When Pu weicang learns about Yun Xiuqing's secret, he looks more closely at Yun Xiuqing. He is afraid that Yun Xiuqing will disappear in the blink of an eye.

The first day of junior high school, who was waiting outside the military account, was thinking about a problem. This was the general's account. There was no medicine in it. He was very confused about how Yun Xiuqing treated Pu weicang.

At this time, Yun Xiuqing takes Pu weicang out of the space. Pu weicang looks at his military account and realizes that what happened just now is true.

Yun Xiuqing for others do not doubt her, she also put Pu weicang's face with rouge painted white, let Pu weicang look like a patient.

When Yun Xiuqing is ready, Pu weicang calls his subordinates outside the tent to come in to discuss the matter.

In the past, when Pu weicang discussed things with his subordinates, Yun Xiuqing would leave. But this time, Pu weicang refused to let her go, and let her sit beside him. Yun Xiuqing felt really embarrassed, but Pu weicang felt relieved. He did not allow Yun Xiuqing out of his sight, and had better stay with him.

Four months later, the barbarians were defeated, but the fourth Prince didn't admit defeat. He took out his last card. The third prince who left the country, Pu weicang, looked at the black faced child whose neck was touched by the fourth prince with a dagger, and sneered. The real third prince was in his home, and the black face mole had been cured by Yun Xiuqing.

The fourth Prince looked at PU weicang, who was very calm, and his eyebrows jumped: "Pu weicang, if you don't let me go, I will take the third prince and die together."

"Fourth prince, take a good look at the children in your hands. Not every black faced baby is the third prince." Pu Wei Cang's light way.

"I brought it out of the imperial palace. He is the third prince." When the fourth Prince heard Pu weicang's words, his legs softened, but he still believed that the black faced baby was the third prince.

Pu weicang gave a faint smile and set up a bow and arrow to aim at the fourth prince.

The fourth prince was really scared at this time: "what are you going to do? Pu weicang, this is the third prince. "

Words fall, four Wangye head inserted an arrow, four Wangye stare eyes straight dead in the past.

A month later, Pu weicang and Yun Xiuqing returned to the imperial court. The emperor was very happy and gave Pu weicang many rewards. However, Pu weicang declined the emperor and returned the tiger amulet to the emperor.

The emperor in bright yellow Dynasty clothes frowned at the tiger amulet in his hand: "Ai Qing, you really don't want to be my general?"

"If the country is in trouble, the emperor will summon Wei Chen." Pu Wei Cang light way, but the voice is very firm, he promised yunxiuqing after this matter, he will go back to the forest.

"For your wife?" The emperor asked.

Pu weicang nodded and said yes.

"I'd like to see the woman who made you give up fame and fortune." The emperor was very curious.

"No need." Pu weicang is very resolute.

The emperor looked at PU weicang funny: "how? Are you afraid of me

"Yes." Pu weicang is really afraid of being robbed by the emperor. Which emperor of all dynasties is not romantic?

The emperor burst out laughing. He knew that Pu weicang had made up his mind. Even if he could not stop him, he let Pu weicang go back.

Pu weicang takes Yun Xiuqing on the road for half a month and goes back home. Now the court is stable. Pu weicang sends Bai Sanshu back. Yun Xiuqing then knows that the child is the Third Prince of the dynasty. Yun Xiuqing is surprised for a long time. Even if Bai Sanshu is the third prince, Yun Xiuqing is still reluctant to give up Bai Sanshu. After all, she has been raising him for so many days It's a little bit hard.

After returning home, Yun Xiuqing started her previous life again. When nothing happened, Yun Xiuqing teased Mu Qianqian and Li Fulan. Yun Xiuqing felt that her life was very happy.

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