Chapter 1340 - Mad Dog

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“Get back!”

The peak-stage God King was quite obedient. Perhaps it was because he did not want to take the risk. He waved his hand at the nine other God Kings in mid-air, gesturing for them to retreat at once. However, they did not move too far away. Instead, they only retreated about six hundred meters. At the same time, the peak-stage God King sent a message to the others, instructing them to lock up the backyard. The news was not to get out, or the rest of the Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan would panic. If the enemy took the chance to attack them under such circumstances, the Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan would be finished.


Gu Mu flew behind Jiang Yi. It was then that a huge weight was lifted off Jiang Yi’s chest. If Gu Mu had not stopped the peak-stage God King earlier and if Luo Qingyan had better experience fighting, he would be a corpse by now.

With Gu Mu by his side, the formidable martial artists of the Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan dared not mess around any longer. If Gu Mu wanted to, he could easily kill Luo Qingyan with one blow. Luo Qingyan scanned Gu Mu from head to toe and said sorrowfully, “Jiang Yi, I went through this plan in my head tens of times. I thought that this plan was perfect. I never thought that you would be able to control Gu Mu. No matter how you did it, Qingyan admires you for it. You really are exceptional.”


Jiang Yi laughed mockingly. “Lady Luo, you’re being too kind. You’re a young mistress of high status. You will never understand the things that we, mere peasants, would do to survive. Our lives are worthless so we would not hold them too dear. Take this situation for example… you would never have thought I would dare to take you hostage, would you?”


Jiang Yi maintained a tight grip on Luo Qingyan’s neck so her face was becoming red. Sincerely, she said, “I thought you would run away, but I never thought you would come to my own house to attack me. You have guts and brains; that makes you a rare talent. It’s a pity that we have become enemies.”


Jiang Yi laughed out loud, but his expression quickly turned serious again. In a cool tone, he said, “Cut to the chase. I need Lady Luo to make a trip with me. As long as you bring me to Blue Lion City and then send me back to Blue Eagle Prefecture safely, I will let you go. I just want to survive. That’s not too much to ask, is it?”

Luo Qingyan kept quiet, as her beautiful eyes darted around. In just ten seconds, she replied gently, “It’s not! Do you want to take the Teleportation Formations out of here? En… let me go first. Don’t worry, Gu Mu can easily kill me given my skills.”

Jiang Yi put Luo Qingyan down, but he immediately walked behind her and held onto her neck once again. His body was completely plastered against hers, causing her already red face to darken several shades.

Luo Qingyan’s breathing was becoming more labored. Gritting her teeth, she said, “Jiang Yi, I can bring you to Blue Eagle Prefecture, but you must show me some respect. You should know how important a woman’s reputation is to her. If people think that I’ve lost that, then I would be better off dead!”


Jiang Yi laughed aloud once gain and pressed himself harder against her. At the same time, the hand that was around her neck slid down her chest. In front of the ten God Kings, he squeezed the proud Luo Qingyan’s two breasts several times. He used his other hand to massage her full bottom before he whispered tyrannically in her ear, “Alright. Your reputation is completely tarnished now. If you want to die, you can kill yourself.”

“Stop it! You… I…”

At that moment, Luo Qingyan really felt the urge to kill herself. She was both ashamed and angry. How she wished she could just dig up a hole and bury herself there forever. The peak-stage God King afar suddenly trembled with rage. He was so angry that he felt like he was going mad. Jiang Yi, this bastard, was insulting his clan’s young mistress in front of everybody?

The other God Kings and God Generals were outraged as well, but none of them dared to move for fear of provoking Jiang Yi. The fact that he could do something so despicable and absurd showed that he was a completely mad dog now. He was going all out.

Jiang Yi was indeed mad. There were all sorts of pressures pressing down on him from all directions, causing him to have difficulty breathing.

Given his character in the past, he would never have done something so despicable and absurd. However, Luo Qingyan’s plotting against him had caused the pent-up pressure in him to finally explode. He hated it when people schemed against him, especially when such a beautiful woman was responsible. It started with Ji Tingyu and then Xing Mengwan. Now, there was Luo Qingyan? How could such beautiful women harbor such evil hearts?

