"Hiss - then you can have a try."

Emperor Shen didn't demand it.

"Worry free, let's go."

Ye Lingyue got the rosefinch egg and wanted to leave.

But she took a few steps, Ji Wuyou looked behind her.

Di Shen followed them.

"Ling Yue?"

Ji Wuyou called Ye Lingyue weakly.

"See how long he can keep up."

Ye Lingyue also knows that she can't get rid of Dixin, so she takes Ji Wuyou to leave.

The two of them galloped along and found a place to rest.

During the day, ye Lingyue and Ji Wuyou get up and go on their way. They find that emperor Shen is not slow and follows them.

No matter what they do, di Xin will follow them. If they don't follow him all the way, he won't stop.

They went to the stream in the evening.

"Ling Yue, isn't it here?"

Ji Wuyou remembers this road, where they set traps during the day.

"Don't say anything. When it gets dark, we'll go to the stream. "

Ye Lingyue is also a headache, whether in the past or now, di Xin is a very difficult opponent.

But she never thought that there would be a day when she would fight against Dixin.

"But what if you hurt the emperor's instructor?"

Ji Wuyou is worried.

Although the imperial drillmaster looked very strong, there was only one person.

The power of those black arrows she and Ling Yue prepared, if dozens of them were launched together, their power would not be less than that of ten demon hunting guns.

At that time, the emperor instructor will become a hornet's nest?

"Hurt him? You might as well worry about ourselves. "

Ye Lingyue doesn't think that di Xin will be injured.

She just needs to hold down Di Xin, herself and Ji Wuyou can leave.

Otherwise, if the ink goes on like this, she may not be able to meet them on time.

Calculate the time, Bo Bo is about to give birth. Once the brake in her body is born, it's not so easy to pacify.

Seeing that ye Lingyue's tone was definite, Ji Wuyou was dubious, and they walked towards the stream.

As soon as she got close to the stream, ye Lingyue felt something was wrong.

"The wooden arrow has not been used yet."

Their black Ding Xi wood arrows were also hidden in the dark.

It is reasonable to say that in the water source area, monsters should have been around for a long time.

"Ling Yue, there are Underwater, there are monsters. It's The monsters I saw before were aquatic monsters. They didn't come by land. They came by water directly. "

Ji Wuyou took a breath of cold air and grasped ye Lingyue's hand. His body trembled.

Ye Lingyue looks at the stream.

This stream is the main water source nearby. Although it is a stream, it is very deep.

At night, the sound of water is in an uproar, and the evil spirit will not be found at all.

"Don't be afraid. We're not just two. "

Ye Lingyue pats Ji Wuyou's hand.

"You mean the emperor instructor?"

Ji Wuyou looks behind him. It seems that the imperial instructor didn't catch up.

He disappeared as they approached the stream.

"It's not him. There are others besides us. After all, there are dozens of big guys underwater. "

Ye Lingyue pointed underwater.

It is also that she neglected earlier and did not notice the particularity of the stream.

In the mountains, the night is more than ten degrees below zero, and the water source has been frozen for a long time.

But the stream did not freeze at night.

On the contrary, it emits a little white fog, and the water is even warm.

This kind of place is unusual, but it is the favorite place for monsters.

Even the monster hidden under the water is not an ordinary monster in the general sense, but a powerful demon.

Powerful monster, of course, will not be easily let go, someone A group of acquaintances also came.

In ye Lingyue two people crept to the stream, in the opposite of the stream, there is also a group of people.

They also noticed that someone was near the stream.

This stream was discovered only after a day and a night of investigation.

Because it is located on the south slope, most of the monsters here are ordinary small monsters, and there may not be a demon pill in the ten heads.

But the demons and beasts in the stream are different. Among them, there are big demons, and most of them have reached the peak of Demon power, and the quality of demon Dan will be very high.

And these monsters like to live in groups. Once they are hunted, they will have dozens of them.

But the next day, dozens of monsters at the level of big demons are a great harvest for any group.

Even Si Qingwu is no exception.

"Someone's coming."

"They're not being watched, are they?"Si Qingwu narrowed her eyes, and there was a strange color in the fundus of her eyes.

Behind her, there are Xi Jiuye and five or six members of the group. Except for the two members who let the wind go, their main force is in the vicinity of the stream.

Originally, they planned to hunt around midnight.

"It's not possible. It's inhabited by amphibious monsters. They enter the water during the day and come out of the water at midnight to look for food. Ordinary people would not have found them if they didn't step on them as early as we did. "

Xi nine night lips moved, tiny voice, just fell on the ear of the surrounding group members.

Xi Jiuye can assert that no one can find them.

"They don't move any more. It seems that there are not many people."

At this time, the division of light dance found the other side of the shadow did not move.

In the dark, the vision was already limited, and there was a piece of water vapor rising above the stream. The naked eye could not distinguish the real from the virtual for a while.

"The other side is likely to do the same. But in terms of numbers, we have an advantage. "

Xi Jiuye stares at the opposite bank.

People on the other side, I do not know whether they found them, or alert, but also motionless.

"Never let the other side succeed. You have solved them in the past."

Si Qingwu looks at Xi Jiuye.

What she hates most is that her own things are touched by others.

The other party even if is snatches her a demon Dan, a monster, she is not willing.

The other side can find here, the strength is obviously not weak.

Except Xi Jiuye, the only one who can solve several people at one time is Si Qingwu.

Si Qingwu himself, naturally, is not willing to move.

"It's going to scare the grass."

Xi Jiuye is dissatisfied with Si Qingwu's attitude.

But now they are in a group. In the next action, they have to cooperate and not get stiff.

In order not to disturb them, they do not hesitate to make a long journey in the daytime, coming from the opposite mountain. If they want to cross the stream at this time, they will certainly disturb the guys under the stream.

Si Qingwu thinks a little and knows that what Xi Jiuye says is reasonable.

It's almost midnight. At this time, the monsters under the water are startled. Their careful deployment in the past day and night is all in vain.

"What should we do then?"

Si Qingwu is a little impatient.

She has been squatting here for several hours. It's cold in the mountains, and it costs a lot of her spiritual power to keep warm.

"We in China have a saying that if the enemy does not move, I will not. Let's see what they want. "

Xi Jiuye and Si Qingwu don't move. They hold their breath and wait for Mo Diyu to appear.
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