Chapter 681 - The Profit of Advertisement Was At Least 500 Million!

Name:Medical Master Author:Walk The World
“Beep, beep, beep…” Just as Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu were sitting together, having a warm and romantic birthday feast, Fang Qiu’s cell phone suddenly sounded.

It was not a phone call, but a WeChat message.

He took out his phone to have a look.

It turned out to be a WeChat message from Yao Jie.

He took a careful look at it and saw a picture on his WeChat. The picture was a little lengthy and read, “An Advertising Investment Fair will be held in Conference Room 218 of the Xiongcheng Hotel at 9 a.m. the day after tomorrow. All are welcome to join us.”

Apart from that, Yao Jie also left his name, contact information and other information.

After reading what was sent, Fang Qiu immediately logged into Weibo and posted the picture.

“What are you doing? You’re not serious about your birthday!” Sitting across from him, Jiang Miaoyu, who was lighting the candles on the cake, looked up at Fang Qiu and said.

“Nothing,” Fang Qiu put away his phone and answered with a smile.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…” Jiang Miaoyu sang with a smile. The melodious song spread.

Gazing at the candles on the cake and the smile on Jiang Miaoyu’s face, Fang Qiu then turned his head and looked out of the French window next to him. Looking down at the dazzling lights outside, he said in his heart, “I’m an adult now.”

All of a sudden, he had a feeling that the world was a great place.

Fang Qiu smiled and began to divide the cake.

After finishing the cake and the meal, it was time to see the most spectacular sunset.

Fang Qiu booked a high-speed train ticket for Jiang Miaoyu on his phone and watched the sunset in the restaurant with her for a while. When it was almost time, he saw Jiang Miaoyu off at the high-speed railway station.

“You really don’t want to stay?” Outside the high-speed railway station, Fang Qiu looked at Jiang Miaoyu, not willing to let her go.

Jiang Miaoyu also gazed at Fang Qiu, feeling reluctant to part from him. “No. If I don’t get home before 10 o’clock, it will be hard to explain to my parents.”

Fang Qiu spread out his hands helplessly, held Jiang Miaoyu in his arms and said, “All right then. I will miss you.”

Jiang Miaoyu responded with a red face, “Me too.”

The two of them stayed close together in a cuddle, outside the station. It was not until the time came for ticket checking that Jiang Miaoyu went in.

After her ticket was checked, Jiang Miaoyu still wanted to turn around to say goodbye to Fang Qiu.

When she turned around, she found that Fang Qiu who had been standing outside the station and watching her, had disappeared.

“You’ve already started to neglect me like this now?” Jiang Miaoyu was very disappointed.

There was a particularly depressing feeling in her heart, which was getting more intense.

She wanted to call Fang Qiu and vent her anger, but she knew that Fang Qiu was really busy. She really should not disturb him.

After hesitating for a while, Jiang Miaoyu decided not to make a phone call. She took the ticket in disappointment, got on the train, sat down and appeared to be in a daze. No one knew what she was thinking.

It was time for the train to start.

A voice suddenly sounded beside her, “Hey, gorgeous, do you have a boyfriend? I happen to have a seat next to you. If you don’t have one, how about considering me as your boyfriend?”

When she heard these words, Jiang Miaoyu was stunned at first and then a look of surprise immediately appeared on her face. She suddenly raised her head.

It was none other than Fang Qiu!

Jiang Miaoyu stood up in surprise and hugged Fang Qiu tightly. She was so ecstatic that she could not utter a word.

“Why are you here?” After a long while, Jiang Miaoyu asked as they parted.

“Surprise! I bought two tickets together.” Fang Qiu waved the ticket in his hand and smiled smugly.

“Humph, it’s a waste of money.” Jiang Miaoyu looked aloof, but she felt extremely pleased in her heart.

Fang Qiu took her hand, sat down with a smile and said, “Silly girl, how can I let you come and go alone? I’ll go with you tonight. And I’ll do the same in the future.”

Jiang Miaoyu bit her lower lip. There were some feelings in her big eyes. Obviously, she was moved.

The high-speed train started.

They took the high-speed train and went to the city where Jiang Miaoyu’s family was.

Not long after Fang Qiu’s notice was posted on Weibo, it became lively.

“What the f*ck? Fang Qiu is really not kidding?”

“Are you really selling the advertising slots?”

“Among all the TV series and movies with advertisements, which one of them has not been scolded?”


“Haha, this is Chinese Medicine. This is the master of Chinese Medicine whom you strongly support.”

“How many people remember what Fang Qiu said before? His purpose of learning Chinese Medicine is not to make money, but to save people. Now he hasn’t saved many people yet, but he is already starting to make money outrageously. It’s so disgusting.”

When they saw Fang Qiu’s Weibo post, those anti-fans became active again. His Weibo’s comment area was flooded with sarcastic remarks.

Meanwhile, those who supported Fang Qiu also began to talk about it.

In the heated discussion, many people were suspicious about the company that was in charge of the auction for Fang Qiu in the picture.

However, everyone was astonished.

“Zhiyuan Group?”

“Damn, isn’t that Yang Ningyuan’s company?”

“This is one of the top ten enterprises in the country!”

“That’s awesome, isn’t it? I can’t believe that the Zhiyuan Group is willing to help with the auction of these ten advertising slots.”

