Chapter 441 - Putting a lid on a jar(Part-1)

"Are you hanging there Ryuu?"

Ryuu could only give a weak nod before he began still for a moment before he spoke in a whisper, "Something changed."

As True-Spear looked down towards him as Ryuu continued to speak, "It feels as if our escapee fled through a gate but that is impossible, the gate is in a completely different direction."

"But then how did she manage to travel through one, it doesn't make sense."

True-Spear's brow furrowed in deep thought as he spoke, "Something is not right? Are you sure that it is not some kind of hallucination that your brain might have conjured?"

Ryuu bit his lips as he spoke, "I am absolutely positive that I am not hallucinating, and if I am not wrong we would learn the reason soon enough."

True-Spear bit his lips as he spoke, "Is there a possibility that there is a second gate."

"' Expect the unexpected', that was what I had been told about this place so there might be a chance there can be multiple gates."

"That is scary."

"Incredibly so in the previous level at least we were able to figure out when they were about to pop in but now if it turns to be true it would spell disaster for us as such please hurry."

As Ryuu spoke he raised one of his fingers which glowed briefly before he let out a relaxed sigh making True-Spear a bit confused as he spoke, "What did you do?"

A slight cough Ryuu began to speak in a hoarse voice, "I just sealed the gate to prevent them from entering this level."

His trusted flask appeared in his hand as he took a sip soothing his throat as a bewildered True-Spear spoke with a touch of amazement in his voice, "How did you manage to do that? I have never heard of anyone manipulating the gates before."

Ryuu snorted at that as he spoke with a grin, "Who said that I manipulated the Gates, it is simply beyond my ability to do so."

True-Spear was now utterly confused as he spoke, "But then you said that you sealed it."

Ryuu let out a chuckle as he spoke, "Brother what I did was to put a tight lid over the gate that would prevent them from passing through it for some time at the least, time that we desperately need after today's incident since we lost a few good cultivators today."

"So true.", with that silence descended amongst the duo as they moved towards their destination.

Meanwhile back with others, Frost Flames had woken up soon after Ryuu had left along with True-Spear as she tried to sit Zywia helped, "Easy there sister you were injured grievously, please do not strain yourself."

As she groggily opened her eyes as she was greeted with the sight of others Frozen Ocean looking at her with a smile on her face, "Welcome back you gave us quite the scare."

The memories of her battle and subsequent getting injured hit her as she quickly spoke, "What happened did we lose and are we now captive? I thought I felt Ryuu's presence."

Frozen Ocean simply smiled at her as she spoke, "There is no need to worry we are safe, we have won."

Hearing that Frost Flames was dumbstruck as she spoke, "We won how our situation was not that good, how did we manage to win?"

"It was all thanks to your beloved sister frost, seeing you like that enraged him so much that he wiped the majority of them out single-handedly."

Frost Flames turned her head to look at Zywia as she spoke, "I felt for a moment as if Ryuu was holding me, so I was not wrong."

Zywia nodded at that as she spoke with a small smile, "Yes he was holding and then he got immensely angry with them and killed the majority of them with a single attack."

At her answer, Frost Flames head swivelled trying to locate her as Frozen Ocean spoke to him with a sigh, "You will not find him, there was a hidden enemy who was observing us as such he along with your brother True-Spear left to catch her."

Zywia snorted at that as she spoke, "Like they would be able to catch her she was using the 'Blood mist escape technique', chasing after her would be pointless."

Frozen Ocean nodded in agreement before she gained a serious look on her face as she spoke, "But still his aura and killing intent caught me off guard and when I thought I had figured him out, he pulls something outrageous like that, was his KI that potent and massive."

Zywia nodded at that as she spoke, "Yes his was always potent."

As she replied Zywia looked towards others as she grimaced inwardly, 'I understand now father why you always said that Divine bodies especially those of the higher tiers were unfair, every Level they had to face extra ranks than normal cultivators and to many, it seems like a chore but as they grow stronger because of that simple extra ranks that they had to climb their KI becomes more potent and vast.'

"But there was one lie he told us."

Zywia frowned as she looked at Frozen Ocean as she spoke with confusion in her voice, "What lie did he tell us?"

"Do you remember a few years back we were arguing and he shouted at us to shut up and we all were forced to stop talking?"

At Frozen Ocean's words, Zywia reminded about the incident as Frozen Ocean continued, "Similarly today once again he managed to do a similar thing to his enemies he forced them to kneel, I have never seen something like that how did he manage to do it."

Zywia simply shrugged at that as even Frost Flames looked at her with curiosity burning in her eyes as she spoke, "Really something like that happened."

Frozen Ocean looked at her as she spoke with barely concealed amazement in her voice, "It was amazing, one moment they were taunting him and in the next moment Ryuu commanded them as if he was an emperor and they were lowly peasant, but the best part was when he said that he would allow them to die while looking at his face and then commanded them to raise their heads it was something else and then his sword attack I believe he would step in God Tier realm in the Grand Dao of Sword any day now."

Frost Flames sucked in a deep breath as she spoke with disbelief, "You are speaking the truth right?"

Frozen Ocean scowled aback at her question as she replied, "Of course I am, and you can also ask Zywia for confirmation."

Zywia nodded confirming Frozen Ocean's words before she spoke with a worried look on her face, "I know you are amazed but did you forget what Ryuu said if he were to go all out."

Frozen Ocean tilted her head in confusion before realization dawned in on her as she gained a look of horror on her face as she spoke, "You don't mean that Ryuu left with True-Spear so that…."

Zywia finished her sentence with a grimace on her face as she spoke with a small nod, "You are right he left with him so that others may not notice about his situation."

Frost Flames covered her face with her hand as she spoke with barely above a whisper, "If only I was stronger I would have prevented such a thing, I feel so helpless now, sitting her while he is suffering who knows how much."

Zywia placed a calming hand on her as she replied with a smile on her face, "Sister, please do not worry your brother True-Spear is with him, he will make sure Ryuu is alright."

"It seems our fears were not unfounded, there really is another gate here, how troublesome."

Ryuu gave him a wary smile as he went still for a moment before he spoke with a serious look on his face, "We have to hurry I might have managed to anger them."

True-Spear gained a confused look on his face as he watched throw out multiple talismans which floated around him for a moment before dashing towards the gate making a circle around it then they glowed as multiple glowing ethereal chains appeared around it, completely encompassing it before they disappeared with a flash of light.

"Hah!", as shout came out of Ryuu's mouth as he slapped the earth hard, with a groan the ground parted as the gate fell into an extremely deep crevice, which was soon closed trapping the gate inside completely.

Ryuu let out a huff as he looked towards True-Spear as he spoke, "Well since I have finished dealing with them, let us go and bury the other gate as well."

True-Spear gained an amused look on his face as he spoke, "You know it will only delay the temporarily."

Ryuu nodded towards him as he spoke, "I know even a small delay is essential for us, we need to recover and relocate."

With a small sigh True-Spear nodded in agreement before he spoke with a frown, "Ryuu if you feel uncomfortable please tell me, okay, I do not want my sister running apart me with intent to maim me for failing to take care of you properly."

Ryuu let out a small chuckle at his words as he spoke, "There is no need to worry brother I will definitely inform you if I feel unwell."

True-Spear nodded before his eyes widen slightly as he spoke, "How did you manage to anger them?"

Ryuu gained a mischievous look on his face as he replied to him, "Well it just happened that...."

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