Chapter 1401 - It Wasn’t News in the Circle


Su Manman then turned her head and leaned against Gu Chengfeng, continuing with her lines. “Tsk… If Little Phoenix becomes my disciple and follows my way, the Phoenix clan will be in danger!”

Su Manman added a certain tone in her line, which only accentuated Feng Yi’s carefree personality.

Gu Chengfeng, who was acting as Jiu Xiao, couldn’t help but smile, as if he agreed with Feng Yi’s self-awareness.

Su Manman played the role of Feng Yi better than the director had imagined. No, it was even more than that. Her acting was outstanding!

Su Manman only had one scene with Gu Chengfeng…

When Meng Yuqiao stood next to the director and looked at Su Manman’s performance on the monitor, her heart beat especially fast!

She had been acting for many years. Ever since Jiang Mingzhu passed away, very few people could give her such intense pressure.

The script for “The Olden Age” was originally about a naive, innocent, and righteous female lead. In other words, the female lead was meant to be very likable!

However, upon seeing Su Manman’s interpretation of the casual and carefree Feng Yi, Meng Yuqiao had a strong premonition that the limelight would definitely be on Feng Yi, surpassing that of Feng Yu, the main female character.

Meng Yuqiao was a little flustered. She hadn’t been all that popular, so she was still counting on this drama to increase her popularity.

As the male lead and female supporting character, Gu Chengfeng and Su Manman got along very well. The strong chemistry that Gu Chengfeng felt with Su Manman made him feel that he had worked with Su Manman many times before.

As for Meng Yuqiao, after she felt the pressure from seeing Su Manman’s performance, she acted poorly.

When she heard that Shi Hanchu was also filming at the same filming location, Su Manman’s heart rate accelerated. She didn’t want to watch Meng Yuqiao making NG takes, so she sneaked to the filming set next door to watch Shi Hanchu.

Su Manman still had scenes later, so she didn’t change her clothes. Still wearing her makeup and head accessories, she went to the filming set next door.

After being absent from the TV industry for a while, Shi Hanchu returned to star in a period military TV drama called “Silent Disaster.”

By the time Su Manman arrived, many people had gathered around. They were all actors and actresses from other production teams who came to watch the movie king.

The set was that of a General’s residence. Shi Hanchu was wearing a military uniform. His collar was unbuttoned, and his Adam’s apple bobbed sexily.

His already well-defined features looked even sharper as he silently stood in front of the dining table. With one hand in his pocket, he tapped the table with his other hand. His eyes bore a somber expression. Because of Shi Hanchu’s aura, the atmosphere at the filming location was extremely cold.

Su Manman’s throat rolled, and she clenched her fists tightly at the thought of the last time she saw Shi Hanchu at the hospital. His eyes reddened, and her heart was about to break.

The older officers at the dining table looked at Shi Hanchu’s slender and long fingers that were gently knocking on the table. A cold sweat broke out on their foreheads.

Shi Hanchu’s actions were calm. He slowly knocked on the table for the last time before retracting his hand. He held onto the back of a senior officer’s chair and said, “So, how did the Japanese know about our military defense? How come none of you knew anything about it?”

Shi Hanchu’s deep voice was gentle, but it penetrated one’s heart. It wasn’t loud, but it made one’s heart tremble.

Seeing no reply from his officers, Shi Hanchu narrowed his eyes slightly. The pressure silently enveloped the entire filming set. Anyone could sense the murderous aura coming from Shi Hanchu.


The director called out, and Shi Hanchu immediately got out of his character. He smiled and nodded at the crew.

Su Manman hadn’t expected Shi Hanchu’s acting to be so superb after two years.

Hearing from the director that Shi Hanchu could rest, many people crowded around to ask for his autograph. How could Su Manman let go of such a rare opportunity to get close to Shi Hanchu? Without giving it much thought, she subconsciously moved closer to him.

This was a city for film production, so no one felt that Su Manman was weirdly dressed.

Perhaps it was due to Su Manman’s eye-catching appearance that it was impossible to ignore her. When Su Manman came over, the group of actors surrounding Shi Hanchu automatically stepped aside.

Shi Hanchu was signing his autograph for the young lady before him. When he looked up, he saw Su Manman, who was dressed like a fairy, standing at the other end of the crowd. It was as if… her eyes were brimming with tears!

A fan? Shi Hanchu guessed…

When Su Manman saw Shi Hanchu again, she felt a myriad of emotions in her heart. In the past, she was Shi Hanchu’s friend who could talk about anything under the sun. The two of them seemed to be in a state of unblossomed love, but the way Shi Hanchu treated her…

Now, Shi Hanchu didn’t even know who she was.

However, she would let Shi Hanchu know who she was and become Shi Hanchu’s girlfriend as a brand new Su Manman.

Shi Hanchu had always doted on his fans. When he saw Su Manman’s tears and emotions, he walked over and asked with a smile, “Do you want a picture with me?”

Su Manman choked and looked up at Shi Hanchu, not saying a word…

The director glanced in Shi Hanchu’s direction and was slightly stunned.

Shi Hanchu was wearing a military uniform. He was tall and handsome, and his aura was heavy and deep.

Su Manman was dressed in a white dress and filled with a fairy-like aura. She was so beautiful that it was beyond any comparison.

The two of them stood facing each other. This was like an intergenerational collision. The director had already imagined a thousand-year-old love story based on this scene.

After a long while, Su Manman shook her head at Shi Hanchu. “Good to see you…”

She sounded like a good friend who had not seen him for many years.

Their eyes met, and the sense of familiarity made Shi Hanchu’s brows tighten slightly. However, this sense of familiarity was so fleeting that Shi Hanchu could barely grasp it.

Su Manman’s eyes were clean and transparent as if they had been washed by rain.

Shi Hanchu wanted to ask her if they had met before, but he felt that it was too abrupt, especially when there were so many people watching. Who knew what the tabloids would write tomorrow?

Shi Hanchu nodded before leaving to rest.

By the time Su Manman came back to her senses, her palms were already red.

Shi Hanchu, who had just finished removing his makeup and was preparing to return home, was still thinking about the clean and pretty girl from before. He frowned and couldn’t think of where to go to meet her.

However, judging from her outfit, she was probably an actress too, right? Moreover, the exquisiteness of her outfit and makeup shouldn’t be that of an extra…

Shi Hanchu asked his assistant to find out which filming crew was filming an immortal drama. After eliminating all the other possibilities… he guessed that the lady today must be Su Manman.

He couldn’t recall if they had interacted before.

But Su Manman’s “good to see you…” made Shi Hanchu feel weird again.

There was a hint of familiarity in her choked voice, as if… she was a sentimental old friend.

“Brother Hanchu, I heard that Du Lingyang is going to the filming crew to visit his girlfriend. Shall we leave early?” Shi Hanchu’s assistant, Little Song, asked Shi Hanchu softly.

Shi Hanchu and Du Lingyang didn’t get along. It wasn’t news in the circle.

One of them was the biggest movie star, while the other was a top-notch popular singer.

How public was their estrangement? Basically… If Shi Hanchu was there, there would be no Du Lingyang, and vice-versa.

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