445 Scripted Event Moonfang Kingdom Conquest 5/?: A Fusion of Love

Rimuru channeled the power within her Aura and Soul, releasing a blast of semi-divine spiritual power, which converged each attribute in one. The power was devastating, and no matter how many resistances could Nari possess, it would still deal with a significant amount of damage.

Because she was being possessed by Geggoron's split soul, she had already surpassed the limits of a mortal, her regeneration capabilities were outstanding, and the damage previously deals to her quickly recovered.

However, she and Geggoron's split soul, which was merged with her own mind, could not stop but be baffled by what their eyes were seeing. A mortal was using energy similar to Divine Energy!

This might not be so weird if she were a Legendary Hero or was possessed by a god that was using her body as a vessel, but she was just by herself!

Nari and Geggoron's split soul multi-tasked at an incredible speed as they began to conjure magic spells and release techniques to intercept Rimuru's powerful spiritual cannon.

"Nightmare Sea! Nightmare Meteor! Slashing Dreams! Nightmarish Slices! Shadow Riposte! Defensive Counter!"


"Guuuu! I'm not going to lose!" shouted Rimuru, releasing more of her almost endless Mana and Spirit Energy Pool, channeling it all in this one spiritual cannon.


"Aaaagghh…! I-I cannot keep up?! I-Impossible…! Against a mere mortal! Gyaaaaaah…!" shouted Nari, engulfed in Rimuru's attack, her flesh burned, and her internal organs burst into pieces, even her bones began to crack as she was sent flying through the sky.

"Grr! We must buy as much time as possible!" shouted Geggoron's split soul possessing Nari's body, as it consumed Divine Energy Crystals voraciously, regaining energy and then quickly healing Nari's back to perfect condition! He began to mutate her body to suit his powers better, as countless black tentacles began to appear all over her body, and a large crimson eye popped up in her forehead.

"Nightmare Cannon!"

Harboring his Divine Energy and Nari's Mana, Geggoron's split soul released a powerful highly concentrated dark red blast of energy against Rimuru.


"Gu?! She already recovered! This is quite unfair, guuu…" said Rimuru, as two long swords suddenly appeared out of thin air in her hands.

"Hm?! Phantasmal Weapons? Hah! No matter what, you cannot fight back against an attack made out with Divine Energy, perish, foolish slime!" shouted Nari, bewildered.

"Did you forgot that Rimuru is not alone?" said Kireina's voice.

Kireina had suddenly appeared from behind's Nari, with a mischievous smile!

"Ugh?! You? Weren't you busy dealing with Wariner?!" said Nari, glancing at the Kireina behind her and the one shapeshifting into a grotesque fiend and blasting away Wariner's nightmare barrier alongside her wives.

"All Weapon Combo," she said.


Nari quickly tried to blast Kireina with another ray of Nightmare Magic, but it was stopped as her tentacles began to divide endlessly while releasing hundreds of different weapon techniques and arts against her! It was a spectacle that Geggoron himself had never seen before…

"How is it possible?! You're not wielding any weapoooonnn…!"

Nari created countless Nightmare Barriers to protect herself from the endless onslaught but it was useless, as each one of the barriers cracked and broke down as if they were made out of thin glass!

Crack, clash!

"What?! How? No matter what attack you do, it still a mortal technique and arts… right?!"

"Catastrophic Onslaught," said Kireina.


Her tentacles suddenly stiffened as thousands of different weapon-shaped dark phantoms and mirages appeared, all unifying into a single attack in the form of a blast of energy. The spectacle of each of Kireina's attacks was completely baffling to Geggoron, a demon demigod who had lived for thousands of years!

"Uaagh…! No! I cannot…! Ugh!"

"Hey, there! I am done with your blast!" said Rimuru, appearing behind Nari, cold sweat dripping from her neck as both her and Geggoron's split soul trembled in fear after hearing the cute voice of a slime girl.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

Countless magic-charged slashes began to penetrate and ravage Nari's back while Kireina kept pressuring her in front!

"Uaaghh! H-How dare you… You nasty little rats! You damned fiends! Worms!" shouted both Nari and Geggoron's split soul, completely losing all sanity as their bodies constantly were destroyed and healed back, it's original appearance quickly changing, becoming a grotesque fiend made out of dark flesh, tentacle sand crimson eyes.

