432 Chapter 432: A Torture

Seeing the large bruises around Dinah's back, Stephen was slightly annoyed. "You can have the Big Dipper on your back with one more fist."

Dinah made fun of herself. "I think six is a good lucky number."  

She undressed and faced Stephen with her back. "Kylie called me yesterday. Probably she had something important to tell me."   

"She's suffering morning sickness now." Stephen became gentle once he mentioned Kylie. "She's carrying twins, which is harder than normal pregnant women."   

Dinah nodded. "I need to call her later to encourage her."   

All of a sudden, Dinah smelt the acrid safflower oil.

Before she could turn around to have a look, Stephen pressed his palm on her shoulder.

He must rub with force to make muscles absorb the medicine, but Dinah moaned with pleasure once he pressed heavily. "Yeah, right there. Heavier, ah!"

Stephen compressed his lips. "Do you have a tendency to abuse yourself?"   

"I-I'm just distracting myself." Dinah clenched her teeth. "Go on. Right there."   

Stephen took a long breath in, then suddenly used greater force, and Dinah moaned again.

He was a normal man. Although he wasn't interested in Dinah, her moan with pleasure still aroused him.

When Stephen went to pour the liquid medicine into his hand the second time, he stuffed his ears with two wads of medical cotton.

He couldn't hear it anymore, but Agnes, who walked by their door, heard it clearly.

She stopped at the door and pressed her ear on it to hear it with full attention.

"Ah! Go on. Don't stop. Ah!"   

"Shut your mouth!"  

"It feels so good! Don't stop. Heavier."

Agnes straightened her body and touched her hot red face. Although she was experienced in sex, she still thought it sounded stimulating.

Adolph just came back home at this moment. Seeing Agnes standing still in the passage, he asked her in a deep voice, "What are you doing here?"    

Agnes got her mind back and went to hold Adolph's arm with a smile on her face. "We haven't had sex for so many years. Why don't we..."    

Before she could finish her sentence, Adolph interrupted her. "Your body isn't in good condition. It'll kill you."

Adolph hadn't made love with Agnes ever since she had a kidney transplant, and it was about 20 years till now.

Agnes was upset and displeased. "Are you still missing her so that you don't want to touch me?"   

Adolph was mad at once and drew his arm back from Agnes's hand. "Don't mention that bitch before my face!"     

"Sure, sure." Agnes smiled to please him and held his arm again. "Let alone you, my father refused to admit that she's his daughter till his death."    

Dinah was still moaning inside.

Adolph stopped for a second, then sped up leaving.

His eyes were as cold as ice, and he couldn't help but think of Barbara.

If she had been willing to admit that it was her fault; If she had begged him to forgive her; If she had felt regretful, he would have forgiven her. However, she had done none of the above.

No matter how violent he had treated her in bed, she had stayed determined and even had made him feel that it could be a misunderstanding. Nevertheless, she had escaped a short time later.

Adolph threw his clothes away, then walked into the bathroom to take a shower, but the cold water failed to cool down his angry heart.

When he saw the amorous picture of Barbara and another man, he didn't believe she would betray him, but she was absent on their wedding day!

She left him for a man who was ten years older than him just because the old man sent her a yacht!

Adolph felt super humiliated and couldn't tolerate the gossip in his family, so he locked her in his room. He locked her body, but couldn't keep her heart.

If he had known she would escape, he would have broken her legs!

All of a sudden, the door of the bathroom was pushed open.

Adolph opened his bloodshot eyes, staring at the woman with long hair in a tight dress.

"Adolph..." Agnes called him.

Adolph pulled her to his chest at once, then sneered, "How dare you come back after escaping for so many years?"   

"I... Ah, it's so cold!" Agnes suddenly screamed when the cold water poured on her head and tried to leave.

"Cold?" Adolph pinched her draw and forced her to look at his eyes, which were ablaze with fury. "My heart is much colder than it." The moment he finished his sentence, he tore Agnes's dress apart.

Agnes struggled harder when her bare skin was covered with cold water. The harder she struggled, the more excited Adolph became.

He directly pressed Agnes against the wall and said, "What, the old man can't satisfy your sexual need? Right?"

"No, Adolph, stop!" Coldwater kept pouring down through Agnes's head. She did want to have sex with Adolph, but not with the crazy Adolph.

She had witnessed how he had tortured Barbara in bed before.

She would rather die if it happened to her.   

At short notice, Adolph lifted her legs and penetrated her without warning. Agnes burst into tears in the great abrupt pain.

"Adolph, please be gentle." Agnes laid her head on his shoulder and kissed his neck.

The amorous picture suddenly showed before Adolph's eyes. In the picture, Barbara kept this posture with the old man.

He squinted, then abruptly penetrated Agnes deep down, and Agnes screamed in pain.

"Be gentle? I should love you harder!" Saying that he started to attack her with great force.

Agnes's back was rubbing heavily against the wall, which was quite painful, but she bit her lips not to make a sound, in case it annoyed him.

However, the more she restricted herself, the crazier Adolph became. In the end, he hugged her waist and lifted her body up in the air. She was penetrated with violence, then fell down heavily...

Agnes wasn't a young girl after all, and her body wasn't in good condition, so she barely could accept Adolph's violent and cruel movements.

It wasn't sex, but torture.

Just a few minutes later, Agnes couldn't stand it any longer. She did her best and grabbed the wig off her head. "I'm Agnes, Adolph!" Hearing that, Adolph stopped in an instant.

The woman in front of his eyes wasn't the one he was familiar with in his dream.

He loosened his hands, and Agnes fell down on the ground with a loud sound.

She looked up at him and his upright manhood. "I-I can help you, Ah!" Right when she moved a little near, Adolph caught her hair and threw her away.

"Get out now!"