1742 Enchantment Formation

Name:God Emperor
After five transfers, Zhang Ruochen's group crossed one million miles and arrived close to the Xumi Dojo.

Looking to the west, Zhang Ruochen saw a dojo 100 miles away with Buddhist light in the sky. It was in the center of a blue lake.

There were a dozen golden temples in the dojo.

The centermost was a 72-level Buddhist pagoda. It soared into the clouds like a mountain.

What was odd was that the dojo was peaceful and quiet. It didn't look like there was a battle.

"Did Kunlun's Field not attack yet?" Zhang Ruochen was confused.

Blackie had a pair of Supreme Saint eyes. It sensed something wrong. "No, it's not right… There's a big problem with this dojo. Let's not rush in."

Zhang Ruochen opened his Heavenly Eyes and saw some things were wrong, but he couldn't see clearly. He couldn't pinpoint the problem.

"You have the Origin Eyes. Help me investigate Xumi Dojo."

Zhang Ruochen stared at the Thousand Star Maiden.

"I'm just here for fun. I don't have to help you." The Thousand Star Maiden lifted her pale chin and looked very proud.

She hated Zhang Ruochen for spreading the news about the marriage letter everywhere. Her anger hadn't faded yet, so she would naturally go against him.

Ye Honglei seemed to discover something. She stepped onto the lake. Standing on the water, her expression changed. "It's an enchantment."

"What?" Zhang Ruochen asked.

"This lake and the Xumi Dojo don't actually exist. It's an enchantment created by a very advanced Saint Master. The Xumi Dojo should be nearby, but it's definitely not here."

Even the Thousand Star Maiden was moved. If this was an enchantment, then even she was fooled by it.

How advanced could this person's enchantment be?

She hurriedly activated her Origin Eyes and gazed toward the Xumi Dojo. Then she had a shocked and solemn expression.

"What did you see?" Zhang Ruochen asked anxiously, grabbing the Thousand Star Maiden's wrist.

The Thousand Star Maiden didn't know how to tell him. After a pause, she said, "Kunlun's Field…might have all died. We shouldn't get involved in this battle. Hurry and leave."

Zhang Ruochen let go of her wrist. He called out the Abyss Ancient Sword and charged toward the Xumi Dojo formed by an enchantment.

"Zhang Ruochen, get back here!" the Thousand Star Maiden cried. "That's not the Xumi Dojo. You can't activate All Lives Equal and you can't change anything. You're only going to get yourself killed!"

Zhang Ruochen released the spatial territory to search the surroundings. This way, he wouldn't make any wrong judgment while the enchantment blinded his Spiritual Power and Heavenly Eyes. But he didn't stop.

As soon as he entered the lake, three beams of saintly power appeared before him.

They were heavily injured and running for their lives.

Behind them, a group of white-winged Angel Race cultivators was chasing after them.

One Saint King Angel with four wings carried a broad white sword. He went above the three Kunlun's Field cultivators like a high and almighty adjudicator. "The elites of Kunlun's Field must all die today. No one can escape."

"That demon rat is quite skillful. It could take two humans and escape from the Illusion Princess's formation."

"They can escape from the formation but not from our hands."

The four-winged Angel at the front was a sixth step Saint King. The white sword broke free from his hands and cast a mid-level saint spell, hitting one of the humans.


That human cultivator from Kunlun's Field cried out. His body was split into six parts and fell into the lake.

Red blood rained down.

Seeing this, the demon rat and Chi Wansui's hearts pounded. They realized that they might really be unable to escape today. They would die here.

"Are the heavens targeting us, wanting to destroy Kunlun's Field?"

Chi Wansui's chest had a shocking sword injury. His ribs had broken and it injured his organs.

Sword Qi seeped into his body, causing him to be unable to recover. Blood kept pouring out.

A silver-haired Angel Saint King wielded a scepter and laughed loudly. "Yes, the heavens want you to die. We are the heavens."

That four-winged sixth step Saint King said, "It's not that the heavens are targeting you. It's that Kunlun's Field is too weak. In a world of survival of the fittest, being weak is your sin."

Chi Wansui took out a communication rune and was about to carve on it.


The four-winged sixth step Saint King struck his sword and broke Chi Wansui's remaining arm from a distance.

"You want to carve a communication rune to send a message to the Truth Godly Palace? Unfortunately, we won't give you that chance." An Angel Saint King laughed loudly. It felt great to have someone's life in his hands.

"This trap was set up by Lord Ziyan personally," the sixth step Saint King said coldly. "It's well-established. Even if you send out the rune, it won't reach the Truth Godly Palace. Of course, just to be safe, I won't let you send it out."

Chi Wansui's expression was tragic. He couldn't imagine all elites dying here. How low would Kunlun's Field sink?

They'd improved a bit with such difficulty, but now, they would reach the bottom of the abyss and never recover.

The demon rat didn't reply. It felt helpless.

If it ran into a powerful enemy in Kunlun's Field, it could mention the Moon-Worship Demonic Sect and the enemy would be afraid.

