After wrapping the dumplings, it was just five o’clock. Song Yi would probably be back soon, so Lin Lei and Li Qiuyue put the dumplings into the pot.

Just as the dumplings were out of the pot, they heard Song Yi’s voice outside.

“Dad, are we having dumplings tonight? ” Song Yi changed out of his shoes and casually patted the snow off his body.

Lin Dazhi was very happy to see his son-in-law back, so he started to tidy up the things on the table. He was going to eat the dumplings later. “Yes, chives, eggs, and prawns. Xiao Lei likes them. Why is it snowing outside? ”

Song Yi walked in. “Yes, it should be snowing just now. There’s only a layer of snow on the ground. ”

Lin Lei wanted to carry the dumplings out, but she was stopped by Li Qiuyue with her eyes. She shouted to the outside.

“The dumplings are out of the pot. Hurry up and carry the dumplings! ”

“THEY’RE HERE! ” Lin Dazhi replied.

Song Yi reached out to stop her. “Dad, I’ll go get them. You can sit here and rest! ” He casually brought the things on the table back to the kitchen.

Lin Lei saw Song Yi come in and took the basin. It was the basin with the stuffing and the rolling pin. She put them all together.

Song Yi’s hands were relatively big, and he could carry two plates of dumplings out in one go. There were more than 200 dumplings in total, and he had just filled ten plates. After a few rounds, he carried all of them out.

Everyone gathered around Lin Dazhi and shouted, “eat first. Today is Xiao Nian’s Day. I want to drink some no matter what.

“Old woman, you don’t have to keep winking at me. ” After saying that, he took out a bottle of white wine from under the table and poured a glass for himself. As he was concerned that Li Qiuyue had only poured half a glass, he poured a large glass of white wine for Song Yi and pushed it over.

Song Yi did not have the habit of drinking, but in order to cater to his father-in-law, he reluctantly picked up the glass and drank a glass.

It was an authentic white wine, and this glass contained at least one tael. Fortunately, he had some tolerance for alcohol, and his face did not flash any red.

Seeing that his son-in-law could drink, Lin dazhi wanted to pick up the bottle and pour another glass over.

Li Qiuyue took out her chopsticks and hit Lin Dazhi’s hand. “You’re not allowed to pour anymore. You can drink some by yourself.

What’s the meaning of letting your son-in-law drink with you.

Don’t you know that it’s bad for a man to drink too much?”She recalled that she had asked her daughter just now. The two of them had always been well-behaved and did not share a room. If her son-in-law drank too much and forced himself on her, even though he was already old, her daughter had many children in her belly. It was best not to be together.

However, she was worried about her old man. What was the meaning of constantly urging her son-in-law to drink?

Lin Dazhi was a little angry at first, but he only realized what was going on later. After he figured it out, he felt a little regretful. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have brought the wine.

What should he do now?

What if his son-in-law got drunk after the meal and something indescribable happened? Would his daughter be able to handle it?

Lin Lei was focused on eating the dumplings and didn’t care too much about what happened at the table. Now, she was basically hungry before meal time. For the sake of the child in her stomach, she could only eat less and have more meals. Now that it was meal time, she couldn’t care about anything else.

Lin Dazhi knew that he had made a mistake, so he didn’t drink another mouthful of wine. Instead, he was especially attentive to Li Qiuyue and picked up a dumpling to send over. To show that he knew he had made a mistake.

Li Qiuyue glared at him at the dining table. There were some things that could not be explained too clearly.

When he went back to sleep later, he had to give him a good beating. Otherwise, he would make the same mistake again next time.