127 Last Mission

We finally arrived at the mountain area where the peaks couldn't be seen as a testament to how high it went, almost reaching the heavens. The vice president of North Korea was going to be our last mission so we all were quite excited as I was ready for the next chapter of my life.

I was glad that I had come to the military to meet these great guys and I think after coming here it had really broadened my horizon as I appreciated every minute of the journey. Our insiders had given us information but he didn't have too much information about the mountain since not a lot of people came in and out of it.

They had security cameras everywhere including the woods before we reached the actual mountain where the mansion was located. We needed to take out the security cameras first to blind them so that they wouldn't be able to locate us before we go in for the kill.

We were going to use this strategy of rushing in for the kill even though I told them that we should probably take it slow but it was not possible as once we take out the cameras they will be on high alert so we came up with a plan to just cut off all of their communication so they will not call for reinforcements because once they do that even though we will be able to survive it'll be much harder for us to evacuate after getting the job done.

The day before the mission we went to scout out the mountain. Ponder and Rex went at night as they bypassed all the security guards there and made measurements of the whole territory. Those guys were pretty professional as they were not caught by a single person. They slowly made their way up the mountain and on to the mansion where they found a small building which housed the electrical components that powered up all the security cameras.

The building was locked so they weren't able to get in yet and they needed Dan to break into it. After Rex and Ponder got back and we finished discussing the plan of action. We all went out to a small spot with masks on to eat, drink, and just hang out because this was the last mission.

We probably wouldn't see each other again after that even though we will keep in contact we were all going to be quite busy after. I asked them if they will come and see my games, they nodded and said if it's in the military sure why not. That night I laid on my bed just thinking about how far I had come.

I couldn't sleep at all and think of that time I had gone back in time and I shot my first basketball while hustling at the random parks to make money in order to relieve my mother of the burden only to lose her later to an accident. It had been a while since I had truly reflected on how far had come and how blessed my family truly is.

Now even though I had not spoken to them in about 7 months I assumed that they would be doing well since I did leave them a lot to do and they should be good in the money department. In this life, I would not ever lack money or anything as I was on the road to success. My dream was to beat Bill Russell's record which was 11 rings.

I had to get 12 rings making me the most dominant person in NBA history and then after becoming a business typhoon while breeding my children to be the next generation of future NBA and WNBA stars. I know I had a long way to go but I was thankful for the second chance especially with these abilities.

Meanwhile, 7 months ago Rihanna could be seen rallying a bunch of hip hop and r&b artists to make a song about the war that was going on. It was such a beautiful song that made number one on the Billboard charts for months. Rihanna was so frustrated with the way the military-drafted Eazy.

She had started to do a petition for him, Sandra told her to relax and that this would be a good experience for Eazy and when he comes back he'll be more mature and slightly different. Rihanna still didn't understand as she just went on to do her own thing.

Everybody was so busy that they didn't have time to even hang out with each other anymore. Eazy was the one who was always bringing them together and now that he wasn't there they were all going about their business. Isabella was now one of the best young players in the city as she had transferred to a different school that had a great basketball program.

She had joined a team called The Warriors, during that time the NBA Warriors weren't as good as they are now so even with the name of that team being the warrior's nobody on the team quite liked it. Isabella liked watching her father's old videos of when he was in high school. From the videos that she was watching she learned a lot of his moves and skill sets.

Isabella practiced every day and Opal was still training her and gave her drills every day. Opal had been learning a lot about basketball and how to train upcoming kids to be the best that they can be which not only helped her in her management skills but also helped in her leadership skills.

Opal had gotten a job with the warriors at Isabella school as an assistant coach after she got off from school using that opportunity she started to learn under a good coach. Rasta was still gathering and managing the record label. He was having quite a tough time but he got help where he struggled with.