Chapter 1501 - Perfection

Many students in the canteen had obviously been observing Jiang Yuning and Nian Xi. Everyone quietened down when he suddenly stood up to challenge them. At the same time, the palpable tension caused everyone to feel short of breath.

The girls who were gossiping were also frightened. Professor Jiang was always known to be a mild-tempered person, and they were shocked by his sudden harshness.

“Professor… Professor Jiang, we’re sorry,” one of the girls apologized, before quickly grabbing her friends and leaving.

Nian Xi raised her eyebrows, as it was rare to see Jiang Yuning flare up. The chances of the sun rising from the west might even be higher than him getting angry.

She propped her chin on her hands and gazed at him as he sat down once again. When their eyes met, she could tell that he was still indignant. “Xixi, don’t feel upset anymore. These students should just focus on their studies. They truly have nothing better to do, don’t they? I think what you did this morning was right. I wouldn’t have noticed this if it wasn’t for you.”

“Don’t mention it,” Nian Xi said as she patted the back of his hand. “I don’t care about them since I’m much older than them, but when I was an undergraduate, I was completely focused on studying. I wouldn’t bother about any gossip or rumors that spread.”

“Xixi, you’re very impressive!” Jiang Yuning praised her incessantly. “How could someone be so great?”

“I know, right? I don’t know how I was so remarkable either.” Nian Xi heaved out a faint sigh. “Perhaps it was because of my family’s upbringing.”

“Yup!” Jiang Yuning nodded furiously in agreement.

Nian Xi was too perfect, and Jiang Yuning felt extremely lucky to have met her. He desperately wanted to hold on to this piece of luck for the rest of his life.

After their meal, Jiang Yuning drove his car onto the streets to shop for a diamond ring with Nian Xi.

He had made this decision after proposing to Nian Xi last night. He wanted to get her a diamond ring that she liked.

All the shops in the first story sold expensive jewelry.

After Jiang Yuning pushed Nian Xi into one of the shops, she immediately felt the shop assistants shooting looks of both envy and pity at her. Perhaps everyone felt that it was a pity for a handsome man like Jiang Yuning to have a wife with a lame leg.

However, Nian Xi was not bothered by this.

“Xixi, what kind of ring do you like?” Jiang Yuning would occasionally examine the diamond rings. However, as every single ring shone brilliantly and looked magnificent, he felt that all of them would suit Nian Xi.

“I don’t know. Let’s just look around.” Nian Xi’s head was throbbing. She did not usually wear such things, so she was not very interested in them. When she was dating Feng Ji Chuan previously, however, she would intentionally buy several accessories to doll herself up with. Alas, she would toss them aside after wearing them just a few times.

“We can’t just look around. We have to buy a ring,” Jiang Yuning said firmly.

When the shop assistant heard their exchange, she immediately brought out a ring with a heart-shaped diamond and said, “This is the latest design in our shop! It’s extravagant, intricate, and fashionable, and it won’t look too gaudy. Why don’t you give it a try?”

Jiang Yuning found the ring beautiful when he first looked at it. However, after taking it from the shop assistant and observing it, he realized that it merely cost over $10,000. He then placed it down and shook his head as he commented, “This is too cheap.”

The shop assistant was stunned. “What’s the price range that you’re looking at?” she asked.

Jiang Yuning cluelessly replied, “I don’t know. I suppose the more expensive it is, the better it’ll be.”

“Why do you want such an expensive ring? It’s fine as long as I think it suits me. It doesn’t matter even if it’s cheap,” Nian Xi said as she picked up the ring that the shop assistant had recommended. However, she did not like it that much after she tried it on. She then continued, “It’s not shining as brilliantly as I’d like it to be. Could you give me a shinier one?”

The shop assistant felt rather awkward, since rings that shone more brilliantly tended to have more diamonds and would be more expensive.

“Take a look at this then. This ring is embossed with diamonds all over it and is exceptionally brilliant,” the shop assistant said quickly. “It’s called ‘Perfection.’”

“That sounds good.” Jiang Yuning nodded his head in satisfaction. He liked the name, for he wanted to have a perfect life with Nian Xi.

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