Chapter 1422 - Hiding Her Immense Power and Strength

After that, Yan Su turned to plate the food. She made some fragrant, mouth-watering, fried, spicy chicken and Mo Liuxi looked at the dish with mixed feelings. Look at how strong she was. She could do all of that and then wake up to make spicy chicken.

She had a petite frame and such a gentle and delicate face. It was all hiding her immense power and strength. No wonder she could offer to give him an extra day.

If he decided to play this game with her, he would most definitely burn out first. She would probably wake up the next day and make him porridge.

“What’s the matter?” Yan Su chuckled with embarrassment when he continued to stare at her without saying a word. She was a little shy after having spent the night together.

“Yan Su, you… aren’t you tired at all?” Mo Liuxi sighed softly.

“I’m tired and sleepy of course, but I’m hungry too. Plus, I thought that you might be hungry.” Yan Su spoke softly at the end.

Mo Liuxi could tell that she was being careful with her words and he asked, “What do you mean? Do you think that I have weak stamina and I would be tired and hungry when I woke up?”

“No, that’s not what I meant.” Yan Su could tell that he was getting upset and she knew what he was upset over when she remembered what she had said to him a few days ago. She sighed and said, “I couldn’t take it and I was so tired last night that I fell asleep. Of course, you have good stamina. I’m really impressed by your performance.”

At the mention of this, Mo Liuxi was even more frustrated and said grumpily, “Is my technique really that bad that you were able to fall asleep?”

Yan Su ignored him and started rinsing a pan to fry some vegetables.

“Yan Su, make yourself clear now.” Mo Liuxi chased after her and grabbed the pan from her.

His pride was severely hurt.

“Liuxi, don’t you think you’re being a little dense?” Yan Su looked up at him. She wasn’t able to look him in the eye like after their intimate moment from the night before. She would blush every time she looked at him now. “Couldn’t you tell last night?”

Mo Liuxi was frowning and silent now. All he could think about was when she fell asleep.

“It was so late last night and I was exhausted. Of course, I fell asleep. I haven’t been able to rest well for a week while in preparation for the competition, I was absolutely drained. I can’t believe you’re pushing me for answers now. I don’t think it really matters what happened in the end, as long as the process… isn’t it good enough that we both had a good time?” Yan Su tossed him the spatula and said, “I’m not cooking anymore. You can cook yourself.”

Mo Liuxi was stunned as he looked at the spatula before he quickly turned and pulled her back into his arms. He nibbled on her ear and said, “I remember now. Last night… you came quite a few times.”

“Stop talking about it.” Yan Su punched him lightly before making her escape.

Mo Liuxi laughed as she ran away before he turned to fry up some vegetables for them.

They only had two dishes for lunch that day; they sat shoulder to shoulder, close to one another. Mo Liuxi would often look up to stare at Yan Su as he was eating, making Yan Su feel awkward. “It’s not the weekend yet. Don’t you have classes today?”

Mo Liuxi was stunned. “Now that you mention it, I haven’t been to school for a while now and I haven’t applied for any leave.”

Yan Su rolled her eyes at him. “You’re already in year 3. Can you take school more seriously? What if your professor denies you, your degree? When Yan Yan grows up, she won’t be proud of her father who couldn’t even complete his college education.”

“Hey now.” Mo Liuxi looked over at her coldly. “Don’t worry. I will most definitely graduate. If you can do it, I can do it.”

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