644 Miscalculation

While Qiu Jiayi and Xin Zimen were busy talking in a low voice, they heard Zhao Wei's voice, "Hedi! What are you running for?"

Both best friends also noticed how Dylan was rushing out. Well, he was practically running.

"This son of mine is really... Impossible!" 

Both Xin Zimen and Qiu Jiayi shared a look and shrugged, completely agreeing with Zhao Wei's remark. It wasn't the first day that Dylan was acting weird. He had always been a weird creature since birth. And since everyone loved him dearly, he had become more and more willful. 

Not paying any attention to Dylan, Qiu Jiayi turned to ask his best friend, "I just noticed... You are getting closer and closer to Xiu."

"Anything wrong with that?" retorted Xin Zimen calmly.

Qiu Jiayi shook his head, "It's not that it's wrong. I just find it difficult to accept since..." Qiu Jiayi hesitated to find the right words before he went on, "Since you've kept your distance from people for a long while now. Didn't you believe in the fact that if you kept your distance, you won't have expectations from people and you won't get hurt again?"

"Why are you so chatty today?" This was Xin Zimen's response and Qiu Jiayi could see he was just looking for a way to avoid answering to him. He couldn't even push him for answers at this moment.

"What secret meeting is this? Can I join?"

Both of them took a step back as a certain nosy person's head appeared right by their side. They glared at the newcomer unhappily.

"Feifei!" Xin Zimen wanted to pull her ear for appearing out of nowhere like this. 

"Yo, brothers! What's up?!"

Seeing her giggling, Qiu Jiayi's lips twitched. "Feifei, stop these antics! You're really too old for this!"

"Why is everyone after my age? Or relationship status? It's bloody my life! Can you all stop trying to control it!"

Seeing her fuming, Xin Zimen patted her shoulder to placate her, "Relax, Feifei. Yi only means to say that stop scaring him like this. His poor old heart can't take these sudden shocks."

Qiu Jiayi looked at his best friend in disbelief but he couldn't even argue with him. After all, Feifei was the dearest sister to his wife, Wen Ai. How can Xin Zimen see her getting wronged? This is ridiculous!

Su Feifei was quite pleased with those words as she agreed, "My brother-in-law is right. Yi bro is indeed getting old now. Today is even his daughter's wedding and that too se-oomfff!"

 Before she could complete her sentence, Xin Zimen placed his hand on her mouth to shut her mouth. This woman really had no filter. Never did she notice the occasion or mood before spouting all kinds of nonsense!

"And as always Feifei knows best where to find trouble."

Su Feifei turned her head around and narrowed her eyes at her friend, "Oh, it seems trouble knows his way to me." 

Su Feifei shrugged her shoulders before walking past everyone to enter. Han Yiheng also greeted Xin Zimen and Qiu Jiayi politely before following her. 

"These two haven't changed at all," commented Qiu Jiayi and shook his head.

"But your son definitely changed," replied Xin Zimen and when Qiu Jiayi frowned at him, he pointed towards Dylan who was coming back with a huge smile plastered on his face and those loving eyes gazing at Cali. 

"What's wrong with him?" questioned Zhao Wei as she also was as baffled as her husband seeing this strange scene.

It was hard to believe that their son was also capable of such a look. Dylan was holding Cali's waist as he guided her towards the entrance of the banquet hall while he continued to whisper sweet-nothings to make the girl in his arms laugh.

As he was engrossed in talking to Cali, he completely forgot that his parents were also around. He was about to pass by them when his ear was pulled by his mother making him yelp. "Ma!"

"So you do remember I'm standing here, eh?"

Seeing Dylan's parents, Cali immediately greeted them in a well-mannered way. Both Zhao Wei and Qiu Jiayi greeted her with a smile but they both had a curious look directed at their son who hugged her closer saying, "This is my girlfriend, Cali. Didn't you both want to meet her?"

Hearing her name, everyone had a look of understanding, "So, she is Calista Novell?"

Xin Zimen's brows furrowed as he finally looked at Cali with interest. Her full name finally caught his attention and he had a strange look on his face now.

Saying a few words, Dylan dragged his girlfriend away from his parents' questioning eyes. "He is really eager for a beating," said Zhao Wei. 

"Wife, it's better not to beat him now that he has a girlfriend."

Zhao Wei squinted at her husband, "So? I'm still his mother! If he thinks he can ignore me just because he has a girlfriend, then he really needs to think twice." Her expressions softened a little as she added, "We weren't gonna bite his girlfriend. At most, I wanted to thank her for everything she did for him previously and here he is showing me attitude."

"Children have grown up now, after all."

Zhao Wei turned around and hugged the old lady tightly. "Auntie, thank you so much for coming!"

Ying's grandmother patted her back and said, "Since your family invited me, I've to come. It's Xiao Li's wedding, I wouldn't miss it for anything."

"Shania, didn't you say you'd be the first one to come? How come you're so late?"

Shania Chaun looked at Xin Zimen, "I heard your parents are invited to the wedding. So, I was waiting to see whether they'd show up or not."

"They won't," replied Xin Zimen.

Shania smirked at him as she pointed behind her, "This is one of those rare moments when you've miscalculated, Xiao Zi."

Xin Zimen looked behind her and visibly froze.