Chapter 887 - The Last Time I Am Saying I Love You

The words I love you rang out in Zhou Yao’s ears. He was awake for a while before he was in pain. His body was in pain, but his heart hurt even more…

“Wi…fe…” He called out for her in a hoarse and painful voice.

Leng Zhiyuan used both of her hands to hug his neck. She went on her tiptoes and kissed his thin lips.

Both of them had the taste of blood in their mouth. The hot tears flowing down Leng Zhiyuan’s eyes were flowing into their mouths. There was a bitterness that was hard to express, but she hugged him tight and did not want to let go of him.

For that moment that she kissed him, Zhou Yao froze completely. His handsome eyebrows were tightly knitted into a frown with three lines running across his forehead. The fragrance in his lips made his entire body freeze, and this was a feeling that hit the back of his head before it quickly brushed down his lower body.

His desire was lit up and quickened the speed of the worm biting in his blood. These two kinds of feelings were mixed together and driving him mad.

“Go!” He went to push her.

He really did not want to hurt her.

Leng Zhiyuan pushed him back until he retreated back into the corner of the wall. While she kissed him, she went to undo the buttons of her own shirt, and she tugged his large palm as she brought it over.

Zhou Yao’s entire being was frozen like a rock. His expressions were all in pain, but his hands moved. He swallowed more saliva, and at this moment, she was his best anesthetic.

Leng Zhiyuan tugged his metal belt away before she jumped onto his waist with both legs…

Both of them were fixed onto the wall firmly.

Zhou Yao’s head tilted backwards. His mouth was very dry. He was just like a small fish away from the water. He was so thirsty that he was going to die. He closed his eyes tight, and his eyes were still moving.

“Zhou Yao, I love you…” Leng Zhiyuan used her small hands to cup his handsome face before she kissed him all over. Her voice was gentle as she seduced him, and she tempted him as she said, “Close your eyes. Don’t think of anything at all. Hand yourself over to me. I can make you feel very comfortable… Don’t like you like this feeling very much? I also like it. I like being together with you, doing this with you… I only want to do this with you..”

She said the words that he liked to hear.

Both of them were covered in sweat as they lay down on the large bed. Leng Zhiyuan was pinned down in his firm shoulders. Her entire body was sticky and felt very uncomfortable, but she was too lazy to move. She was so tired that she did not even want to lift her eyelids up.

Zhou Yao hugged her with one hand and used another hand to find the cigarettes and lighter. He took a cigarette out and placed it in his mouth, and he went to light the lighter.

But after pressing it a few times, the lighter did not light up.

The lighter in his hand was snatched away by one small hand. Leng Zhiyuan propped up her body. Slap! She lit the lighter up and helped him light his cigarette for him personally.

The cigarette was lit. He squinted his narrow eyes as he took a breath, then he turned his gaze over to the side to spew all of the smoke in his mouth onto the face of the woman in his embrace. His voice was hoarse as he laughed and said, “My body was squeezed dry by you, and I don’t even have the strength to light up the lighter.”

Leng Zhiyuan’s small face was red, and it was the colour of fresh blood. She did not say anything but simply lay quietly against his broad chest.

Zhou Yao took another two puffs of smoke, and after the adrenaline in his body went away, his right hand that he used to hold the cigarette to touch her small face, and he said, “Let me have a look. Where did I hit you just now?”

Leng Zhiyuan patted his large palm off. She ducked away and did not allow him to look as she said, “I am fine. This amount of pain is nothing…”

Zhou Yao’s dark gaze stopped on her face. She ducked away intentionally. The hair was all let down and covered her face, but he could still clearly see that her right cheek was all red. He was heavy handed just now, and there was a fresh slap mark on her cheek, and even the corner of her lips were broken.

Her obedient behaviour matched together with her injuries made her seem off-limits and pitiful. As he looked at her, his heart felt both sweet and sour at the same time, and the adrenaline that had calmed down just now started to rush back again.

“I even kicked your stomach…” He used his rough fingers to caress her small face and wanted to lift the blankets up to check her injuries.

But Leng Zhiyuan did not allow him to do so. She tugged the blankets extremely firmly and said, “I already said that I am fine. I’ve been injured many times. I am also not someone who is coy and needy… I… am not wearing any clothes. Don’t try to take advantage of me… Oof!”

Her small lips were sucked by him.

There was the taste of nicotine in his mouth. It was very strong, and when it went inside her mouth, it was somewhat choking. He held her tight as he kissed her. She raised her eyebrows but was also smitten with this domineering energy of his…

After sucking her desperately a few times, it was only then that he let go of her, although he did not bear to do so. He was bad as he bit her small earlobes and chided her, “I am really going to die on your body!”

Leng Zhiyuan’s breathing was hurried, and she clenched her fist to push him.

The man’s heavy body came back onto the headboard. His firm figure crashed onto the headboard and created a creak sound. He squinted his narrow eyes as he continued to smoke.

Leng Zhiyuan’s long index finger was drawing circles on his chest. Her voice was a little sensual as she said, “Zhou Yao, they all said that you were very mischievous when you were young. Why do you have to be so mischievous?”

“Haha!” Zhou Yao laughed and said, “I don’t know… Maybe it was because since I was young, that old fella had too high expectations for me. He would always meddle in my affairs, but the more he wanted to control me, the more I wanted freedom. I would always want to do the opposite of what he wanted!”

“Grandpa was doing all of that for your own good.”

“I know.” As he spoke, Zhou Yao turned his gaze over to the side to glance at her, and he said, “What about you then? How were you like when you were young?”

“Me? When I was young I was very obedient, I listened to what my father and older brother said, but maybe it was because of my family background, those girls did not dare to play with me. I also did not know how to communicate with them, and after some time, I did not have any friends, and my character became cold…and distant.”

“Then how did you fall in love with Ye Ziyi?” he asked out of nowhere.

She’d originally wanted to speak to him nicely and have a good chat, but in three sentences, he switched the topic back onto Ye Ziyi. She only rolled her eyes and snorted out as she said, “Then how did Han Xuan fall in love with you?”

Zhou Yao lowered his gaze down to stare at her, meaning — You still dare to retort?

Leng Zhiyuan pursed her red lips and snorted out loudly.

Zhou Yao took the last puff of the cigarette before he stubbed the butt out in the ashtray on the bed stand. He moved his body, and flipped over onto her.

Leng Zhiyuan’s face turned red, and she was displeased as she said, “What are you doing?”

Zhou Yao bent his body down to kiss her reddened right cheek as he said, “I want to do it again.”

“You!” They’d only rested for a few minutes.

“Just now, you were really so attractive.” He was not stingy with his compliments as he spoke in her ear.

Leng Zhiyuan felt sweet and full inside her heart. She stopped struggling and allowed the man to get his wish.

She looked at Zhou Yao. She drew his handsome features stroke by stroke inside her heart. She would forever remember how he looked, including now. He was breathing heavily. She’d remember how he looked like when he was sweating profusely on her.

She closed her eyes gently, and there was a gentle and loving smile on the corners of her lips.

Zhou Yao could not control himself, and he kissed her red lips as he called her hurriedly. “Wifey…”

His brain blanked out at that moment. It was just like a bout of fireworks. He pressed down on her body heavily, and was all smitten with her fragrance, her body temperature, and everything of hers…

He was really too drunk and did not have his guard up. At this moment, it was the easiest moment to attack a man, so a pain appeared in his neck, and it was only then that he awoke quickly.

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