But in Heaven World, it had no support. It could only rely on itself.

The demon rat sighed. Suddenly, its eyes brightened. Seeing the figure standing on the lake, it cried in excitement and flew over quickly. "Lord Chen, you're finally here! Heaven Field is such a bully. They want to kill us all. You have to help us!"

"Help? We're part of Guanghan Field now and we're just here to watch the show." Blackie strolled on the lake, waggling its fat behind.

Seeing Blackie, the demon rat's eyes gleamed. All of its fear disappeared. It pounced and grabbed Blackie's claw. "Lord Blackie, don't you say that. Since you and Lord Chen are here, how could you just be here to watch? You're the true pillars of Kunlun's Field. They think they can bully us because the true top figures haven't arrived."

"You just know how to grab onto people." Blackie laughed.

"I can grab onto you forever," the demon rat said shamelessly.

Blackie was enjoying this. Squinting and nodding, it said, "Okay, because you said that, I'll take responsibility for this today!"

"No one can take responsibility for today!"

That sixth step Saint King Angel waved his arm. The Angels standing behind him all attacked Blackie and Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen pushed up the Eight-dragon Umbrella. The eight dragons flew in unison, shining brightly and blocking all attacks.

The sixth step Saint King was shocked and his eyes hardened.

Could a top figure of Kunlun's Field really have arrived?

"You ants don't qualify to fight with me."

Blackie took out a millstone-sized divine bone. It had many holes and looked like a beehive.


Hundreds of Trifoot Carnivorous Insects flew out and swarmed at the Angel like black dots.

"They're just bugs… No, they're Trifoot Carnivorous Insects."

By the time the Angels reacted, they were already surrounded by the Trifoot Carnivorous Insects. They could only push up saint armor and strike with saint weapons in panic.

After all, the Trifoot Carnivorous Insects could even eat a Supreme Saint's immortal body. How could they not be afraid?

Zhang Ruochen's eyes brightened. "There seem to be more Trifoot Carnivorous Insects now."

He remembered that there had only been around 200 when he gave them to Blackie.

Now, there were around 700 or 800. The number had doubled.

Blackie laughed proudly. "When you were cultivating in isolation, I conquered all of the Guanghan Field's dojos. I also collected a lot of Saints to feed the Trifoot Carnivorous Insects. Not only did they get stronger, they also laid eggs and produced a new batch."

"Then you must have collected many treasures and saint stones?" Zhang Ruochen asked.

Blackie looked cautious. "No, I didn't get a single saint stone."

Pained cries came from within the insect cloud.

Angel after Angel was gnawed to the bone by the Trifoot Carnivorous Insect. In the end, even the bones were eaten up.

The sixth step Saint King Angel grew more and more uncomfortable. If he couldn't get rid of the Trifoot Carnivorous Insects, all of his cultivators might die.

If he had to get rid of the Trifoot Carnivorous Insects, he had to first deal with the creature controlling them.

His eyes fell upon Blackie. He poured all of his Holy Qi into his armor. The armor shone with blinding light, forcing all of the Trifoot Carnivorous Insects around him away.

Before the Trifoot Carnivorous Insects could fly back, he flapped his four wings. He turned into a pillar of silver light and attacked Blackie.

Those who could reach the sixth step Saint King Realm in the Truth Heavenly Domain were all uncommon people. A regular seventh step Saint King might lose in a battle after a few blows.

If Zhang Ruochen didn't use time and space power, he would be in trouble too if he met people at this level.

"Xie Chengzi, go!" Zhang Ruochen said.

Wearing heavy armor, Xie Chengzi rushed out from behind Zhang Ruochen. Evil black Qi seeped out of him and crashed against the sixth step Saint King Angel.


It was only one exchange, but the sixth step Saint King was sent flying back and blood flowed out of his mouth.

Xie Chengzi, leader of a world, was also a sixth step Saint King, but he was clearly much stronger than the Angel.

"You... You are Xie Chengzi..."

That sixth step Saint King had a high status in Heaven Field and could interact with people at Xie Chengzi's level. He recognized Xie Chengzi, so he was very shocked.

"Kill him," Zhang Ruochen ordered.

The sixth step Saint King looked at Zhang Ruochen with even more shock. What kind of person could rule over Xie Chengzi?

He looked familiar.

"It's him!"

The Angel had seen Zhang Ruochen's image before. He finally recognized him. Ignoring the Angels surrounded by the Trifoot Carnivorous Insects, he spread his four wings and rushed toward the enchantment.

"Since my master ordered for me to kill you, you won't be able to escape today."

Xie Chengzi took out the Ring of Bloodlust and attacked the sixth step Saint King.

The ring spun quickly, releasing a large amount of Blood Qi. It grew to three feet wide and buzzed as it flew in the sky.


The Ring of Bloodlust pushed back all of the sixth step Saint King's weapons and finally hit him in the back. His body exploded into a cloud of blood.

Next, the Ring of Bloodlust absorbed all of the bloody mist.