled.

Seeing the succubus walking toward him, the dark elven assassin finally had panic appear in his eyes. The dark elves had received special training since they were young, and pain and torture could not make them open their mouths. But the magic of succubi was different. As long as they still had desires and delusions in their hearts, as long as there were flaws in their hearts, charm magic could take effect.

Sure enough, after a while, as the dark elf’s expression turned silly, Benia successfully completed the task Roy gave her and asked all about the origin and purpose of this dark elf.

This dark elven assassin came from the Shadowbrand clan. This Shadowbrand clan was only a very small clan among the dark elves, and its power was already declining. At least Giovanni had never heard this name. Logically speaking, it would not be long before this clan faded away in history, leaving no traces of it, just like the other weak dark elf clans. But not long ago, during the ceremony for a new chief presided over by its matriarch, a new chief stood out and became the new war chief of this clan.

This male dark elf named Raelag received the full support of the matriarch. He integrated the Shadowbrand clan and launched a war against other clans. He successfully defeated these clans and integrated their strength. Now, the Shadowbrand clan had gradually become a powerful force among the dark elves.

According to the situation explained by the dark elven assassin, Raelag seemed to have obtained the approval of the Daughter of Malassa and received support from black dragons. In his army, there were now many black dragons and shadow dragons.

However, the strangest thing was that Raelag could have used this opportunity to unify all the dark elves. But for some reason, some time ago, he hurriedly brought his troops to Eeofol and then ordered the troops to attack the demons here while constantly searching for something.

This dark elven assassin was a member of Raelag’s army, and he did not know much about it. However, they spread out over Eeofol in small groups and assassinated the demons here. The reason why they attacked Giovanni’s people was that there were a large number of demons in Roy’s army, and Giovanni and his people were inevitably contaminated with these auras. When the dark elves smelled the faint demonic aura on the vampires, they naturally regarded them as the forces of the demons, so they attacked.

Of course, that was indeed the case…

Roy was a little speechless that a dark elf force inexplicably appeared here. Thinking of Arantir’s actions, he could not help but speculate that this dark elf clan was also here due to the replacement of the Erathian queen.

Roy actually did not know much about the situation in Ashan, unlike the Darksiders world, where he still knew a bit about the general plot, so he did not understand what was going on. But through the many things that happened during this period of time, he vaguely felt that something big might be happening in the Ashan world, and the key to this matter might be Queen Isabel.

What are the demons plotting? Since Xeron was in the demon camp, he must be participating.

This dark elf had been active in Eeofol for quite some time, so Benia asked him about some of the geography here. About two hundred kilometers southeast from here, there was a city built by demons. Roy planned to go there first. After Giovanni drained the dark elf’s blood, the army set off again, and the vampires that had spread out gradually returned.

During the march, Julia came to Roy’s side and whispered, “My dear, I feel that Xeron might not have recognized you!”

“Why do you say that?” he asked. But he was not surprised because he had roughly mentioned the enmity between him and Xeron to her before.

“Think about it. When you came into contact with Xeron, you were merely a low-rank demon, and all demons will change appearance after the bloodline awakening! I feel that if it were me, it would be impossible for me to connect you to that low-rank demon. So even if you call yourself Osiris in front of Xeron, I don’t think he will believe that you were that low-rank demon…”

“You mean…” Roy could not help but look amused.

“Yes, I think you shouldn’t rush to fight Xeron after seeing him!” Julia smiled. “On the contrary, we can become allies with him. He definitely won’t reject you bringing so many troops to join the demon camp! As long as he doesn’t doubt you, we can figure out what they’re planning. At that time, maybe we can completely destroy their plans. This will be much more pleasurable than simply killing Xeron, right?”

“Hahaha!” Roy could not help but laugh. He raised Julia’s chin and said flirtatiously, “Julia, you’ve also become a bad woman!”

“Hmph, don’t demons love bad women ?” Julia put her finger on Roy’s chest and drew circles on it. “Besides, if I don’t take it seriously, you’ll be taken away by that little slut Benia…”

Roy broke out into a cold sweat. “Wasn’t it because she’s a succubus? Her magic works better for interrogating. How is it as exaggerated as you say?” “I don’t care. I’ve said it before. I want to give birth to a little demon for you…” After she finished speaking, Julia immediately wrapped…