"This Did you develop it yourself? "

"Otherwise, do you think it can be bought on the market?" Huo Mian laugh.

Indeed, if domestic controls are particularly strict, not to mention explosives, even pistols are hard to buy.

"Then How did you do it? "

"The principle is very simple. It's composed of multiple chemical components, but I can't tell..."

"I don't want to ask about ingredients, I just think It's too dangerous to carry liquid explosives. Generally, it needs to be ignited by fire. But just now I saw that you used something sticky... "

"Well, that thing takes the place of fire."

"It was developed by yourself?" Su Yu was shocked.

"Yes Because it will be safer, or it may blow me up at any time. "

"Then you are going to deal with hoscheon with this No, you're going to die with him? " Su Yu asked.

"If he wants to be bad for me, I will do so But he didn't, he was afraid of death. "

What Huo Mian said is very straightforward

Yes, he is afraid of death, so he dare not gamble with him.

"I wipe Hermione, I really want to worship you God. "


"But you are a waste. I wanted to see it just now. Why don't you show it to me?" It's a pity that I was dealt with by Huo Mian before I could have a good look.

"Because I'm afraid you're in danger." Huo Mian said.

"No, I think you detonated it with clay I don't have a detonator in my hand, and I won't explode. "

"No Apart from the clay explosion High pressure will make it explode For example, if you pinch the bottle with your hand, it will explode in its own place... "

Su Yu:

"This is what I used to guard against In case of emergency, I have no time to take the clay or lose it There must be another plan. "

"But if I'm pinching it, I will not..." Su Yu didn't finish his words, but his heart was cold.

"Yes, it's the same thing."

"Then You carry this thing on your body. In case of carelessness, you fall and press it... "

"It's going to explode, too. It's going to explode under any external force."

"Lying trough..." Su Yu is afraid now.

The courage of Hermione was so great that he carried with him something that could explode at any time.

I've been walking in the snow for so long

This woman is really Great.

"Are you afraid?" Huo Mian looks at Su Yu's expression and asks with a smile.

"No one is afraid of it. It's something that can blow people to pieces..." Su Yu is in a cold sweat.

"It's dealt with now. It's OK."

"I didn't expect you to have such powerful skills. It seems that In the new year, I don't need to buy fireworks. Just make some for me. Ha ha... "

Su Yu's fantasies


It's only Su Yu who wants to replace fireworks with explosives.

"Hungry or not? Shall we eat? " Su Yu follows Huo Mian happily.

At this time, he was like a follower worshipping the God It's a heart beating worship to Hermione.

"Not hungry I've had a bad stomach lately Nothing to eat. "

"You are so angry I know a Hong Kong Tea Restaurant The stew is very authentic Let's go there By the way, tell me about your journey in developing explosives. "


Su Yu is really obsessed with explosives. It's a big obsession to look at Huo Mian.

Who could have thought that soft sister could make such a powerful weapon.

Su Yu felt that he could consult with his grandfather and let his troops pocket the genius of Huo Mian.

"I really don't want to..." Hermione declined politely.

"Then you should eat with me, OK? I just went up the mountain with your pig on my back. I'm so exhausted. " Su Yu coaxes Huo Mian rarely.

Poor eyes

I can't bear to see Huo Mian