Ruijin's vigil class didn't have any problems, but many of them couldn't sleep.

After ten o'clock, when Gu Yan and the glasses man hand over Ruijin, Kang Xin simply gets up and watches the night with Gu Yan and them.

Kang Xin looked at the man with glasses. At last, he summoned up courage and said to Gu Yan, "those people really found the cave in it."

"Oh." Gu Yan didn't like it.

She didn't need to sleep at all, so, compared with the huffy eyeglasses man at this time, she was very awake and was putting branches on the fire.

They just went to collect a lot of branches, some of which are still very wet, so they need to dry them with fire.

And then it's burned.

There is no way. In the night of this unknown desert island, they have to keep the fire source, which can drive away the wild animals and bring a sense of security to everyone.

When the man with glasses heard this, he suddenly became energetic.

He glared at Gu Yan resentfully. If she didn't stop him, they could go to find the cave!

Because although it's summer now, it's strange that it's very cold at night.

And their base, though built with a lot of things, is also full of air leakage, and it is very uncomfortable to lie on the branches.

Gu Yan ignored the complaint of the glasses man, but fiddled with the fire and said, "there's still a but."

Kang Xin nodded.

The glasses man couldn't help but said, "what's more, but it's not. It's safer and more comfortable to live in a cave than here, isn't it?"

Kang Xin changed his face, "because, before we arrived at the cave, we met two wild boars and three people died."

The man with glasses stopped talking.

Gu Yan was slightly silent for a while, and said, "I hope they don't rush in next time, otherwise, it's definitely not just these people who died."

The man with glasses felt cool on his back, shrunk his neck, and said nothing.

Kangxin is also low head, mood is obviously not too high.

Here Gu Yan continued to ask, "you've come back, where's Lina?"

Gu Yan thought it was the shallow woman who had an accident. However, Kang Xin shook her head and said, "Lina is still around the man. She is determined to be with that group of people. This scratch on my face was made by Lina's fingernail when she slapped me in the face. "

The glasses man also knows that Kang Xin likes that Lina. When he hears that, he immediately reaches out and pats him on the shoulder and says, "brother, don't lose heart. There are many beauties. Look, here we are..."

He thought of Gu Yan for the first time, but he was beaten by Gu Yan just now, and immediately thought that this kind of woman can't be matched by ordinary men.

So the glasses man immediately said enthusiastically, "another colleague of yours, Sophie, is very nice and gentle. By the way, and Roland... "

"Roland has a husband." Gu Yan interrupted helplessly.

The glasses man immediately said, "what if we have a husband? We may never leave here. We are treated as missing persons. So, have fun in time."

Gu Yan ignored the man, and then looked at Kang Xin, "don't think about the past. Everyone's choice is different, and then he has to bear the outcome. "

Kang Xin said with a bitter smile, "Lu Yan, I know Lina doesn't like me, and I found out today that I don't really know Lina. I thought she was the kind of lively, beautiful and lovely girl, but now I know that it's all my own wishful thinking. "

People always like the person they imagine.

In fact, many people have made Kang Xin's mistakes.

Gu Yan smile, "tomorrow will be better." , the fastest update of the webnovel!

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