218 Ch. 218 'It's Only A Dream'

Ever since the princess returned from her first encounter with her future husband, princess Xiao Yue had become quiet. This made her family members worry and thought Xiao Yue was sick.

"Yue'er, what are you worrying about?" came from the gentle voice from the queen.

Xiao Yue gave a faint smile without providing any answer. "I am alright." To prove her answer, Xiao Yue took a spoon and devoured her previously untouched meal.

The queen looked at her son, King of Nishian, with a worried look. As if he could listen to his mother's restlessness, Xiao Yang gave a comforting smile.

After finishing lunch, Xiao Yang took his younger sister for a walk in the palace's backyard.

"Yue'er, did something happen when you met Crown Prince Yang Shuo? Did he hurt you? You know I'm always on your side. Even though he is my best friend, I will still side with you."

Xiao Yue was comforted by her brother's words. She knew that Xiao Yang really loved her even though this annoying brother always irritated her. But only when she was sad or depressed, Xiao Yang could always raise her spirits. He was her mood booster.

This version of Xiao Yang was precisely the same as Richard as she remembered.


Richard? Why did she remember that name again?

Wasn't it all a dream?

Xiao Yue felt uneasy for some unknown reason. She felt something had entered her body to take something valuable from her.

It's just that she had utterly no idea what something is or what is valuable in her life?

Xiao Yue felt that her life at the moment already perfect. Both her parents were still alive, and her dear brother was also with her. Her friends were here, and she was satisfied with her life here.


Why did she feel like there was a big hole in her heart?

"Yue'er," called her brother softly, and Niken could feel a warm pat on the top of her head. "I'm always ready to listen if you need someone to talk to."

Xiao Yue smiled broadly at her brother's offer. Ah, her brother is the best.

Xiao Yue circled her brother's hand then together walked down the garden path solemnly.

"The truth is I had a very long and strange dream two days ago."


"En. My dream feels so real to the point I almost believe that I thought that it was not a dream."

Xiao Yang chuckled at his sister's words, which were spoken with a high degree of seriousness. Why would someone take a dream so seriously? A dream is just a dream, not something real.

"Yue'er, it's just a dream. You don't need to think about it."

"I know. But I still have a feeling it was real. I'm feeling uneasy now."

"What makes you uneasy?"

"I don't know. I guess I'm just too tired."

Xiao Yang couldn't believe his sister's answer. He was very familiar with his sister's character, and he knew his baby girl needs mental support.

In the end, Xiao Yang led Xiao Yue to a lone chair facing the fish pond. Several pine trees surround them, and various kinds of flowers around them make a calm and serene atmosphere.

Xiao Yue sat next to her older brother and comfortably leaned her head against her brother's sturdy shoulders.

Fortunately, her brother was not married yet, so that she could act like a spoiled child in front of her brother. If only Xiao Yang already had a wife, Xiao Yue had to maintain an attitude and behave in front of her sister-in-law.

Wait a minute. Is it possible ...

"Brother Xiao Yang, is it possible that you deliberately don't want to get married because you want me to keep acting like this with you?" Xiao Yue straightened her body to look at her older brother closely.

Xiao Yang smiled amusedly, then pinched his sister's cheek in exasperation. "What do you think? I know my baby sister couldn't live without her brother. So how can I leave you by marrying someone else?"

"Tsk. It hurts!" Xiao Yue whined as she brushed her brother's hand that was pinching her cheek. "Do you already have someone you want to marry?"

"Maybe I will marry a princess from the phoenix kingdom."

"Phoenix? Do you mean the phoenix clan? I didn't know that a king ruled the phoenix clan."

"Xiao Yue, did you hit your head or something? Since a long time ago, the land of the Phoenix was ruled by a king. "

Is it true? Why, in her memory, the kingdom era has ceased to exist since the destruction of the Zeed kingdom?

Ah, no. If the kingdom era didn't exist, then who was she?

Her brother was the king of the Nishian kingdom, and she was a princess.


Xiao Yue felt that she couldn't tell which one was a dream and what was real. She felt that her memories in this world were mixed with her dream a few days ago.

"Yue'er, are you still thinking about your dream?"

Xiao Yue fell silent, hearing her brother's accurate guess. She could neither answer nor deny it.

"I don't know what you have seen in your dreams, but I do know one thing, at this time, you are awake, and no more dreams will confuse you. Don't you feel good when you are with us? Isn't that what you want?"

Xiao Yue looked at her brother with a confused look when she heard her brother's question.

Does she feel happy with her family? Well, of course! She asked for nothing but being with her whole family.

In her dream, she could no longer meet her parents. The brother she loved so much sacrificed his memory just to protect her.

If what she had been through all this time was just a dream, then Xiao Yue didn't want to go back to her dream.

She wanted to be here with her father, mother, and brother, whom she loved so much.

She decided not to overthink about her dream and enjoy the rest of her life here... With her loved ones.

At the same time, a pair of golden yellow eyes stared at Niken's physical body inside the crystal coffin with a glint of enthusiasm.

"Finally, she gave up."

If Niken gave up and did not want to find out the source of the 'dream' she saw, then the brainwashing process and getting rid of the 'inamorata' marks on Niken's neck will be easier.

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