In the empress dowager’s bedroom, when the empress dowager heard Mo Fei’s report, she immediately became anxious. GAIA was her life. Not only had the poison in her son’s body not been cured, it had become even more serious!

Her hand slapped the Armrest of the SOFA. She was so angry that she wanted to die. In order to cure Gaia of the poison, she had tolerated Lian Lian’s everything.

“Go and capture Lian Lian for me! SOMEONE COME! ” She shouted towards the main door.

The maid guarding the door walked into the room. “Empress Dowager, what are your orders? ”

“Go and capture Lian Lian for me! Hurry! ” The empress dowager ordered.

“Empress Dowager, this is not good. Lian Lian was kind enough to let me send you a message, but you actually want to capture her? ” Mo Fei leaned Lazily on the SOFA, lying comfortably on GE you.

The empress dowager saw that Mo Fei was getting angrier. Her son was in trouble, and Mo Fei was the biggest beneficiary. She was sure that Mo Fei was gloating!

“Who I want to capture, it’s not up to you to control! ” She said.

“Of course it’s not up to me to control. Go ahead, ” Mo Fei said loudly.

The maids immediately received the order and led their men to capture Lian Lian.

Just as Lian Lian got out of the car, she saw a group of maids walking out of the empress dowager’s bedroom. These maids were different from the maids who usually served the empress dowager. They were all maids who were armed to the teeth with bullets.

They were not responsible for serving the empress dowager’s daily life. They were only responsible for protecting the empress dowager’s safety and carrying out the empress dowager’s orders.

The armed maids surrounded Lian Lian and pointed their guns at Lian Lian’s forehead.

The head of the maids, Madam Orly, smiled coldly. “Your Highness, the Empress Dowager asked us to capture you! ”

Lian Lian narrowed her eyes. As expected, she had guessed correctly. The empress dowager was about to make things difficult for her.

Her expression was so calm that it was as if she had not seen the muzzles. She walked closer and closer to Orly.

Orly was shocked by Lian Lian. She did not know what Lian Lian was going to do She had also never met someone who was not afraid of a muzzle!

“What are you doing? Stop! ” She shouted loudly.

“I’m here to look for the Empress Dowager. Orly, you’re just the head housemaid. How dare you stop me from seeing the Empress Dowager? ” Lian Lian questioned. Her coldness brought with it a sense of dominance, causing people to shiver from the bottom of their hearts.

Naturally, she was not afraid of Orly’s muzzle. No matter how many muzzles there were, the empress dowager would not dare to kill her right now.

After all, GAIA’s poison had yet to be cured.

Orly’s face twitched violently. “I didn’t stop you from seeing the Empress Dowager! ”

She could not bear this responsibility!

Moreover, the empress dowager had sent her to capture Lian Lian, not to kill Lian Lian. No matter how much she disliked Lian Lian, she could not disobey the Empress Dowager’s orders.

“then why aren’t you moving aside? ” Lian Lian said coldly. She walked past Orly and entered the empress dowager’s bedroom.

Orly was frightened by Lian Lian’s imposing manner and took a step back. Although this woman was young, her sharp and domineering aura was even colder than the empress dowager’s imposing manner. Anyone who looked at her would feel a sense of timidity from the bottom of their hearts.

She looked at Lian Lian walking into the Empress Dowager’s bedroom and felt that something was wrong. What exactly was wrong?

She was in a dilemma as the maid beside her reminded her, “chief, the empress dowager sent us to capture the empress dowager. It doesn’t seem right to let her enter by herself, right? ” The maid said softly.

Orly’s lips twitched. She had been led astray by Lian Lian’s question. She had been so focused on denying that she had not stopped Lian Lian from seeing the empress dowager that she had forgotten that the empress dowager had asked them to capture Lian Lian!

“Let’s go! ” She ran into the bedroom with her own people to chase after Lian Lian.

Lian Lian entered the empress dowager’s living room before the women behind her chased after her.

Orly chased after her. “the, the empress dowager, we… ”

She was at a loss for words. Not only had they failed to complete the task the empress dowager had given them, Lian Lian had even barged in!

Lian Lian Sat on the Sofa Lazily, looking at the empress dowager, whose face had turned black from anger. “Does the empress dowager want them to hear the contents of our conversation? ”

The Empress Dowager’s sharp gaze landed on Orly’s face, and the words escaped from the corner of her lips. GAIA’s situation could not be heard by anyone else, or the world would be in chaos!

“All of you, get out, ” she ordered.

Orly led her subordinates out of the room respectfully.

The empress dowager watched the door close before turning to Lian Lian. “What’s with the poison in GAIA’s body? Didn’t you say that you would find a way to detoxify it? Why isn’t the poison detoxified, but his condition is even worse?

“Do you know that in the palace, you are in my hands? I will crush you to death like an ant! ”

She growled. She could tolerate anything Lian Lian Lian did for Gaia, but she could not tolerate any more condition in GAIA’s body!

Lian Lian seemed bored. She looked at her slender fingers and said nonchalantly, “I am saying that I can detoxify Gaia, but it will take time. Moreover, he is in his original state, not after he has been poisoned again. ”

The Empress Dowager’s face tensed up when she heard Lian Lian’s words. “You’re saying that GAIA has been poisoned again? How is that possible? There are so many guards guarding his place. It’s impossible for anyone to enter and poison him. ”

“His place is guarded by many people. It’s true that no one can sneak in. Even the maids inside can not get close to GAIA. But… ” Lian Lian paused.

“But what? Since you’ve said that no one can get close to Gaia, that means the ones who poisoned him can only be Sikong Yi and you! ” The Empress Dowager said.

“Empress Dowager, you’re thinking too much. If I wanted to harm GAIA, would I need to add a new poison to him? As long as my cousin stops giving him medicine, he’ll be dead in a day. Do we really need to do that? ” Lian Lian said.

The empress dowager’s expression was cold. “How can Willam be poisoned if there’s no one who poisoned him? ”

Other than Lian Lian and Sikong Yi, no one else could come into contact with GAIA. If it wasn’t Lian Lian and Sikong Yi who poisoned him, who else could it be It couldn’t be that the poison was self-inflicted, right?

Although she knew that as long as Sikong Yi did not give GAIA medicine, GAIA would die, she also believed that if no one poisoned him, GAIA would not be infected with a new poison.

In other words, the ones who had poisoned GAIA could only be Lian Lian and Sikong Yi!

“No one has come into contact with GAIA, so naturally there would not be an additional poison in GAIA’s body. Moreover, this poison is the Cobra’s poison I think that the person who had poisoned GAIA must have spent a lot of effort thinking that the same snake poison would not be detected in GAIA’s body.

Unfortunately, the snake poison was all snake poison, but the composition of the snake poison was also different. The Cobra’s poison and the snake poison in GAIA’s body were two different substances, so it would be known after a test “GAIA has an additional poison in his body, ” Lian Lian said.

The empress dowager was shocked. Just the Cobra’s poison alone could take her son’s life!

“The COBRA’S POISON? Who is it? WHO WANTS TO HARM my son? ” She roared angrily.

Lian Lian looked at the monster sitting opposite her. “The people who went to see Gaia last night, besides me, were Mo Fei. ”

The empress dowager immediately understood Lian Lian’s meaning, and her gaze landed fiercely on Mo Fei’s face.

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