Chapter 410 - Childhood Sweetheart 17

Chapter 410 Childhood Sweetheart 17
Memories come to an abrupt end, and Chen Xiaopang looks bewildered.

“She, she, she, she…”

“It turns out that Zhao Ying is your younger sister when you were a child!” Tang Cao slurps his lips, and then squints at Chen Xiaopang, “She is of the same surname and given name with your younger sister. You don’t even remember her?”

Chen Xiaopang seems to have suffered a huge blow at the moment. His whole body seems to have shrunk a circle. He pulls his hair hard.

He murmurs, “What did she experience on earth and how did she become like this? When she was a child, she was gentle and adorable…”

“How can we know?” Tang Cao rolls his eyes towards him.

At that time, Chang Pei’e had to go abroad for surgery. Tang Cao went abroad to study for several years after his third grade and didn’t come back until junior high school. Tong Yue also went abroad. Because of his family ties, his mother took him abroad to stay for several years. When they came back, Zhao Ying went abroad.

Therefore, they two didn’t meet Zhao Ying, even long ago forgot Chen Xiaopang’s sister, whom was often talked about by Chen Xiaopang when he was a child…

“It is understandable that we do not remember her. But what about you?” Tang Cao pats Chen Xiaopang on the shoulder, “If I were Zhao Ying, I would ignore you.”

“No, she was obviously not like this when she was a child!” Compared with the shock that the person he falls in love with at first sight turns to be his childhood playmate, Chen Xiaopang is even more perplexed about why Zhao Ying becomes like this.

Her character which turns to be like a domineering lady is acceptable, but…

But her attitude towards the relationship between men and women is unacceptable to Chen Xiaopang.

“She must have learned it from you.” Tong Yue reminds him, “You just said that you kept in touch until she broke off contact unilaterally after senior high school. However hard do you tried, you couldn’t find her at all. Maybe it was not because you couldn’t find her, but she wanted to ignore you.”

Xiaopang is silent. From the information he’s investigated, he finds that Zhao Ying suddenly began to make boyfriends when she was in her second year of senior high school, and then it was out of control. Did something really happen at that time that stimulated her?

“When she was in the second year of senior high school…” Tang Cao frowns, “Was it the year your father had an accident?”

Chen Xiaopang is stunned, and then his expression is somewhat ferocious.

In that year, something really happened to his family. Because Tang Family did give some opportunities, Chen Qing’s business grew bigger and bigger. A middle-aged rich man must have become the target of those ambitious girls.

Fortunately, Chen Qing was not a muddle-headed person, and his parents were still alive at that time. Chen Qing had never done anything wrong to Wang Cailian and his family. But it was mentioned before, even if a man could preserve his moral integrity himself, but some ambitious girls always wanted to make a profit in troubled situation.

At a cocktail party, he was drugged by a young model and had an affair in the hotel. After waking up, Chen Qing thought that he had made a drunken mistake and was so scared. He knew Wang Cailian too well. Although she was a woman from the countryside, she was definitely tough and resolute.

If she found that Chen Qing to have slept with another woman, she would divorce him even if she didn’t beat him to death. So Chen Qing planned to keep the matter a secret. He did not keep in touch with the young model, but gave a sum of money to get rid of her.

Unexpectedly, two months later, the young model came to him and said that she was pregnant. He didn’t believe it and took her to the hospital for an examination. But Wang Cailian happened to accompany her friend to the hospital to see a doctor and he was caught red-handed.

“Your father was very unlucky. How did he know that he was framed?” Tang Cao recalls the incident. Wang Cailian calmly asked for a divorce. Chen Qing’s parents came from their hometown and told the lawyer that even a coin shouldn’t be given to Chen Qing, leaving all the money to Wang Cailian and Xiaopang.

Chen Qing knelt on the ground to beg Wang Cailian for forgiveness but was beaten black and blue by his father.

“I really wanted to kill my dad when I knew it.” Chen Xiaopang still remembers his mother crying in despair in the middle of the night. He got dead drunk that night and slept with a girl who always liked him at the school.

Later, the young model knew that Chen Qing would have no money if he got divorced, so she got angry. But she was a fool. If she was smart, she would find an excuse to disappear.

But she actually sneered Chen Qing and told him that they slept because she drugged him, and the child was not his, but her ex-boyfriend’s. After hearing this, Chen Qing went crazy and retaliated against the female model.

Needless to say what terrible end the model got, Chen Family members also knew the truth. But Wang Cailian couldn’t overcome the setback in her heart. Naturally, they did not divorce. But over the next few years, Chen Qing had been coaxing his wife carefully. It was only when Chen Xiaopang graduated from college that their relationship was restored.

“You say, your father was unlucky to experience that, but you are asking for it yourself.” Tang Cao shakes his head.

Chen Xiaopang has been out of control since drunken mistake and has not changed even when he knows that his father has not been disloyal to his mother. He completely sets himself free and becomes a male who yields to sensuality, only acting with his own instinct and impulse.

“I remember it!” He suddenly says, “When Zhao Ying called me that time, I was making love with gusto at the moment…”

He didn’t think much at that time. After the phone was connected, the voice of the woman beneath him naturally spread over. At that time, Zhao Ying seemed to be frightened and snapped off the phone.