Of course, he was only doing this because there was a purpose for it. He had predicted that Luo Qingyan had no intention of killing herself. Someone so smart must fear death greatly. She would not have the courage to kill herself. Thus, he did this on purpose to shame her. He wanted her to understand that if she wanted to survive and with her reputation intact, she had to be obedient. Otherwise, the consequences would be dire.

Luo Qingyan did not seek death. Instead, her expression became contorted with pain. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths. It took her a full thirty seconds before she said through gritted teeth, “Jiang Yi, you’re ruthless! If you want me to bring you out of Blue Eagle Prefecture, I can. However, how can I trust you? What if you kill me after we leave Blue Eagle Prefecture? I’m not that stupid. If I’m going to die either way, I would rather die now.”

Luo Qingyan’s tone was very cold. She was uncharacteristically determined this time. It was almost as if she was sending a hidden message to Jiang Yi directly. If he could not secure her survival, she would not help him. Jiang Yi’s expression changed. He dared not push her too far. In a low voice, he asked, “What do you want?”

“Very simple!”

Luo Qingyan opened her eyes and replied, “First, make a Heavenly Thearch Blood Oath. Second, you must allow my clan members to follow us. We will be taking Teleportation Formation all the way. Nobody would dare to make any moves in the city; these are the Earth Emanations Sovereign’s orders. Once we leave Blue Eagle Prefecture, my clan members will not dare to fight you. How’s that?”

Another Heavenly Thearch Blood Oath?

Jiang Yi blinked, confused. At the same time, he sent a voice transmission to Gu Mu through the spiritual connection that they had: “Gu Mu, is this Heavenly Thearch Blood Oath that effective?” 

“That is right.”

Gu Mu sent a voice transmission back to him: “The Heavenly Thearch is the lord of all the realms. In the past, one Heavenly Thearch used his mystical abilities to change one of the laws of heaven and earth. Anyone who makes a Heavenly Thearch Blood Oath and goes back on his word will be ruthlessly killed by the laws of heaven and earth. In these tens of thousands of years, countless formidable martial artists have already been killed, including many God Thearchs…”


Jiang Yi did not think that such an oath would really be that effective.

He mumbled to himself for a moment and said, “I don’t mind making the Heavenly Thearch Blood Oath, and I don’t mind letting your clan members follow us. However, you can only bring with you one God King, whose skills are not higher than Gu Mu’s. He also cannot follow too closely. There must be at least thirty kilometers between us.”

Jiang Yi still had nine balls of Merged Flames, which he could easily use to kill ordinary God Kings. There would not be a problem if one God King followed them. He also did not have a problem with making the Heavenly Thearch Blood Oath. As long as he could bring Jiang Xiaonu out of Blue Eagle Prefecture, he was fine with letting Luo Qingyan live.


Luo Qingyan was quite decisive. She said to the peak-stage God King in the air, “Sixth Grandfather, please get me the City Lord Command Token that Father left behind. Get me some divine roots as well. Oh, right… I have no more Bodhi fruits with me. Please bring me some!”

“Bodhi fruits?”

Jiang Yi was slightly astonished. He turned to shoot a shocked look at Gu Mu. The latter pondered for a while and sent a voice transmission to Jiang Yi: “Master, there should be no problem. Young Mistress has a rare disease, and she needs to eat a Bodhi fruit intermittently. She has already done this for many years.”


Jiang Yi did not harp on the matter. The elderly peak-stage God King’s murky eyes glinted for a second. He turned around and flew into the castle, returning with a ring. He threw the ring over to Luo Qingyan.

He turned to Jiang Yi and said in a cold voice, “Brat, Young Mistress is the Clan Head’s only daughter. She is his entire life. What’s more, she was already betrothed from a young age to the nephew of Blue Eagle Prefecture’s Prefecture Lord Xiao Hong. If you dare to hurt her, the City Lord will hunt you down, even if it costs him his life. The Xiao Clan will not let you off either. Be clear on this.”

“I am very clear!”

Jiang Yi had already made the Heavenly Thearch Blood Oath. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. “I am just an unimportant man. My life is worthless; even if I die, the world will experience no loss. I just want to live and get out of Blue Eagle Prefecture. If I die, your young mistress will perish, too. Be clear on this. Gu Mu, seal Lady Luo’s heavenly powers. We’re leaving!”

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