"You're quite the resilient one, aren't you? This is a bit more challenging than fighting Megusan, I have to admit it! Rimuru, come with me!" said Kireina, as Rimuru flew at an incredible speed towards her, being embraced in her wife's arms.


"Rimuru, let's do it," said Kireina.

"Alright!" said Rimuru, with a warm smile.

"Gugeh?! What are you doing?! You fool! Are you just making out in front of me now?! Gugagagah! Diee!!!" shouted Nari, as her deformed and grotesque body began to fire countless crimson rays through all of its scarlet eyes.


However, each of Geggoron's blast was completely nullified by Kireina and Rimuru's own presence, both of their Auras converging as one!

"W-What?! Are you not done with your ridiculousness?! Just how many trump cards you have?!" shouted Nari, bewildered. 

Kireina 'equipped' Rimuru and then transformed alongside her, using several of her transformation skills, she suddenly shapeshifted into a giant and beautiful maiden, with rainbow hair and golden armor, each shoulder revealing fierce dragons. She had sixteen metallic wings and eight arms, alongside a long tail.

"I had already gained the ability to do this way before, but never gave it a try. What do you think, Geggoron?" asked Kireina and Rimuru, at the same time.

"T-They fused?!" shouted Nari.

Suddenly, Kireina disappeared.

"Ah?! Y-You!" shouted Nari, glancing at her back and seeing Kireina appearing there, her rainbow hair shining brightly through the entire domain, her aura creating beautiful mirages, her scarlet eyes gleaming both maliciously and innocently.


Kireina disappeared again, as she appeared at the left of Nari, wielding two long blades, she punctured Nari's flesh mercilessly, cutting a large chunk which she devoured.


"Gyyah! Worms! Die!" shouted Nari, releasing a powerful blast of Nightmares and her own Aura converged with Geggoron's split soul.

"Useless," said Kireina and Rimuru, as they received the blast with their eight hands, shapeshifted them into dragon-like jaws, and ate it.

Nari felt a sharp pain rushing through her soul and Geggoron's split soul!

"Argh! What?!"


Kireina appeared once again from behind Nari as she used both of her long blades, which seemed to be the combination of Rimuru's blades and Kireina's armor, and released a series of techniques converged together and enhanced by both Kireina and Rimuru's Auras. Resembling the judgment of a god of a higher position than Geggoron himself, Nari suddenly lost all hope of winning any 'time'.

Her grotesque body was sliced by a divine force thousands of times into tiny pieces, and as much as Geggoron's split soul tried to heal back, it was useless!

"T-These wounds… They are cursed…! I cannot heal back!" said Geggoron's split soul.

"This was way swifter this way. I suppose it is how it is, right, Rimuru?" Said Kireina.

"Yeah, let's eat her!" said Rimuru, from the same body as Kireina.

Kireina and Rimuru suddenly shapeshifted into a grotesque creature covered in golden and shining armor, rushing towards the struggling Nari and Geggoron's split soul.

"G-Get away! Get awaaayy…!" Shouted Nari and Geggoron's split soul at the same time, fear and despair running through their minds. Channeling the leftover Divine Energy that it had to fire powerful blasts everywhere, indiscriminately.

"Chomp" said Rimuru.



Nari and Geggoron's small soul pieces were easily eaten by the fusion of Kireina and Rimuru, both of them savoring the flavor. 

"Bitter… but better than I thought," they said

Even Wariner, which was being possessed by the largest soul piece of Geggoron felt the tremendous pain that was experiencing to be eaten by Kireina, his defenses faltering as the Nightmare Barrier that he created began to tremble, his offensive attacks also weakened, the pain was too much. 

"Uagh…! W-What was that? At the very least it would have been able to stop you for some time… but not even a minute has passed and Nari was already eaten!" shouted Geggoron through Wariner's body.

Kireina knew that the Geggoron she had been facing was not even the true one, as the true Geggoron has not moved from his Divine Realm at all. Nari's Geggoron was a split soul of a split soul, while Wariner's Geggoron was a large split soul from the original Geggoron… meanwhile, there were another two large split souls of Geggoron in both Kingdoms of Moonfang and Sunclaw, moving the strings through the vessels they had possessed… and most likely, there were more cultists possessed by smaller Split souls.

