"Don't cry, elder sister. I'll try my best."

"Dr. Huo, please. We can't do without her..." The little girl's father is also haggard.

"I will, don't worry."

As he said that, Hermione crossed them and went directly to the roof.

The winter of the north wind is surprisingly cold. The cold wind stings the cheeks. That feeling is really unpleasant.

Huo Mian was still wearing a suit that could not be changed, and there was only a thin white coat outside.

As soon as you step on the roof, your hair will be blown out

"Rain sets." She gave a friendly shout.

When the girl heard the voice, she turned around and her eyes changed slightly, "sister Huo."

"Yuning, what are you doing up there? Come down first. " Huo Mian looked at the little girl on the edge of the roof.

Her thin body seems to fall down as soon as the wind blows

"Sister Huo, I don't want to live I'm so tired. "

"Silly girl Your illness is all right, and you can be discharged soon. There is still a lot of hope in life You shouldn't have said such disheartened words at this time. You are still young. You are only 15 years old... "

Huo Mian earnestly persuades

"But as soon as I think that my life will be arranged in the future, I suddenly feel bored Maybe I'm dead, I'm really free... "

"Arranged?" Hermione grabs the key word.

"Ask them..." The little girl gave her parents a cold glance.

Her mother lowered her head a little modestly. "My father and I want to send her to England, where the environment is good and the quality of education is good. A child of my neighbor's family went to school before he finished reading. Now English is very good and there is light on his face Don't you think we raise our daughter just to make a difference? Otherwise we... "

The little girl's mother didn't finish saying, but was interrupted by Huo Mian coldly

"So you have to sacrifice your child's future to satisfy your poor vanity? Even life...? "

"We didn't expect her to react so much I always thought she liked it. "

"You don't always try to figure out what others like. You are not her. How can you know what she likes? Just now, I said that you are the only daughter that you can't lose It's ridiculous for you parents to arrange a bright future for her now When Yu Ning was just in hospital, you should reflect on why a 15-year-old child would have mania and go around smashing things and biting people like crazy Tell you, it's just a kind of emotional catharsis You don't treat her as a daughter at all, just a tool for learning, a tool to show off At the end of the day, it's up to you... "

"No, we are also concerned about her. Actually..." The girl's father quibbled.

"Is it? Then you tell me, what movies does she like, what books she likes to read and what she likes to eat? What are your hobbies? Which star do you like? What is your favorite animal? Which animation do you like? "

When Huo Mian's question is over, the girl's parents are silent

As a parent, I really don't know my children's hobbies

"Her mother, shouldn't you know that? You say. "

"How can I know? I only pay attention to her study and make-up lessons... " The girl's mother is a little ashamed.

"It's embarrassing, isn't it? They say they love their children, but they don't know what they like the most Huo Mian sneered.

"Sister Huo..." The little girl seemed to be touched by what Huo Mian said.

Step inside Huo Mian didn't let go of this tiny detail. She was a little pleased.

"Yuning, do you believe me?" Hermione's soft mouth.