Chapter 1420 - He Was Not a Mule

“Be good. Do you want to be on top or at the bottom? You can take your pick.” Mo Liuxi’s voice was sexy and seductive.

Yan Su, “…”

She didn’t know how to reply to him.

“I’m taking it as you want it both ways if you’re not going to say anything.” Mo Liuxi lowered his head and kissed her lips.

Yan Su widened her eyes, “I…”

Mo Liuxi had plastered his lips tightly against hers now. There was no way for her to protest.

Mo Liuxi was going all out that night; he was wild and passionate. That first night together, she was heavily intoxicated and the images were blurry. Tonight, she would remember everything clearly.

Yan Su’s toes were curled up and she was feeling shy. Her skin was glowing with a slightly pink hue. Mo Liuxi was lavishing her with hot kisses, trailing her skin. She couldn’t help but moan with encouragement.

Mo Liuxi focused on her expression; she was on the verge of losing control. They had been intimate in the past but it was nothing compared to this. He was really missing out on so much. All those moments in the past were like the appetizers before the main dish.

Mo Liuxi was determined not to let Yan Su belittle his abilities. He was planning to make her beg and he would prove his skills to her that night.

Yan Su’s body was weak as he tortured her and kept her from her sweet release. No matter how much she complained about how tired she was, Mo Liuxi ignored her pleas and carried on. When her voice finally went hoarse, he began round two.

Yan Su looked at how zealous he was and decided to let him do whatever he pleased. She knew that he was trying to prove a point because of what she said earlier on. She would go all out with him then.

She didn’t have to do much anyway. She could just lie there and enjoy the process. It was a long haul but she had plenty of stamina. She spent all her mornings and nights training and dancing.

She was enjoying herself at the beginning but when the hours dragged on, she couldn’t take it anymore and fell asleep on the bed.

Mo Liuxi was trying his hardest when he realized that she had fallen asleep.

He was so angry that he didn’t know what to say.

He tried to keep count but he failed. His own memory was getting hazy and he didn’t know how many times they had done it. He was planning to hold the fortress till dawn and make her beg for him to stop.

The woman lying in front of him was as stubborn as a mule even though she looked demure and delicate. Apart from saying “no” the first few times, she didn’t mention it again.

If she had begged one more time, he would have gratefully spared her and himself.

He was completely devastated now. Were his skills so lousy?

“Yan Su, wake up.” Mo Liuxi rubbed her cheeks urgently with frustration. She had makeup on before and the two of them had jumped into the bed without taking a shower first. In addition to the fact that she had just cried, she looked like a giant panda now.

“Be quiet…” Yan Su mumbled and swatted his hand away. “Go at it yourself.”


What did she mean by go at it himself? He was not a mule.

Mo Liuxi was furious. He had no choice but to stop since she wasn’t cooperating at all, and he was getting tired as well. He decided that he would wake up early the next morning and continue.

The next day, sunlight streamed into the room and cast itself on the wooden planks.

Yan Su was awakened by her alarm. She stirred from her sleep and opened her eyes to see a man lying next to her. He was sharing the same pillow and he was in deep sleep. His features were perfect; he had plump lips and a defined jaw. He was frowning slightly at the sound of the alarm.

Yan Su was a little stunned to see him lying next to her. She struggled to grab a jacket and put it over herself and then dragged her sore body to sit up. She walked to the balcony and picked up her phone. “Hello, Sister Xiang…”

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