“Later, when I called back, she asked me if I had sex with a woman. And I said that you such a young girl should not ask about such a thing. Then…”

Then he lost contact with Zhao Ying, and gradually indulged in dissipation and mixed up with women, forgetting this little sister of his childhood long ago.

“So… She was like that because I slept with another woman??” Chen Xiaopang feels incredible, “But this… What does this have to do with her?”

Tong Yue rubs his eyebrows, “You have to ask yourself… Or ask her.”

“Does she like you?” Tang Cao’s expression is very frightened, “It’s terrible. You were the little girl’s first love.”

Tong Yue nods, “If this is true, then he stifled his opportunity of first love himself.”

Chen Xiaopang is speechless.

When they separate, Tang Cao says, “I suggest you go to Zhao Ying and ask her clearly. If that is true, I think that you should change your goal! It will be impossible for you two to be together in your life.”

“For… Why?” Chen Xiaopang feels it unfair, “Who hasn’t had a past?”

Tong Yue coldly looks at him, “But your behavior has done a lot of harm to her, making her like you. From a psychological point of view, you go to bed with a woman because you pursue sex and desire, but…”

“But what? You say it quickly!”

Tong Yue glances at Xiaopang with a particularly sympathetic look, “But Zhao Ying was stimulated by you to generate thoughts of self-revenge. She must be very distressed. She even hated herself because she didn’t want to casually go to bed with those men in her subconscious mind.”

“Yes, yes!” Tang Cao says with an expression that he understands it very well, “So she should have hated you very much because you ruined her life.”

Chen Xiaopang is shocked. Although he really wants to say that people should hoe their own potatoes, shouldn’t they? How can someone ruin his own future because of temporary transferring his anger on others? But he can’t say it…

Because he thinks carefully about it, it really seems to be the case. Originally, he didn’t know why Zhao Ying didn’t accept him, which made him very frustrated. Now that he probably knows why she doesn’t accept him, Chen Xiaopang feels that life has become hopeless and goes home listlessly.

“How long have you been back, Ying? Why don’t you come to see me?”

As soon as he enters the house, he hears his mother’s voice. Chen Xiaopang is startled and looks up to see two people sitting in the living room. One is Wang Cailian, and the other is the woman who has been making him upset.

“Son!” Wang Cailian sees him standing blankly at the door and hurriedly waves at him, “Quickly come in and see who this is!”

Chen Xiaopang walks over, the same foot with the hand. Before he can think of anything to say, he hears the cold voice of Zhao Ying.

“We have already met each other earlier, godmother.” Zhao Ying glances at Chen Xiaopang, “I am now the legal adviser of their company.”

Wang Cailian’s face changes color as soon as she hears this. She looks at Chen Xiaopang and asks, “When did you know that Ying came back? Why didn’t you tell me?”

When Cong Fei finally settled down and had an economic foundation, she wanted to pick Zhao Ying to go abroad. Zhao Ying had lived in Chen Family for several years at that time, and Wang Cailian was very reluctant to part with her.

But however reluctant she was, Zhao Ying was still others’ daughter. So she recognized Zhao Ying as a nominal foster daughter. Later, they often contacted by phone. And then, maybe there was too much schoolwork for Zhao Ying, so they slowly contacted less.

“I, I, I…” Chen Xiaopang stammers.

Wang Cailian is still complaining, “If I hadn’t met you in the hotel today, wouldn’t you come to see me? I am very sad. I have been missing you for so many years, but you come back without telling me.”

“And you! I don’t have a son like you, who didn’t tell me that Ying had come back.” The more Wang Cailian says, the angrier she becomes. She looks at Xiaopang like looking at class enemies.

Zhao Ying suddenly smiles and says, “Godmother, he can’t be blamed…”

Chen Xiaopang is anxious. Is she trying to speak for him?! Sure enough… She still keeps him in her mind, which makes him happy. He is secretly pleased, but hears Zhao Ying add a sentence.

“He has forgotten who I am and doesn’t even know me.”

Wang Cailian is angry.

Chen Xiaopang is speechless.

“Chen Jinjin!” Wang Cailian calls out Chen Xiaopang’s full name in anger, “You don’t even remember Ying?”

Chen Xiaopang shivers, and sees his mother stand up and angrily circle in the living room.

“When Ying was leaving, who was crying and not letting her go? Who chased her to the airport to insist going with her?” Wang Cailian growls, “How long have you not remembered this? If you don’t recognize her because she grows up, you should always remember her name, shouldn’t you? You… You…”

“You, and your dad, are both conscienceless ungrateful persons!”

Chen Qing, who is entering, steps back in silence. He stands at the door for a few seconds, and decisively returns to the car.

“Boss?” The driver is stunned. Didn’t Chen Qing say that he should be home early today?

“Ahem… I remember a document that has not been signed. Let’s go back to the company.”

Chen Qing thinks, “I don’t know who that girl is inside. Is she another blind date for Chen Xiaopang?”

In the living room, the more Wang Cailian says, the angrier she is. Finally she cries.

“Ying, you should ignore this ungrateful person. I don’t have such a son. He is so ungrateful that we should ignore him in the future. You are the only daughter of mine. Sobbing…”

Chen Xiaopang is about to kneel. He looks at Zhao Ying with a pleading look.