Chapter 1338 - Enemy Attack!

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Luo Qingyan was not in Divine Eagle Tribe but in Divine Eagle City!

The Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan had already sent news that the plan advanced perfectly. Everyone was returning home on their own in secret. She was also keeping an eye on the Battle God Pavilion Luo Clan’s every move. She had to hold down the city and ensure that everything was rounded up well.

What’s more, City Lord Luo left just a while ago to return to Blue Eagle Prefecture. It was said that a few important people had arrived at the Blue Eagle Prefecture so the Prefecture Lord gathered all the City Lords. At a time like this, City Lord Luo was called away. This made Luo Qingyan extra cautious. The guards at Divine Eagle Tribe were not that strong. She could only be certain of her own safety inside the Luo Clan Castle.

Smart people would never allow themselves to enter a dangerous place.

At that moment, Luo Qingyan was seated in a garden in the Luo Clan’s backyard. She was holding a white jade flute in her hand and playing music with it. The melodious and melancholic sound filled the garden; it was almost as if she was crying and sobbing through her music. She looked beautiful as she played the flute. Her eyes clouded over. Any man who saw her like this would swoon for sure.

Once she finished the song, she set down her flute; and her eyes cleared up. Looking out into the distance at the blooming violets, she smiled and said, “By now, the Battle God Pavilion Luo Clan’s God Kings must have arrived at the Fire Lake. Gu Mu’s set-up must be taking effect now. The Battle God Pavilion Luo Clan will look for the Demon-Killing Pavilion soon. Gu Mu should be on his way back. Everything is going perfectly.

“The only pitiful thing is that Father is not here. If something goes wrong, we have one less supremely formidable martial artist to help us hold the fort. That’s fine, however. We did not leave a single clue behind. According to my plan, the Battle God Pavilion Luo Clan would suspect the Demon-Killing Pavilion, if anyone at all. Keke.

“Jiang Yi!”

She suddenly recalled something, and her mouth split in a mocking smile. “Don’t blame me. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for being too greedy. You’re just a small ant, and yet you want to mess with the Battle God Pavilion Luo Clan? You will die sooner or later. What’s the loss if you die now?”

Jiang Yi was not dead. Now, he was entering Divine Eagle City in broad daylight!

He used the Rootless Water and activated his Mirage Divine Ability. He was now an ordinary Earth Emanations Pavilion God General. He followed behind Gu Mu, entering the city. He came out of the Chaos Essence Pearl because people were not allowed to carry martial artists in their spatial divine item around the vicinity of the city. Otherwise, they would be thrown out of the items by the strong restrictions at the city gate.

This was to prevent formidable martial artists from secretly carrying armies into the city. In the history of the Earth Domain, many such things occurred. Formidable martial artists who were controlled by the Netherworld Realm used strong spatial divine items to bring armies of tens of thousands of soldiers. Once they entered the cities, they took the cities down easily.

Apart from this, Gu Mu said that there were many God Kings in the Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan’s castle. If there was any sign of life in his spatial divine items and if they found out, there would be trouble. Their relationship would very quickly be exposed. They would also likely be killed even before they got close to Luo Qingyan.

If Jiang Yi disguised as an ordinary God General of the Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan, they would not be exposed so easily.

Jiang Yi’s soul spirit was still enjoying the effects of the Rootless Water. Even God Kings would have difficulty identifying him. Of course, if one looked closely, it was very likely that they would find out his true identity. However, Gu Mu was considered well-respected in the Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan. He had even been on a mission from Luo Qingyan herself this time. Many God Kings knew about this. Once these God Kings saw Gu Mu, they would probably not look too closely at Jiang Yi.

Gu Mu said that Jiang Yi should stay in the castle while he went to take Luo Qingyan hostage alone. This was best for their safety.

However, Jiang Yi was too worried. He could see that Gu Mu had affection for Luo Qingyan. What’s more, Luo Qingyan was so bright. If she detected something was wrong and Jiang Yi was not present, their efforts would all go down the drain. He had to take the risk.

The Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan stayed in the northern region of the city. Gu Mu stayed in front, leading the way the entire time. They advanced without trouble. The Divine Eagle City compared to the Divine Eagle Tribe below was really like a typical city compared to a village. The city and tribe were equally big, but there were hundreds or thousands of times more people in the tribe than in the city.

