Chapter 805 - It Was Me, I Have Finally Found You

Leng Hao looked Ye Xiaotao in the eye. She was around 20 years old, pretty, and lively. Her features were extremely exquisite. Her pink cheeks were puffed up in anger, and the key thing was that her expressions were still childish. She was just like a flower that had grown up in the greenhouse, and as the man looked at her, he had the impulse to commit a crime. He wanted to vandalize her body.

Her skin was very white, and there was a pinkish tinge to it. Leng Hao moved his hand in his pocket, and he suddenly thought about that woman from that night…

That woman’s skin was just like hers. It was youthful and supple. His hand was on top. Although there was no light, he only had to press slightly and felt that her skin was really so supple.

The feeling felt too good, and that woman was pestering him. He was tempted.

And that resulted in a whole chain of events afterwards.

Leng Hao’s gaze turned dark, and he straightened his waist up. Damnit! Thinking about what happened that night, his body actually felt…again…

He firmly clenched his fist. That woman who raped him and left a thousand dollar Hong Kong dollar bill for his expenses, the woman that changed his life completely, he would definitely find her out!

Leng Hao parted his long legs and left.

“Ay, why are you leaving again?” This man glanced over at her before he wanted to leave again. Ye Xiaotao quickly stretched her hand out to tug his elbow as she said, “You are not allowed to leave!”

“What are you thinking of doing?” Leng Hao had a frustrated frown on his face as he spoke.

“Leave your belt behind!” Ye Xiaotao stretched her hand out to tug his metal belt.

Leng Hao could only laugh. This girl seemed not to be from a poor family or lacking in money, then did she…lust for men? If not, why did she have to keep coming towards him again and again?

She seemed to be very bold and actually dared to undo a man’s belt?

Leng Hao stretched his hand out to pin her slim wrist down.

“Ah, it hurts, it hurts so much…” Ye Xiaotao shouted out loud. She was in so much pain that her tears were about to flow. “Let go. I am in pain right now!”

“Don’t come and bother me anymore. Otherwise, I will not be courteous towards you! Get lost!”

Leng Hao pushed her away.

Ye Xiaotao stumbled back. She had a glance at Leng Hao’s ice-cold expression. She let out a snort before she turned around and left.

When she brushed past his side, she purposely knocked into him.

The two female classmates that were keeping watch outside saw Ye Xiaotao coming out and quickly gathered around her as they said, “Xiao Tao, what happened? Did you get it?”

Ye Xiaotao lowered her gaze to have a look at her wrist. The man was really too strong. A simple pinch from him made her wrist turn all red.

So rough!

“No!” She was extremely furious as she answered, and she did not even get close to that man at all.

“What?” Both of her female classmates were shocked, and they said, “It seems that that man is really gay. Even the attractiveness of our Xiao Tao is unable to make him surrender, Xiao Tao…”

The female classmates still wanted to speak, but at this moment, they realized that Ye Xiaotao, who was in between them, was gone. Both of them turned their heads around to look. That handsome blue-eyed man ran out and grabbed Ye Xiaotao’s elbow.

The female classmates were staring at one another. What was going on?

Ye Xiaotao also did not expect this man to chase after her. She struggled quickly and was haughty as she spoke. “This time, I did not bother you. It was you who came over to me. Let go!”

Leng Hao used one hand to pull her, and his other hand was clenched into a fist. His blue eyes were all sinister as he glared at her, and he softly asked her, “Who are you?”

Who are you?

“What kind of question are you asking? You are such a weird person. Let go… Ah!”

Ye Xiaotao was already pulled into Leng Hao’s embrace. Her nose crashed into his firm, broad chest.

Crunch. She was in so much pain that tears were about to flow!

Thankfully, her nose was not plastic. If it was, it would be broken already!

Her strength was just akin to scratching him. Leng Hao buried his own nose in her tender neck as he took a sniff. It was right. It was this fragrance. It was a milky fragrance that was a little sweet.

He would not forget that fragrance from that woman that night.

Leng Hao pinned her small shoulders. He pushed her directly against the wall and slid his right hand down to her waist, then lifted her short skirt up.

“Ah!” The two female classmates screamed out loud. They were both scared…and excited.

And after that, Leng Zhiyuan followed the source of the sound and went over to have a look. She saw this scene unfolding before her. Her older brother pushed Ye Xiaotao, who was small and petite, against the wall. The skin on the girl’s flat stomach was slightly exposed, and there was a butterfly tattoo on her stomach.

Leng Zhiyuan:…

Hmm, okay then. She could say it this way: He’d searched for her so fervently, and when he turned back that person was standing under the spotlight, it actually turned out to be…Ye Xiaotao!

Ye Xiaotaoo did not expect to be exposed just like this. She did not remove his belt but rather he…lifted her underwear up. “Damn it!” She raised her hand up, wanting to give him a slap.

But her hand was stopped in mid air. Leng Hao had a sinister smile on his face as he said, “It was you!”

“What about me? You are a crazy person. What are you trying to do?” Ye Xiaotao shouted out loud.

At this moment, there was a Hong Kong dollar bill that was thrown against her face as he said, “Have a look for yourself.”

Ye Xiaotao took the Hong Kong dollar bill. The thousand dollar bill had these words written on it — I am so sorry, I slept with the wrong person. This is a thousand dollar tip. It is for you.

This…this was definitely her handwriting.

Ye Xiaotao raised her head up and was in shock as she looked over at Leng Hao. She stuttered, “It was, it was you?”

“That’s right, it was me. I have finally found you!”

Leng Zhiyuan went over to Leng Hao’s villa. Leng Hao had brought Ye Xiaotao over from the bar. Both of them went into the study. Bang! They shut the door loudly, Leng Zhiyuan could not see what was happening inside, but she could hear the conversation inside clearly.

Both of them were screaming.

“Speak! Why did you appear in my room that night?”

“My father wanted me to marry a man I did not like. It was an arranged marriage between wealthy families. I did not agree. I have a senior that I like, so I wanted to give my body to him. The sources that I got said that he went inside that room, so I scaled the windows to go inside, but I did not expect it to be you. I slept with the wrong person.”

“You are pushing away responsibility with just this reason?”

“You, what do you mean? You came over from Hong Kong to come over here? Did you…want me to take responsibility for you?”

“Hmph, can you take this responsibility? You turned my life into a complete mess!”

“Oy, what do you mean? You were drunk, but were you also drugged? I climbed onto you. Didn’t you know how to push me away? If you were not hard, could I have forced you to do so?”


“What about me? I will be honest and tell you; that night was my first time. Although I’d seen films before, I did not have any experience. It was you who pinned my waist down…and did that to me. Forget it if it happened once, but you did it to me twice!”


“You are still not embarrassed? The day after that, my entire body was about to break. My entire body was covered in scratches. It took an entire week to recuperate. If not for the fact that I had started this, I would have long sued you for rape. Don’t complain when you have the advantage!”

Leng Hao was already speechless. He glared at her fiercely as he said, “Because of you, I lost my fiancee!”

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