504 Chapter 504: You’re Stephen

Ethan pressed her to his chest and let her sit on his knees.

They enjoyed their passionate kiss while the doctor was treating the wounds. Kylie could feel the burning heat from his mouth, but she ignored it. Ethan, too, trying to suppress his wolf form to any moment might come out because he hadn't told her his secret. 

After wrapping gauze bandages, both the doctor and Ethan were dripping with sweat.

"Remember to take anti-inflammatory drugs regularly. Mrs. Parker, if Mr. Parker catches a fever again, please contact me." The doctor carried his medical tools, walking out in a hurry, but the housekeeper stopped him when he reached the door. "Be honest with me."    

"I ..." The doctor glanced at a room on the second floor and sighed, "It's the first time I've ever seen Mr. Parker being so strong. I honestly lost for a while because before he left earlier, his wounds had disappeared, but when he came back, it turns out it was there again. I can't explain it scientifically what's going on with him,"

"Just tell me the truth." The housekeeper looked serious and didn't dare to answer the doctor's doubt.

"Well." The doctor frowned. "Given Mr. Parker's condition now, there is only a month left until the infection is out of control."     

"Don't tell anyone else." The housekeeper also frowned.     

"Of course, I won't." The doctor ran outside.

If Ethan died in his hands, he would be doomed as well.

When the housekeeper was back in the room, Kylie already wiped Ethan's body clean and helped him put on dry clothing.

Ethan sat on the sofa, chewing fruits Kylie fed to him. Hearing the sound of opening the door, they turned to look over with one accord.

The housekeeper wiped his eyes before he said with a smile, "Mr. Parker, you look great today."     

Kylie also smiled. "I think so." Afterward, she squeezed another piece of fruit into Ethan's mouth.

Ethan coughed before he swallowed it. "Don't you need to go back to the set?"

"Harvey was caught because he's on the drug, and we can have a break," Kylie replied.    

"Harvey?" Ethan thought for a while. "Harvey Lucas?"   

"Yeah, his older brother is Bill Lucas, who's Tory's friend," Kylie said.

Ethan wore a sarcastic smile and nodded.

"I need to deal with something now." Ethan stood up. Kylie thought he was going out again and stopped him at once. "You just got back home!"     

"Don't worry. I just need to give a call in the study." Ethan kissed her forehead, then went upstairs.

Watching Ethan walking into the study, Kylie didn't turn to face the housekeeper until its door was closed. "Did the doctor tell you that Ethan is in a terrible condition?"

The housekeeper was struck dumb for a second, then lightly nodded with tears in his eyes.

"Mrs. Parker, please find the Ghost Doctor as soon as possible," the housekeeper whimpered, then walking back to his room, wiping his eyes. He can't imagine his Lord Ethan might die. He wanted to talk to Barbara ang consult Ethan's condition, but he was so anxious to do it since Ethan didn't like someone to decide for him. 

Kylie took out her phone but put it back after thinking for a while.

She had an agreement with Tory, and she couldn't expose his location.

In the public telephone hall not far from the house, Kylie dialed a phone number.

"Miss Finch, we do connect with each other. I was about to call you too." Tory's beautiful voice sounded.

"Um, Tory, can you lend your doctor to me?" Kylie asked with hesitation.

Tory smiled. "It's my honor to serve you, Miss Finch. May I know where you feel uncomfortable?"    

"I..." Kylie licked her lips. "You know I'm carrying twins now, and my private doctor is Clown, you've told me. I can't turn to him for help, nor go to the hospital right now."      

"Do you mean you want my doctor to do the prenatal examination for you?" Tory didn't believe it. "Miss Finch, I think Mr. Parker is rich enough to afford a good family doctor, right?"      

Kylie understood she failed. "Alright, you win. Can you tell me Dinah's condition now?"

Tory talked to a person by his side in Italian for a while, then said to Kylie, "Although you lied to me, I'm still willing to help you."      

Kylie flushed in an instant. Tory was much smarter than she thought.

"Well, I'm taking good care of your son, so you can send your doctor to see whether he's safe. It's fair," Kylie said.

"It's true." Tory laughed a little. "Miss Finch, you're brilliant. Did Mr. Parker teach you that?"    

"Stop joking about me. How can I contact your doctor?" Kylie smiled as well.     

"He'll wait for you at my auto repair shop," Tory said.     

"Thanks." Kylie hung up the call and took a long breath out.

She had hope again. Probably this Italian doctor could help them.

It was very late, and Kylie didn't see a taxi at all after waiting by the roadside for 20 minutes.

She lifted her collars up and kept warming her hands by breathing into them. God perhaps heard her pray, and a car finally stopped by her side. "Miss, where are you going?"

The car window was rolled down, and Kylie glanced at the inside.

The driver was a middle-aged man with a big belly and dangled a cigarette from his thick lips. The seat looked greasy.

Kylie determined it was an unlicensed taxi within a second.

She usually wouldn't take this kind of taxi, but she must find the Italian doctor tonight, so she summoned up her courage. "To the nearby auto repair shop."

The driver threw the cigarette butt out of the car window. "Get in."    

Kylie sat on the rear seat and quietly touched the car lock. It was an old car, so the car door couldn't lock itself.

She felt a little safe because she was able to jump outside if anything dangerous happened.

The smell of smoke in the car was hefty, so Kylie lowered the car window and faced out.

"It's cold at night. You better close the window." The driver glanced at the rear-view mirror.

"Sorry, I have car sickness," Kylie said.

It indeed was freezing, and Kylie's face soon was frozen in the wind.

Suddenly, Kylie felt the warm wind in the car, and she rolled the car window up at once. "Thanks."      

"Aren't you afraid of danger? Why do you come out alone?" The driver said. "If you met a bad guy, you could be hurt."       

Kylie lifted her collars up. "Well, I think there are more good people than bad people in this world."      

The driver glanced at her, then shook his head with disdain.

Around 15 minutes later, they arrived.

Kylie felt grateful that she met a good man, giving him much more money than the taxi fee. "Thank you so much. Please keep the change."

The driver put the money on the windshield, then opened his mouth as if he was saying to himself. "Some kill others, which is believed to be a good deed; Some kill others, which is believed to be a bad deed. Rich people buy organs with money as they like, while poor people sell their organs for the money left no choice."

The taxi started again, and Kylie went to pull its handle without delay.

"Stephen! You're Stephen!"

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