Mr. Liu put down the unfinished apple in his hand and looked at Huo Mian smilingly and said, "in view of your meticulous care for me recently, accompanying me to play chess and supervising me to take medicine, I discussed with my wife and decided to introduce a boyfriend to you. During this period of time, I observed that Xiaohuo you, the child's character is very good, and the nurses in the whole hospital are reliable, plain and most important Don't exaggerate. There are few young people like you now. "

"Yes, our old Liu has been telling me how nice you are, and I'm sure he has the right eye."

"Ah Wait a minute, Mr. Liu. I'm actually...? "

"Don't talk to me. Listen to me. My grandson has become a family. It's out of the question. But my fourth brother has a grandson who is just as old as you. He's honest. Now he's in the air force ground service. He's a company commander. He's young and promising. He'll continue to work in the future. He's not far away. You'll get married in s city. If you don't want to In S City, you can continue to work and live here, so close, without delay. "

Huo Mian is sweating. It's all about marriage before he sees anyone.

The key problem is that she has been married. Isn't that a mess of mandarin ducks?

Huo Mian remembered to swish and stood up. "I'm sorry, Mr. Liu. My...?"

"I know you're not very interesting, so I've booked all of them for you. Tomorrow my grandson will come and visit me when you meet for a chat. Young people always have topics. It's best if you become one. If you don't become one, you can also become many friends."

Mr. Liu is very open-minded. Mr. Liu's boss agrees, "yes, that kid's character is absolutely reliable, it's just a bit old-fashioned, but it's very reliable. Don't worry, we won't pit you."

"I know you are kind. The key is that I have...?"

"Whoops, turn on the TV. Don't miss the news broadcast." As soon as uncle Liu slaps his forehead, he immediately looks down for the remote control.

Uncle Liu's wife is also busy, so they ignore Huo Mian's protest

Huo Mian walked out of the ward in silence. It seems that there will be another blind date with dog blood again

If Lord Qin knows it, he will beat her to death, right? She thought about it and had a cold war.

Sure enough, before Huo Mian got off the morning shift, uncle Liu's grandson came.

In order to set off the atmosphere, Mr. Liu specially asked the two of them to go to the back garden for a walk and talk.

"Hello, my name is Liu Ji." One meter eight zero height, the disposition is swarthy, the square face man introduces voluntarily.

"Hello, my name is..."

"Huo Mian, I've heard my third master say that you are a very special girl."

"Well No, I'm just a little less grumpy than the other nurses. I'm a bit impatient. " Hermione smiled.

"Hurry up. People who are acute have a sense of time. They won't be late. I hate people who are late. There can be no mistakes in our army every minute."

"Well, I heard from Grandpa Liu. You are a company commander. You are very powerful."

"What's so fierce? My family has a small rank now. My goal is to be the leader at least."

Huo Mian nodded It seems that she has nothing to say. She is embarrassed.

"What do you think of me? To be honest, I don't have much time to fall in love in the army, so if I look for a girl, I will ask people what they mean. Don't mind my recklessness. " That square face gentleman says bluntly suddenly.