Everyone was stunned.

Although they knew that Fang Qiu had saved Yang Ningyuan’s life, the gap between the two was huge. Fang Qiu was not in the business circle. Although his meridian CG animation video did attract a lot of attention, it was far from being able to attract the help of the Zhiyuan Group.

Most importantly, Zhiyuan Group had never done such a thing before.

If they helped a nobody in the business circle to hold an advertising auction, people of the whole world would not believe it if they concealed the name of Fang Qiu.

Even if they knew that the client was Fang Qiu, some people in the business world still found it incredible!

After all, it was too troublesome and energy-consuming.

There was no need for the Zhiyuan Group to do that at all.

However, the Zhiyuan Group did it anyway.

Not only did they do it, but they also posted a notice on the official Weibo account of the Zhiyuan Group.

Everyone took a look at the official Weibo account of the Zhiyuan Group.

“Chairman: I will offer all the help Fang Qiu needs, unconditionally. Thank you for saving my life, Mr. Fang!”

It was such a simple sentence.

However, it touched a chord in the hearts of many netizens.

“The rich man is also righteous.”

“It’s nice of the Zhiyuan Group to do that. In fact, if he was not a righteous person, the Zhiyuan Group would not have been able to make it to this level.”

“Master Fang Qiu saved the right person!”

“You know how to repay the kindness. Good job, Mr. Yang. You’ve become the only rich man I don’t hate.”

“From now on, I’ll only buy Zhiyuan Company’s products. Even the boss knows how to repay the kindness. Their products will not be bad!”

“The products from the Zhiyuan company must be very good.”

“Yeah. Since Yang Ningyuan is a good person, Zhiyuan Company must also be a reliable company.”

Fang Qiu’s fans kept sighing with emotion.

Some onlookers also began to talk about it. Some busybodies even went to investigate the product quality of the Zhiyuan Company and check if they had any other problems, online.

However, it turned out that the Zhiyuan Company had no dark history on the Internet at all. Even if there were some minor problems with the products, the Zhiyuan Company’s service team would follow up in the shortest time and solve the problem in the most efficient way.

Everyone’s impression of the Zhiyuan Company became even better when they saw that.

“As expected, the older, the wiser!” In West Lake Villa, holding the tablet computer and seeing the comments on the Internet, Yang Ningyu could not help sighing with emotion.

Not long after Fang Qiu’s Weibo was posted, the large companies that wanted advertising slots began to contact the Zhiyuan Group, one after another.

After the heated discussion online, a lot of people began to be curious about how much Fang Qiu could earn by attracting such investments at this time.

Someone even asked this question on Zhihu, which was the Huaxia version of Quora!

In fact, both Fang Qiu’s fans and anti-fans, including many people who were using Zhihu, were very curious about this question.

As soon as this question appeared, everyone clicked on it immediately and waited for an answer.

After a while, a well-known influencer appeared and replied under this question, “TI, at least 500 million!”

TI meant that he thanked the person for inviting him to answer the question.

Then the influencer began to give an example.

“Let’s not talk about anything else. There are only two things we can see at the moment. One is the naming fee and the other is the product placement fee.”

“First of all, the product placement will be charged with Cost Per Mille, which is called CPM. In one of the e-commerce platforms you have seen, the value of one commercial’s CPM on the search page is about 10 yuan, which means, you will get 10 yuan if the commercial is shown 1,000 times.”

“If the Click-through Rate of Fang Qiu’s video is 3 billion times, which is 3 million CPM, a single advertising position will be 30 million. Therefore, 10 advertising slots will be 300 million.”

“What’s more, the price of Fang Qiu’s CG animation video must be very high because the contents are remarkable. And everyone will certainly be curious about the kind of advertisements that would appear in his video. 10 yuan per thousand times is just the price if you see the video by chance. If you specifically watch it, the price will definitely be higher!”

“And, don’t forget, there’s also the naming fee.”

“It’s 30 million for a single advertisement. What about the naming fee? At least 100 million?”

“If we estimate that he gets the lowest profit, these ten advertising slots can help Fang Qiu earn more than 400 million. If the price of CPM is a little higher and the auction of the advertising positions becomes a little intense, he can easily earn 500 million, or even more!”

After reading the analysis carefully, those who were waiting for the reply were all amazed.

“It’s amazing!”

“Your analysis is reasonable and solid. Good job!”

“He’s indeed a great influencer, but aren’t the view counts of 3 billion too low? Now, any online drama will have view counts of billions.”

“Fang Qiu is going to become a billionaire!”

“I have to say that Fang Qiu is really amazing. This is simply another magnificent move capitalizing on the fan economy!”

Soon, someone took a screenshot of this question and the answer of the influencer and then posted it on Weibo, which immediately attracted a lot of attention.

People flocked to have a look.

“What the f*ck. He can get 500 million with just one video?”

“It’s so easy to make this kind of money, isn’t it?”

“An underage billionaire?”

“Damn it, I, a 30-year-old man, only have a salary of four thousand per month. Fang Qiu is not even eighteen years old. He just posted two Weibo chats and can earn 500 million. He is really good at making money. It’s really annoying if you compare yourself to him!”

“FYI, according to Fang Qiu’s birthday shown on Weibo, he just became an adult today!”

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