Kireina saw that there was not much time to waste fighting these split souls. She had already saved Mohini, so she decided to go all out and fuse with Rimuru.

She had just divided her body once more to fight off Nari, so that split body was fairly weaker than the original, fusing with Rimuru was enough to beat Nari though while also eating her whole.

Wariner kept infusing Divine Energy through his Aura to enhance his Nightmare Barrier and the offensive attacks that he was firing against Kireina, but saw how she just ate them up with her own Soul and kept on digging on his barrier!

Her other wives were making things even worst, diminishing the barrier even more. If it wasn't because Geggoron had given each split soul a sizable amount of Divine Energy Crystals… everything could have gone way easier for Kireina.

Geggoron's large split soul was trying to dig a hole through the space of Kireina's domain, but it seemed completely useless…

 "The structure of this Aura Domain is too strange…! So many converged divinity fragments annexed to it! I have never seen something so… chimeric… how is it possible for her to maintain so many divinity fragments merged together like this?! However, such power… if I ever manage to devour Kireina… But that is for later! I must escape with what I have taken from Mohini and retrieve it to the main body! Just open already!" shouted Wariner, infusing all of his Divine Energy into powerful Transcendental Techniques, trying to pierce Kireina's domain. 

Clash! Clash! Clash!

"Guuooghh! Just open!" shouted Geggoron's through Wariner's body, baring his tiger-like fangs ferociously.



While multitasking on feeding his Nightmare Barrier to protect himself from Kireina and her wife's onslaught, he finally managed to break through his foe's domain, hope to blossom through Geggoron's rotten heart.

Wariner smiled while sweating, quickly moving towards the crack to open it more, the outside world revealing to him.

Putting his claws over it, he infused Divine Energy into them to escape… but.


A delicate, pale white hand, with beautiful scarlet nails, come from the outside, tightly grabbing on Wariner's hand!

"What?! Ugh!"

The strength inflicted by such pale hands was tremendous, as shocks of scarlet lightning began to cover Wariner's entire body.

"Gyyaaah! What is this… someone outside?!���

"Where are you trying to go? Kireina-sama isn't done with you yet…" said the voice of a young Vampire woman, Alice.

"Y-You! Let me go! Worm!" shouted Wariner. Bracing his fist with Geggoron's black cloud-like Divine Energy and his Phantasmal Gauntlets, releasing dozens of techniques against Alice's hand.

Alice's became ethereal, evading all his attacks as it suddenly became pure scarlet lightning, rushing through the crack in Kireina's domain, the whole lady appeared before Wariner, she had transformed completely into crimson lightning!

"What?! A mortal shapeshifting into an element… That is impossible! You're not a spirit!" shouted Wariner, trying to confront her. 

"Silence, you pesky fiend," said Alice.

Even though she was now just pure red lightning, she remained her flawless and attractive appearance. With a smirk, Alice made appear her fleshy spear and intercepted each of Wariner's blows with immense precision and speed, surpassing the Demon demigod!


Wariner's blows were pierced with Alice's sharp spear and scarlet lightning, a large wound appearing through his entire body as pieces of flesh began to rain through everywhere.

"Ugh! This body is too weak and incompatible…!" shouted Geggoron split soul through Wariner's mouth. If he had been able to possess a powerful Champion or Hero body, such as Zudig with David, Geggoron would not have been going through so many hardships. He would have been able to easily adapt the body to Divine Energy and then learn powerful Skills such as 'Divinity Devouring'.

However, all of that was but a dream, both beastmen Kingdoms did not possess a single promising individual such as David in them! Geggoron had to deal with things with what he had at his disposition while hoping to one day find a fitting mortal that could harbor his entire soul.

Geggoron's split soul started to infuse more Divine Energy and healing back Wariner's destroyed body, quickly mutating it into a grotesque monster with dark flesh, tentacles, and crimson eyes.

As Alice kept slicing pieces of its flesh with immense penetrating power and speed, Wariner keep healing back and mutating… becoming bigger and bigger… until it could not even maintain the barrier that was protecting it from Kireina!

Crack, crack!


"Good job, Alice," said Kireina's voice.


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