Chapter 501 - Why Don't We Work Together?

Lin Fan, Zhu Daoshen, and Wu Zhige blinked and disappeared from the spot.

Gang Ben and Du Lei were left.

The two of them looked at one another and felt a little fortunate. They felt that they were really lucky to still be alive.

“What happened to Gao Bang?”

Du Lei asked. As Alliance nine star generals, they had known each other for a long time and they were close to one another.

Gang Ben shook his head, “He is dead. His head was exploded by Lin Fan. Without stage six’s undying body, he wouldn’t be able to heal at all.”

Du Lei was stunned. Dead. He didn’t expect that Gao Bang would actually die.

He had died so easily.

A Dao Realm Stage Five nine-star general died just like that. He didn’t even give off a single bright glow and died. He was killed so randomly by the enemy. That was just so frustrating.

“I am going back to complain about Zhu Daoshen and Wu Zhige.” Du Lei was really unhappy, “If not for their carelessness, the enemy wouldn’t have had a chance to do anything to Gao Bang.”

“Are you crazy? If you really did that, then you would be offending two of the strongest nine-star generals at once. Moreover, we failed to defend Laoshan City and we will be punished for that.” Gang Ben was shocked.

He didn’t think that Du Lei would think that way.

“Are you afraid?” Du Lei glanced at Gang Ben, “I don’t need to tell you how close Gao Bang is to us. If we don’t seek justice, then he would have really died for nothing. Just say whether or not you agree. If you don’t want to, then I won’t disturb you.”

Gang Ben kept silent for a while and he looked at that headless corpse. In the end, he nodded his head and agreed with what Du Lei said.


“Kid, you better stop.” Wu Zhige couldn’t help but scold Lin Fan.

The two of them knew that Lin Fan ran really quickly. At the same time, they accepted that the kid was really strong. If this continued, there was really a chance that he might escape.

As for what the consequence would be, all of them had a rough idea.

“Brother Zhu, even if we chase him to the corners of the earth we have to catch him, otherwise, we will be finished.” Wu Zhige said.

“Understood.” Zhu Daoshen nodded.

He really understood.

He felt bad deep down and his heart was beating quickly. For some reason, when the kid started to run, he started to get worried.

Lin Fan’s mentality while running was like a person who was playing around. He wanted to give them the illusion that they were about to catch up to him.

They were chasing him so quickly and putting in so much effort. If he didn’t give them any chance at all, then it would be too evil.

“You two aren’t tired?” Lin Fan turned his head and asked. But when he saw their expressions, he knew that they were serious and not joking. It seemed like they really wanted to kill him.


How terrifying.

“If you don’t run, then we won’t be tired. Just stand there and let’s talk.” Zhu Daoshen wanted to bluff Lin Fan to make him stop. Then, he and Wu Zhige would take him down.

If they continued like this, it would be hard for them to chase up.

Lin Fan shook his head, “I have nothing to say to all of you.”

“What is the point of talking nonsense with him? If we capture him, I’ll break his leg.” Wu Zhige raged. He wasn’t in the mood to talk nicely to Lin Fan. This kid had conned them so many times and that infuriated Wu Zhige.

Zhu Daoshen was helpless. Wu Zhige was too rash. Couldn’t he tell that Lin Fan was just playing with them?

The key was that it was useful.

They couldn’t afford to lose.

If they failed once more, there was no reason they could use.

It was okay if they lost their title but he remembered what those people looked like. No matter what, he had to try his best to win back some face.

Not long later, Tianshui City was up ahead.

This city was one of the border cities with Alliance nine star generals there. Moreover, they weren’t average ones; they were one of the strongest ones, around stage four or five.

“It’s not good that this kid led us here. He is probably going to con us.” Zhu Daoshen said.

Wu Zhige looked at the city up ahead and his expression was filled with shock, “What should we do now? Should we give chase?”

Zhu Daoshen was in a pickle, “Chase.”

He knew that even if he didn’t chase, the outcome for Tianshui City would be the same. No one would be able to block Lin Fan.

If they didn’t chase, Lin Fan would basically escape just like that.

If they continued to chase, at least they would know his tracks.

Zhu Daoshen hollered, “People of Tianshui City, listen up. I am Zhu Daoshen, I order all of you to leave right away.”

His voice reverberated and covered Tianshui City. He hoped that they could hear him and leave right away to reduce the casualties.

Within Tianshui City, a bunch of nine-star generals were totally confused and they didn’t know what was going on.

But they sensed three extremely strong auras heading over.

They heard the voice and knew that the person who came was one of their strongest nine-star generals, Zhu Daoshen.

“Quick, listen up and welcome General Zhu with me.”

The strongest general in Tianshui City misunderstood his words and thought that he wanted them to welcome him.

