400 Vol 6 : Ch 400 – I don’t want her to be disappointed with me

Ken notices something and asks the couple "eh Auntie Rei and Uncle Tae were not going home instead of going to Bro Jinyu home?"

Rei is the one replying since her Dear Husband is driving at the moment "Yes Ken was going to Jinyu house and we will drop both you and Ellyn there first"

"E------eh, w-----we were going to Yu house, Auntie Rei?"

"Yes, and why are you so nervous Ellyn?"

"I ---- I don't know why Auntie"

"I see"

Ken realizes something again when hearing that they're going to drop them first at Jinyu house and asks his Auntie "eh then how about our uniforms? Also, Auntie how about them, and what about our baby twins cousins then?"

"Your Uncle Tae wants to bonds the babies so starting now we're going to bring the twins from our workplace. As for your uniforms then it's already inside both of your bag Ken and Ellyn."

"Eh, then they will know about the twins?"

"Yeah they will know for sure but don't worry Ken"

"Uncle Tae, Uncle Tae"

"Yes Ken?" only reply without looking at him since his driving at the moment

"Auntie will be going to teach me hacking skills starting January 05"

"I know that one Ken"

"Is it really true that you will be away for 2 years Uncle Tae?"

"Yes it's true since I will be enlisted for my conscription services 5 months from now"

"Eh, what's a conscription service, Uncle Tae?"

"It's about compulsory enlistment for a national service as a citizen of your country"

"I see then how about me Auntie Rei?"

"You have a dual citizenship Ken since if we based by birth you will be a Full Tanes and if it's by blood then you're half Tanes and half Ceno. Conscription Services is required globally and the age requirement will depend on its nation, so for you, you have dual citizenship, so you need to sacrifice one of your citizenship when you decide to which country you're going to serve at the right time."

"Eh and what if I don't want to sacrifice one of my citizenship then? I don't want to sacrifice being a Tanes one because it's Dad citizenship after all and as for Ceno I will be forever a Ceno."

"If you don't want to sacrifice then you will not enlist for conscription service"

"But Auntie it's compulsory, right?"

"I see then I won't enlist for sure and by the way, Auntie, how about Ren, Bro Jinyu, and my friends?"

"For Ren, his goal is to be a high-rank police officer, right?"

"Ah so Ren going to sacrifice of being a Tanes then"

"Right and as for your friends only Yuhan will be going to enlist"

"Eh, are you really sure Auntie?" Rei nodded "so only Bro Yuhan from my group of friends from here that going to enlist in the future huh but why? What about Bro Jinyu, Bro Jinxi, and Rui Auntie?"

Need to ask first in case they didn't reveal their background yet to Ken "are you aware of Jinyu, Jinxi and Rui wanted to become in the future then?"

"All of them want to become a Doctor Auntie, why?"

"That's it, so aside from being a full citizenship of its nation being from any of Medicine Fields it's all exempted for conscription services since they already serving their nations as being one from the Medicine Fields."

"I see"

Joining the conversation of her Auntie and cousin then asking "then Bro Ken why not becoming a Doctor? You are really fit to become one"

"Nah I don't want to since I would be busy in the future. And Ellyn, how about you why not becoming a nurse so that you can be Bro Jinyu's assistance instead of becoming a singer, right?"

"Nah I don't want to because I already abandoned Lynel and so becoming a singer will only the option left that I won't ever sacrifice any of it because that's my and Lynel dream to become one. I know Lynel didn't throw any tantrums after hearing my selfish decision that I'm studying here and about liking Yu but as her twin sister I know that she's sad, so I want to become a singer for our dreams as a Twins and I don't want her to be disappointed with me again."

"Yeah you are right and we don't want them to be disappointed with us. Both you and I are going to do our best so that they can become proud to us as the elder one of them."

"Yup, yup, and Bro Ken please always guide me because you were smarter compared to me"

"Talking about smart I guess its Bro Jinyu after all"

"Nah it's you Bro Ken because your 2 years younger than Bro Jinyu and yet you already in the same grade, most of all you are always tie with him"

"Am I really that smart?"


"If you're talking about grades then I guess it's Ren who is a smarter one. See Ren already prepared the reviewer for their entrance examination and it's the sole decision of him without asking Mom, your Dad, and Auntie Rei, right?"

"Wow reminding me about that one, yeah Bro Ren really is, and not only that because Bro Ren has a nice and good voice compared to you. Whoa, I just realized it that I'm really lucky that I have Bro Ken and Bro Ren as my cousins, so for sure they are a lot number of girls will swoon over by both of you in the future and that's my two cousins."

"What the heck? After hearing that one Ellyn, you're a bias one indeed." 

"Of course why would I not and it's not because both you and Bro Ren are my cousins but because it's the truth."


"Ah, we're here" Tae interrupt the kids right away.

"Eh, we're already here?" Both Tae and Rei nodded "how fast?"

"Ken and Ellyn"

"Yes, Auntie Rei?"

"You need to hang your uniforms so it won't be wrinkled and also...." She wasn't able to finish her instruction to the kids since someone interrupting them by talking with the kids.

"Good Morning Aunt Rei and Uncle Tae. Butler Yan, please carry Ken and Ellyn bag"

"Yes Young Master"

"Ah, right where are your uniforms, Ken and Ellyn?" The two just pointing their bag that he almost got speechless "Butler Yan please retrieves their uniforms from those bags and make sure it's not wrinkled"

"Yes Young Master"

"Let's go now, Ken and Ellyn"


"Hey you two, are you still not used to me being like this?" The two just nodded "geez you need to use it already especially you Ken because you're also ...." Got stop and didn't finish because his mouth got covered by Ken right away.

"And since when did you become a talkative huh? Auntie and Uncle, we are going inside now, bye, bye." 

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