“Are you trying to say that Lan Ruoshui is still enduring humiliation for the sake of Jin Zhengnan’s career? ” Lei Zhenyu smiled and took over ru Yu’s words Then, he sighed softly and said, “I’m a lawyer. I’ve seen many examples in this area. What a sacred love. In fact, it seems powerless in the face of money. Back then, for the sake of the development of his company, didn’t Jin Zhengnan abandon his love with Lan Ruoshui to marry you “Now, Lan Ruoshui abandoned her love with Jin Zhengnan to go back and forth to the Lei family for the Lei family’s shares. The two of them can be considered as a pair in cahoots. ”

Ru Yu listened to Lei Zhenyu’s mockery of Jin Zhengnan and Lan Ruoshui’s love, but she did not join in the mockery. Jin Zhengnan and Lan Ruoshui were indeed very in love. She firmly believed this point.

Of course, perhaps it was because of their family environment since young, the two of them might temporarily put their love in the second place when it came to their career and money. However, once their career was successful or money was in their hands.. They would quickly regain their love.

Ru Yu was a painter, and people who dabbled in art were usually very emotional. In the face of the rational and enduring love between Jin Zhengnan and Lan Ruoshui, she was actually not unmoved. She always felt that their love was a little tragic… …

She did not know what she was feeling at this moment. She had once put all her heart and soul into loving Jin Zhengnan, but Jin Zhengnan had put all his heart and soul into loving Lan Ruoshui, throwing away her love like it was nothing.

Now, she heard from Lei Zhenyu that Lan Ruoshui had actually abandoned Jin Zhengnan for the sake of the Lei family’s property and the status of the Lei family’s eldest daughter!

She felt that this was somewhat inconceivable. Three weeks ago, Lan Ruoshui had run into her and Jin Zhengnan standing in the bedroom and could not stand it. She had even lost the child in her belly because of anger.

Lan Ruoshui’s various behaviors were all centered around Jin Zhengnan. She loved Jin Zhengnan wholeheartedly, so how could she be willing to break up with Jin Zhengnan?

It was not the first time ru Yu walked into the house. The last time she came, she and Lei Zhenyu only stood there for a few minutes. This time, she wanted to stay here and treat this place as her home.

The Lei family was similar to many wealthy families. There were rockeries in the courtyard and a few poplar trees. Green Pines could be seen everywhere and there were not many metasequoia trees.

Not Far Away, there was a swimming pool. Beside the swimming pool, there were steps leading up to the rockeries. Behind the rockeries, there was a small square. The small square had a blue glass canopy. It was probably used for holding open-air banquets when there were guests at home.

She stood at the entrance and gave Lei Zhenyu a glance. Lei Zhenyu went to the underground parking lot to park his car. She stood there waiting for him. She did not expect that two minutes later, Lan Ruoshui would walk out of the hall.

After three days of separation, people would look at Lan Ruoshui in a new light. The current Lan Ruoshui could not be more appropriate to describe her. From head to toe, she was a famous brand. She walked with her head held high and her chest puffed out. On her face was the arrogance of a small person who had achieved success There was no trace of the former Lan Ruoshui on her.

On the way here, Lei Zhenyu had already told her that he wanted to get along with Lan Ruoshui under the same roof. However, she did not expect to bump into her as soon as she got off the car. Ru Yu instinctively felt that something was strange, so she frowned slightly and turned her head away as if she did not see her.

Lan Ruoshui was obviously not happy with ru Yu’s current expression, so she obviously had nothing better to do. “What are you standing here for? Are you guarding the door? The Lei family doesn’t hire a guard dog. ”