The houses here were all elegant and majestic. They varied in color but were all imposing. The streets were broad, and the scene was beautiful. Everywhere they turned in the tribe, there were Heaven God martial artists around. However, Jiang Yi saw none in the city despite walking for more than five minutes inside. God Generals were the lowest-grade martial artists here. People were either dressed in the Demon-Killing Pavilion, the Earth Emanations Pavilion, or the Battle God Pavilion’s battle armors… or in expensive clothing. Their auras were extraordinary.

It’s no wonder that so many people want to move into the city. This is like stepping into heaven. The people here are obviously of certain status. The city is also floating on top of the tribe. That’s probably done on purpose to motivate the martial artists in the tribe to move up here!

Jiang Yi exclaimed in his heart. He kept his head down the entire journey, not daring to stare at other martial artists for too long. He was afraid that they would see through him. Gu Mu was obviously well-known in the city. People kept greeting him. Gu Mu nodded and continued leading Jiang Yi towards the north.

The Luo Residence!

A huge gate appeared in front of Jiang Yi. Several divine senses swept by him, gentle as a breeze. Jang Yi felt the power behind these divine senses. The good thing was that they were retracted once they detected Gu Mu. Not one of them spent more than a split-second scanning Jiang Yi.

“Greetings, Commander Gu!”

The gate opened to reveal ten or so God Generals guarding the residence. Once they saw Gu Mu, they bowed. There was no emotion on Gu Mu’s face. Coolly, he asked, “Is Young Mistress around?”

“She’s in the Qingyan Pavilion!”

One of the God Generals replied immediately. Gu Mu said nothing in response. Instead, he led Jiang Yi in at once. As they walked in, they approached a small city plaza. There were a few guards on patrol, walking towards them. Gu Mu walked head-on towards them, causing Jiang Yi’s heart to race.

“Greetings, Commander Gu!”

The patrolling guards bowed to Gu Mu, who acted as though he did not see them. He continued to walk forward as Jiang Yi heaved a sigh of relief behind him. It looked like Gu Mu was of very high status in the Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan. Ordinary God Generals dared not mess with him.

“Once we enter the backyard, be very careful. There are ten or so God Kings there and a peak-stage God King. The City Lord himself is there as well. As long as the City Lord and the peak-stage God King do not realize who you are, you can walk into the Qingyan Pavilion. If they find out your identity, we are dead for sure.”

Gu Mu sent a voice transmission to Jiang Yi, who tensed up once again. They were in the Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan, which was different from the outside world. The Luo Clan could kill whoever they wanted in their own territory, and others could not say a thing. After all, this was their own residence.

Slowly, they approached the backyard. When they arrived at the gate, several divine senses swept over them. Jiang Yi was going all out this time. He remained expressionless and cleared his mind. He thought of nothing at all. They have already reached this stage. There was no turning back.

“Go and report to Young Mistress that I am back!”

Gu Mu did not go in willingly this time. People could not come and go as they pleased here. He waved his hand, and a God General who was guarding the place walked in. At that moment, a powerful aura swept over them, causing Jiang Yi’s spirit to shake. This was most definitely the peak-stage God King. His divine senses felt so powerful. Compared to Gu Mu, he was at least several times stronger. Jiang Yi had a feeling that if the divine senses locked in on him, his disguise would fall through at once.

“Commander Gu, come in!”

A gentle voice sounded. It was Luo Qingyan’s voice. The moment she spoke up, the powerful divine senses were retracted. Jiang Yi’s palms were wet with perspiration by now. He did not think that Luo Qingyan would be the one to save him at a time like this.

Gu Mu wiped his brow. His reaction was fast as well. He quickly led Jiang Yi in, and they brisk-walked toward a white castle. Jiang Yi’s breathing was labored. He was extremely nervous. They walked through the front hall of Qingyan Pavilion and then entered the backyard. There, he saw the stunning Luo Qingyan seated on a white jade bench. At last, a weight was lifted off his shoulders. His eyes glowed at once.


Luo Qingyan did not notice Jiang Yi at first, but Jiang Yi’s gaze attracted her own. She exchanged a look with Jiang Yi, and then her entire body stiffened. She could not believe her eyes. As fast as she could, she shouted, “Enemy attack—!”

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