178 Surrounded

In just 30 seconds, Sergei the Earth Spirit Enhancer with his muscular body finally laid down helplessly. He got bruised all over his body. The stage three zombies were not just bigger, but they were also stronger and faster. If it wasn't because of Aria's help, the life of the former Russian wrestler might come to an end.

Aria had fired her laser weapon twice already and every shot was very deadly for these black monsters. Especially when it hit right in their head, the main weakness of these monsters. Aria put attention to how many spirit stones each weapon was spent on. At the present time the supply of spirit stones was not the problem. However, Aria could feel that the weapon in her hand was over heat. It seemed like the weapon could not be used very often.

On the other side, the three spirit enhancer Jerry, Oscar, and Oliver ganged up on one black monster.  The twins' sword attacks and Jerry's giant knife were only able to make outside cuts. But at present there was hardly any part of the zombie's body that was unharmed. It made the zombie explode into a rage. But all three of these fighters were tough enough to avoid each of the monster's attacks.

At this time, Alex's position was the most dangerous one. Alex with his 2 meters long swords tried to stifle three zombies by himself. While Darius was still on his effort to reload some bullets to the gatling weapon machine he held on his hands.

Alex launched a hard hit on one of the zombies ...


The zombie that was attacked by a 100 kilograms sword was pushed a few meters back. However this clash of attacks made a lot of cracks on the sword. The second monster attacked and pounced on Alex. Alex deflected the attack with both swords. And the result was ….


Alex bounced back while the two swords were immediately smashed into pieces ...

The smash was so hard that it made Alex vomit some fresh blood, despite the pain he felt, Alex could not stop just like that. He immediately ran over to Darius who was being attacked by the third monster.

The attack of black monsters was way faster than it's expected. Darius immediately took out the shield and sword on his back. However the iron shield was unable to withstand the monster's violent attack. Darius thrown back, his life survived but the gatling weapon was destroyed in the attack.

The three black monsters re-prepared to attack the two of them ... The three advanced to attack simultaneously. Although Alex still has reserves of large swords and machine guns, he knows these weapons will not be useful at the moment. Alex immediately pulled Darius who was almost unconscious to his back and immediately used hexagram steps techniques. With the unique stage four hexagram step, Alex managed to survive avoiding all the attacks .

On the other side, with great effort, Aria helped the big bodied Sergei to stand up.

"Ready to attack again?" Aria said

"Which one should we help? Alex with the three monsters, or should we focus on the one attacked by Jerry?"

Aria wanted to immediately help Alex who was in danger but she answered ..


Aria pointed to a certain direction where three more giant black monsters appear from the shadow of darkness.

"Damn … how can we beat them? Aaaaa!!! if only I knew that it would turn out to be this way, I should take some time first to have a drink first.. damn monsters!!"

Aria check on the weapon he held once again. Although it's been over a minute, the censor on the weapon indicated that the weapon was still not ready to be used, but Aria was still not afraid to face the three monsters that had just arrived ...

"Be ready, Sergei. We're not going to let those three monsters help the other ones …"

"Ok ok.. at least we have that secret weapon … we will win the battle …"

"I'm sorry, Sergei, this weapon is unavailable for the time being."

"What the f**k!"

The three monsters were running closer. Sergei had no other choice. He ran over and tried to stop the three monsters ...

Thud thud thud thud

Sergei seemed to realize that he will not make it this time. He can't even survive fighting one zombie, let alone three of them. Sergei took out his special abilities and once again his hands turned to be twice bigger than before. At this time Sergei looked like a red-haired gorilla ...

Sergei was ready to use his body to block the three monsters … But suddenly ...

A figure with extremely fast movements suddenly jumped in front of Sergei. It was a man with reddish brown skin and long black hair. The man swung the small axe weapon he held several times and strong wind incursion hit the three black zombies.

Shuss shuss shuss

Three slashes managed to push back the three black zombies. Some black liquid was seen flowing through the bodies of the three monsters ..


The monster screamed in a rage. But before they went forward to attack, another figure ran quickly from behind and immediately approached one of the three monsters, and Sergei could see some black liquid splattered from behind the monster's neck. Then the monster fell sprawled ...

Someone had managed to kill one black monster with just one strike. The man held up a long weapon that shone silvery.

Seeing the appearance of these two people, Sergei cried happily

"Hahahahah finally you all are here!!"

It was Nathanael, the American delta force soldier, and Arief, the strongest Deadsquad soldier. They were the two strongest fighters on this island or maybe even the strongest on earth. W

One of the two black zombies that had just came was dead. Nathanael and Arief immediately faced the remaining two. The threat from the three new zombies that had just came in was successfully overcome.

Shortly after, Rama and his bear troops also joined in. Looking at the situation, Rama immediately helped to face the three zombies that surrounded Alex.

Rama and the four martial masters could fight very effectively. The four martial fighters obstructed and disturbed the other giant monsters while Rama took chances and destroyed the head of a black zombie with a deadly stabs from his iron spear ..

The appearance of these fighters immediately changed the direction of the fight. In an instant, two black zombies were defeated.

Aria came back again out of the blue standing next to the zombies who were fighting against Jerry and the twins.


Another shot that destroyed the zombie head once again. Aria's accuracy and her special ability that made her undetected, made this monster unable to avoid the shot.

Aria's attack made all the three fighters finally can have a rest. As usual, Jerry did not spout much comment even though he was annoyed not being able to kill even one of these creatures. Oscar and Oliver were quite happy to survive and managed to avoid some deadly attacks of the monsters.

Five minutes after the back ups came, the fighters finally managed to defeat some other stage three zombies. With the help of Rama's, the zombies that attacked Alex were defeated. Arief and Natahanel also succeeded in killing one monster each. Finally, only three black zombies were left fighting the golems.

Alex knew that this stone golem had a very strong defensive ability so he was not worried about leaving this golem fighting against the three black zombies at all.  However, at this time, Alex was still feeling uneasy. He knew that at least there was still one more enemy that had not yet been seen.

Except the golems who were still fighting, Alex immediately called everyone to gather around. Arief. Aria, Natahanel, Jerry, Sergei, Darius, Oscar, Oliver, Rama, and also the four martial masters.

"Be careful, I am sure that there are still some hidden enemies …"

Sergei, even though his body is full of wounds, answered with a smile.

"With all the team gathered here, 10 more black monsters won't make us tremble."

"That's right," the twins answered in a compact manner.

If what they really had to face was black zombies only, Alex would not be worried ..

"Be careful ..."

To get rid of the black zombies who were currently fighting against the stone golems, Alex sent Rama and his bear troops along with Nathanael.

The siege of the mutated bears and the fast attack from Nathanael were able to finish off the three zombies in less than a minute.

Swiiisshhhh !!!

The last black zombie was finally defeated by the artifact axe attack used by Nathanael.

"Yes, the fight is over," Sergei exclaimed.

The martial fighters began to descend from the bear mutation and began to extract the yellow spirit stone from the dead black zombies lying in the park. At the moment the situation looked secured. Alex starts to feel that he might just overthink things.

Suddenly …


Coming from behind Alex, a warning shot colored the night sky. Alex gasped. His mind was immediately fulfilled with the miserable fate of the spirit enhancers who had just escaped.

Alex immediately contacted his handheld radio.

Theo !! Cindy !!

Alex, along with the others, immediately rushed toward the origin of the warning shot. Anxious and worried terrorized him along the way.

Getting close to the location, Alex can feel the aura of death, the place reeks of blood.


Dead bodies lay on the ground, some in pieces.. and he could recognize some of the faces ...