Even if Zhu Daoshen’s recent reputation was not good, they couldn’t afford to insult him.

Otherwise, if they were punished for being rude, then it would be more than enough for them.

“These bunch of pigs.” Zhu Daoshen saw a bunch of people waiting like fools in the center of the city. They didn’t know what he meant and had obviously misunderstood what he said.

Right as he was about to inform them, he knew that it was too late.

Lin Fan had a solemn expression as he raised his left hand. He used his hand as a sword to slash with a sharp glow.

“This sword can slay the heavens and the earth.”


Zhu Daoshen and Wu Zhige wanted to stop him but it was too late.

With a puchi, the sword glow was extremely sharp and the light covered the sun. It split Tianshui City into two and the middle was exactly where those nine-star generals were.

Lin Fan didn’t even look and just passed by Tianshui City. As for the situation there, he didn’t bother at all.

As expected, he heard something that he wanted to hear.

“General Zhu, what is the meaning of this? Why did you bring someone to destroy Tianshui City?” In the ruins, a disheveled person hollered in rage.

He didn’t dare to believe what had happened.

“You jerk.”

Zhu Daoshen didn’t know how to explain. Even if he wanted to, he had to waste a lot of time. He could only continue chasing. As long as he grabbed him, then there would be no problem at all.

“This damn kid. Even if I risk my life, I have to grab him.” Wu Zhige saw everything. One could only say that this kid was really cunning and conned them on purpose.

Lin Fan turned around and smiled, “Sometimes it is most important if one knows when to give up. Chasing me is not good for all of you. You might lose everything. After all, hatred can easily blind one’s eyes.”

He wanted to deal with the Alliance Headquarters but he lacked strength. However, he had more than enough to deal with their strongest nine-star generals.

He believed that one person’s strength was enough to change everything. If he couldn’t, then that would mean that he wasn’t strong enough.

When his father defended the border, the Alliance Headquarters admitted that his father was strong but still dared to attack. That was because although his father’s strength made them afraid, it didn’t fill them with terror.

If he was strong enough, you would only need to tell them, if you cross over I shall wipe out your entire Alliance.

Of course, the son would be better than the father and it was better if he was the one who said it.

Right as they were chasing him, the nine star general from Tianshui City sent news back.

Zhu Daoshen led someone past Tianshui City and allowed someone to attack the place where they were gathering.

The news was truly explosive.

Were those words even human?

General Zhu and General Wu decided not to return until they captured Lin Fan. They served the Alliance Headquarters but they were being defamed like that. It really filled their hearts with pain.

This matter caused an uproar over at the headquarters.

The commander opened his mouth wide and he was stunned.

He had a series of questions.



What happened?

People started quarreling in the meeting hall and their target of abuse was Zhu Daoshen and Wu Zhige.

Some people said that the two of them were spies who were here to mess things up.

Of course, the people who dared to say that were openly scolded.

You could scold them but definitely don’t accuse them of being spies.

Everyone knew how much the two of them contributed to the Alliance.

It would be so dispiriting to suspect them for being spies.

The next day, Zhu Daoshen and Wu Zhige’s expressions became more and more solemn. They were sure that they wouldn’t be able to catch up but wasting time like this wasn’t a plan either.

No one knew what the kid was planning.

Moreover, they were sure that the Alliance Headquarters knew about them. It was obvious that someone had started to attack them.

If they didn’t gain anything from this, that would only mean that they had failed once more.

“Young Master Lin, wait for a while. I just want to trade with you.” Zhu Daoshen blocked Wu Zhige and told him not to chase. They stood rooted to the spot.

Lin Fan turned around and wanted to tell them to stop joking.

But he saw the two of them standing there and not chasing and he was surprised. Were the two of them really planning to do a deal with him?

“What are you up to again? But don’t tell me you want to work together and for me to join the Alliance Headquarters. That is impossible. Do you understand?” Lin Fan said.

Wu Zhige wanted to say something but Zhu Daoshen stopped him.

Zhu Daoshen said, “Don’t worry, I am not so dumb to say something so useless yet. But one has to mention that Young Master Lin is so amazing. The two of us are really impressed.”

“As the strongest nine-star generals, we have lost out many times to you. This has caused an uproar over at the Alliance and our reputation is in tatters. If we don’t bring you back, then the two of us won’t have any face to return.”

“So, we hope that you can help us. Of course, we won’t treat you badly either. It depends on whether or not Young Master Lin agrees.”

Zhu Daoshen had no choice.

He felt really bitter. The Alliance’s strongest nine star general was such a glorious title but they couldn’t take down a native kid. They had lost all their face.

“Humor me. I am a helpful person and as long as it makes sense, I will take into account your old age and try to help you.”

Lin Fan said.

He looked like he was indeed a helpful person.