5 Darkfall Conjecture I

The Darkfall Conjecture.

A colossal building constructed out of black palladium and laced with black diamonds. It was located at the center of the underworld, inbetween the three realms. This was an ancient building from the time immemorial, built by the divine constructs[artificial sentients] of the primordials in accordance with the ways of the universe. This building could contain millions of the Underworlders without getting crowded. It was truly a divine conjecture.

Right from the enormous palladium gates, the whole conjecture was covered with various types of runes, sygils and symbols. This was the most powerful and secured building in the underworld. At the center of the spacious conjecture, were the six divine items.

The Amber Scale, to measure the level of affiliated essence.

The Stone of Destiny, for the becoming of the deity.

The Mythic Eye, to determine the fate of deities.

The Ageless Nimbus, to determine the path that the deities would walk.

The Transient circlet, for the soul existence from birth.

The Crimson Cinder for the soul weapon of each deity.

Beyond the six divine items, was an arc of the thrones of the six judges. These six judges had no affiliation to any realm, domain or dominion. Neither did they have any affinity with any Underworlder. Due to their nature, they were like the many manifestations of the true essence core of the underworld. Not even the supreme, lord Hades, could interfere in their activities. And, in front of them, on the table, were the opened scrolls of records.

Debijjan[the keeper of the records of path].

Uvumel[the keeper of the records of destiny].

Azerus[the keeper of the records of fate].

Shadiomar[the keeper of the records of soul artillery].

Ossidor[the keeper of the records of essence affiliation].

And, Agrinor[the keeper of the records of existential entity].

Few meters behind the thrones of the judges, was the arranged seating area of the honored ones. The area was divided into three. The lower, the middle and the upper.

The lower rows of thrones were for the honored Monarchs, Paramounts and the Empyreans.

The middle row was where the thrones of the honored Stellars and other Sovereigns, including the grand patriarchs of the different schools of the underworld, were located.

On the upper row, was situated the throne of the Supreme of the Underworld, lord Hades. To his right side, were the three sovereign lords of the three realms of the Underworld. Lord Vogratis of the house of Abaddon, Lady Allunar of the house of Abyss and lord Hargoven of the house of Tartarus. To the left hand side of lord Hades, were the three stellar kings[guardians] of the three sacred domains. King Iggarros of the Flowing-Phantom domain, king Eddarea of the Eternal-Yonder, and king Obbatora of the Desolate-Argent domain.

Each of these kings were of the late stage of the stellar level of cultivation and were chosen by the calling of the essence core of the Underworld. Their domains were the gateways between the underworld and the other parts of the universe and its beyond.

The two sides of the Conjecture center, from the gates to the place of the divine items, were the seating area of the other Underworlders. From the deities, to the beasts and other living entities.

On this day, the Conjecture was brimming with high amount of energy from the present Underworlders. All the honored ones were also present including lord Hades himself. The high level of joyful apprehension inside the conjecture, couldn't be totally comprehended due to the protective runes, but, could still be sensed.

The most important of all the rite, was the path of deity. Though, there were many paths a deity could take, the most, seemingly, important of them were six in numbers.

The Path of the Azure Herald.

The Path of the Divine Yonder.

The Path of the Desolate Nether.

The path of the Eternal Inferno.

The Path of the Flowing Nebula.

And, the Path of the Sanguine Sanctum.

With the approval of lord Hades and the agreement of the judges, the high Savant approached the center to open the activities of the day. The participating deities were ushered ino the Conjecture to the cheers and applause of the watching Underworlders.

"We welcome you all to the Darkfall Conjecture. We have all made the journey from far and wide to be here today. Today, which is the day for the young deities. This is the day they will be performing their rites of paths. Today, they will know their place in this universe. What they were, what they are now, and what they will become. As we all know, all young deities would have to undergo the rite, sooner or later, as all the adults can testify to. And talking about the adults, we will like to pay honor to the ones that are more than deserving."

The high savant turned to the direction of the thrones, to the cheers and applause of the crowd.

"Highest honor to the Supreme ruler of the Underworld. Lord Hades. Under who, the Underworld is in relative peace and harmony. Glorious honor to the six judges of the Underworld, the keepers of all records. High honor to the Sovereigns of the three realms and the kings of the three sacred domains, for maintaining orders. Honor to the schools' patriarchs, the stellars, the empyreans, the paramounts and the monarchs. And, to all the adult deities in presence.

"Not forgetting the younger ones too."

Said the high savant after a pause, to more cheers and applause from the crowd. The high savant waited happily for a moment before continuing. This was why he was the high savant. Full of wisdom, he knew how to how and when to offer his words to others. He turned his attention to the young participants.

"Today is your day of manifestation. Let your heart be free as you let your light shine. The judges will rightly direct you with the divine items when the time comes. And maybe, you'll hear from the Supreme one himself."

There were gasps of awe and apprehension as the kids turned towards the direction of the supreme throne. But, all they could see, was a dark silent shadow. Only the others were partially visible to them.

Ethera couldn't see her father but she could sense him among the sovereigns.

"Once again, welcome."

As the participating kids were ushered into an area of the conjecture with the protective arrays, the eyes of all the ruling deities became more keener. The rite of path was of different meaning to all present.

For the sovereigns, kings, stellars and other honored ones, this was a traditional way to elevate their realms, dominions, domains, clans and houses. As long as their participating young deities came out with a great path and, a good destiny and fate, the better for their realms' reputation.

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For the schools' patriarchs, they would have the chance to choose young deities with bright and radiant future to be affiliated with their schools. This could elevate the position of their school ranking. And if they could get the best young deity, the bragging ways would be theirs.

And for the young participating deities, it was about their future lives. Simply, life and oblivion.

From inside the area, the young deities could clearly see what was happening on the outside. Ethera, who was at the middle of the participants, had no problem seeing the outside due to her unique height. She reckoned it would take quite some time before it would be her turn. She watched as they were called, one by one, and directed to the center of the Conjecture under the scrutinizing eyes of everybody present where they performed their rite of path.

Massive energy flares, extreme choices of weapons, unique deity paths and exceedingly great existence were recorded as the kids kept on performing the rite, one after the other. Many deities were already rejoicing the outcome of their participating young deities while others were not in a very good mood.

Soon, it was the turn of Ethera. She walked beside the junior savant as she was directed towards the center of the conjecture. By the words of the judges, Ethera was placed before the first divine treasure, the Ageless Nimbus.

"The Path of Twin Realms."

Announced judge Debijjan to the gasps and sighs of the watching deities.

This was a path that had been announced in the underworld, only once before now, in its recorded history. A path that could never be walked by any underworld deities. And a path that couldn't be threaded, would only bring pain and despair. And, it would never bring true immortality to the deity. There would be no advancement in cultivation level beyond a certain stage.

Simply, no Ethereal Eternal.

Infernal fire claim my soul!