After a moment's hesitation, Huo Mian took over

When she answered the phone, she took her mobile phone and walked out of the private room


"Happy birthday, little sleep." At the other end of the phone, Ning Zhiyuan's voice is hoarse.

"Thank you." Huo Mian's voice is a light alienation.

"Xiaomian, I miss you very much."

"Ning Zhiyuan, I'd like to remind you that you are now Wu Xiaoxue's husband and her child's father. Please remember your identity at all times."

At this time, listen to Ning Zhiyuan and think about her. Huo Mian wants to laugh

Why did he go when he needed his help so much? It's his nature to fall down.

"Xiaomian, I really regret At that time, I should have listened to your explanation. I shouldn't have believed you. I did something that hurt you. I know you won't forgive me, but I'm sorry, you know? I always feel unwilling and have a bad taste in my heart. How could I not treasure such a good girl as I was given by Heaven tomorrow? "

Ningzhiyuan should have had a drink, so he was more or less excited.

Huo Mian just listened quietly, with no mood swings

"In this world There is no regret medicine. Life is a one-way train. Everyone is responsible for their choice. Maybe it's fate. Thank you for your birthday blessing, and Don't call me again, because we don't even need to greet. "

Finish saying, don't wait for Ning Zhiyuan to talk, Huo Mian hangs up the phone decisively

She is a very decisive person. Once she breaks up, she won't get tangled up and whet her haw

And after breaking up to be friends, she can't do it. After all, she doesn't have such a big heart to accept what she used to be.

If it wasn't for the current real name system, she would have wanted to change her number for a long time, or she would have made a phone call when she remembered, which really bothered her

Fortunately, Qin Chu is not so careful, or it will definitely lead to misunderstanding between them

In the corridor of the nightclub, when Hermione answers the phone and is about to turn back.

Suddenly a familiar voice came from behind, "little sleeping sister."

Don't look back, Huo Mian knows this person is Huo Siqian, because he is the only one who always shamelessly calls her Xiaomian sister.

And the first name is seven years

It's true that he has known hoscheon for seven years

It seems that when we were together with Qin and Chu, huosiqian also existed unconsciously.

Although Huo Mian never admitted this identity, but Huo Siqian is persistent called seven years.

It seems that outsiders don't know, they will think their relationship is very good, because it's called too intimate.

"I can see you anywhere." Huo Mian is also drunk. He looks back and coolly sweeps Huo Siqian.

I saw his orange shirt, buttons all scattered, open chest, very uninhibited.

The foreign sister paper with one hand around a big chest is exactly like a dandy.

Who can see that this is the big president of the Tang Huo group, the famous Mr. Huo?

"It means that we are predestined Sister Xiaomian, listen to the old man. Are you coming back to Huo's He asked with a smile.

"Yes." Huo Mian nodded, but he didn't hide it.

"Great, welcome back."

"Don't you worry about me going back to deal with you with the old man?" Hermione looked at him doubtfully.

"If it's you who deal with me, I'm willing." Hoss smiled modestly.

"Hum, don't give me ecstasy soup. Ghosts believe you." Huo Mian knows that Huo Siqian has a high IQ and a deep city. Otherwise, he won't come to this day step by step, take control of Huo's overall situation, and force the old man and the little wife to the brink of extinction. Therefore, Huo Siqian's words are unbelievable. He is the most likely to put smoke bombs.

With that, Huo Mian turns around to leave

Huosiqian suddenly came forward, didn't know where to take out a thing, and immediately put it into huomian's hand.

"Take it, your birthday present." Hoscheen smiled casually.