At this moment, Wang Dani sat on the shabby bed with her hair disheveled. The pain between her thighs reminded her that her body was no longer clean. Recalling what had happened before, she felt as if she had been in a dream.

There was not a trace of joy in the shabby room. Not even the word “happiness” was pasted on it.

Needless to say, the blanket on the bed was tattered. It had obviously been used for several years.

This would be her home from now on?

Wang Dani could not imagine that no matter how she treated Wang Danian at home just now, it would not work.

After Feng Li arrived, Wang Danian directly ordered him to pull her away.

Feng Li pulled her all the way outside and saw a small car parked outside.

Wang Dani slowly gave up struggling because she heard that after Feng Li was laid off, she had done a small business.

After seeing the small car, Wang Dani’s heart suddenly wavered. If the other party was rich, then she would not be at a disadvantage in marrying Feng Li.

Sitting in the car, Wang Dani kept thinking, what kind of house does Feng Li live in?

What does the furniture inside look like?

Wang Dani kept fantasizing and did not notice that Feng Li, who was sitting at the side, had a mocking smile on his face.

Wang Dani’s obedience did not take an hour to reach the place.

When she saw the courtyard in front of her, Wang Dani exclaimed, “did I come to the wrong place? Is this your home? ”

“I didn’t come to the wrong place. This is my home and it will be your home in the future. ” Feng Li said coldly, “you can enter the house now. What’s the point of standing at the door? ”

Wang Dani shook her head. “I want to go home. Don’t stay here. Let me go! ” The dilapidated courtyard was too different from the house she had imagined. She couldn’t accept it at all.

“You’re too kind. We’ve already held the ceremony. ” Feng Li waved at the people in the car and the car left.

Feng Li grabbed Wang Dani’s arm. “Hurry up and go in. Wait for a while. My brother is here.

Change the expression on your face for me. Who are you going to show your sad face to?

“change your smiling face. Do you hear me? ”

Wang Dani tried to shake off Feng Li’s arm, but it was to no avail. Instead, the force in his hand kept increasing.

Feng Li finally exerted some force. “Didn’t you hear what I said just now?

“If you struggle, I’ll break your arm. ”

Wang Dani’s arm felt a sharp pain, and she nodded obediently.

Only then did Feng Li pull Wang Dani with satisfaction. He pushed open the door of the courtyard, walked all the way into the house, and threw Wang Dani onto the bed.

“Take off your clothes, quickly! ” He didn’t spend a single cent today and took her away. It had to be said that God had opened his eyes, so he had to establish a relationship with her now. Even if they chased after him, Wang Danian could only accept it.

Wang Dani’s buttocks kept moving back.

“Let me go! I don’t want to marry you. ”

Feng Li opened the belt on his waist. “If I let you go, who will let me go?

“My leg was crippled for life because of a small mistake by your father.

“Therefore, I can only rely on crutches for the rest of my life.

“Is God fair to me? ”

Wang Dani did not expect the truth to be so cruel. She looked at Feng Li and had already taken off most of her clothes.

“That’s what my father did. It has nothing to do with me. If you let me go, I promise that I will repay you in the future. ”

Feng Li took off his pants completely and shook his head. “The rest of my life is destined to be dark, so you have to spend the rest of your life with me.

“Be Obedient, Dani. The sooner it ends, the less painful you will be. ” After saying that, he pounced on her.

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