“Quick, check my dad.” Wang Jun, the calmest one among them ordered immediately. Several Military Doctors immediately stepped forward and examined Wang Xuanji who was unconscious. The results of the examination were the same as Su Jing had expected, except for the fact that Wang Xuanji was still unconscious, he should be fine.

Wang Jun, Wang Zheng, and Wang Zhuo all breathed out a sigh of relief and they smiled, and Wang Siya wept with joy. The Mayor of Zhongyun City, Kong Lingming, also let go of a big rock in his heart. If Wang Xuanji had an accident in Zhongyun City then he would have been in a big trouble.

“Thank you so much, A’Jing.” Wang Jun patted Su Jing on the shoulder heavily. He didn’t support Su Jing’s unauthorized actions before. If Su Jing had said that he wanted to save Wang Xuanji by himself after seeing the situation then he would have definitely objected.

Even if Su Jing is very strong, he wouldn’t think that Su Jing had the power or skills to defeat or kill twenty or thirty criminals with guns alone. But now, he can only be convinced and grateful.

“A’Jing, you are not injured, are you?” Wang Siya pulled Su Jing and asked. Su Jing had a normal expression on his face and it didn’t look like he had been hurt. There was no injury but there was a lot of blood on his whole body.

In fact, he could have avoided the blood and he could have even caught them alive, and let the Wang Family deal with these gangsters and it would have been so easy for him to do that.

But in order not to have any accidents later in life where these same people come to target him and his family, he took the easiest root and there is no need to be kind to such people. And if he had decided to let them live and something went wrong that caused Wang Xuanji to be killed then it would have been regrettable.

“I’m fine, I’m not injured.” Su Jing smiled.

“Let the Doctor do an examination for you.” Wang Jun said. He is a soldier, so he knows very well that sometimes the body gets too excited and nervous during the battle, and the soldiers would not even become aware of their injuries.

One person had killed twenty or thirty people armed with guns here, how could it be possible that he is not injured at all?

“There’s no need, I really am not injured at all.” Su Jing shook his head and said while simply taking off the shirt that was stained with blood, revealing a fit body in which almost every muscle is in a perfect condition.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at Su Jing’s clean body, not to mention gunshot wounds, there wasn’t even a knife wound or any other scars. Even small bruises were completely invisible.

There was really no injury on his body at all. Everyone was shocked again, especially Yang Xiao and others. At this moment, they all called Su Jing with the same word in their heart.

Su Jing waved his hand and refused. He is not going to wear that Military Jacket, there are General Epaulettes on it. Finally, Yang Xiao took off his jacket and put it on Su Jing. In fact, there are many sets of clothes in the Su Jing’s Storage Bag but he can’t just take them out in front of everyone.

At this time, Wang Xuanji, who had just been carried on a stretcher by some Military Doctor, came to his senses. Su Jing used the “Source Stone” to nurse him, so although he was seriously injured, it wasn’t that bad.

“Dad, how are you? Are you feeling any discomfort?” Wang Siya supported Wang Xuanji, and Wang Jun, Wang Zheng, and Wang Zhuo also stepped forward to support him.

Wang Xuanji scanned the surrounding area, staring at the surrounding corpses, and paused for a while before saying: “These guys were really lawless but you could have saved me while capturing them, I know you have the ability to do that and we could have interrogated them.”

“Dad, it was A’Jing who rescued you, we didn’t come here until you were rescued,” Wang Jun said.

“What?” Wang Xuanji was taken aback, thinking that he had heard it wrong. It was not Wang Jun who led the team to save him, but it was Su Jing?

“To put it simply, A’Jing took his Wolf and found you. By the time we arrived, he had already rescued you alone.” Wang Jun explained, thinking that if someone else had said the same to him then he wouldn’t have believed him.

Wang Xuanji looked straight at Su Jing and he naturally saw the Battle Wolf standing next to Su Jing. His eyes narrowed, but the expression on his face quickly recovered and he smiled: “A’Jing, thank you for saving this Old Man’s life.”

“You are too polite.” Su Jing laughed. To tell the truth, he didn’t know how to call Wang Xuanji. He and Wang Zhuo called each other brothers. In theory, he should call him Uncle Wang Xuanji.

“Dad, we will take you to the hospital first.” Wang Jun said.

“I’m fine. First, block the scene and investigate everyone, every clue, and figure out their identity and purpose.” Wang Xuanji said. When he ordered, he had an aura of a Leader and even Wang Jun seemed weak in front of him.

Yang Xiao and the others got the order and started investigating the scene. Since they arrived, they have been not standing here passively and they didn’t move anything. They naturally understand the importance of preserving the scene.

However, as soon as they began to investigate, they couldn’t help being shocked again, and several people couldn’t help but twitch.

Six or seven people had three scratches on their bodies, and their bodies were directly torn apart. Various marks created by Wolf claws can also be seen on the wall. Looking at the depth of those scratches, one can imagine that the Wolf claws went down at that time.

Just like cutting tofu, the Wolf claw fell upon these people in the room that was obviously just collapsed… In short, the scene was messy and terrible. It is quite easy to believe that killing people was similar to cutting vegetables for the Giant Wolf.

The remaining people have no scratches on their bodies, some have a knife mark on their necks and their throats were neatly cut, some have a fist mark on their chest and their chest have been caved in while their hearts have burst.

Some have a footprint on their heads and their whole head had shattered. To cause such a terrible injury with every punch and every kick, one can imagine how terrifying the strength of the attacker was.

They were shocked to find that the main force that killed these people was not the Giant Wolf, but Su Jing. Moreover, the vast majority of people did not even get to shoot a single bullet and were completely crushed unilaterally.

How did this happen? After all, if someone did this then there must have been a lot of movement and it shouldn’t be that these people remained unaware, waiting to be killed? Could it be that Su Jing was so fast that they couldn’t react at all?

Also, the death method of the four people surrounding Wang Xuanji is even more difficult to understand. All four of them obviously died without firing any bullets. There was only one wound, that is, their brows were slightly red.

Yang Xiao and the others looked at Su Jing and they were a little scared. Among them, some are extremely clever killers, but compared to Su Jing, they are almost a thousand miles away.

They thought to themselves, if this guy kills someone without them even knowing then I’m afraid that no one would be able to protect themself no matter how much they try. If this guy was an legit assassin then it would have been terrible.