"... Mommy, why don't you come in without knocking? It's rude... " Douding is embarrassed.

"I'm not polite? I will not speak ill of mummy behind my back like some babies if I am not polite... " Huo Mian couldn't help laughing.

"I was joking with Su Shuai, ha How can I say that mommy is the most beautiful woman in the world Intelligence is good and gentle And kind He's also considerate... " He is always good at flattering.

"Stop, stop..." Hermione raised his hand and made a stop sign.

Douding immediately shut up. In this family, Huo Mian is absolutely authoritative, even Qin and Chu will let him.

At will Douding is absolutely dare not provoke Mommy, obediently stand in place, dare not speak again.

Huo Mian comes over, picks up his mobile phone and takes a look at Su Yu on the opposite side.

Suddenly, he was embarrassed She's video with you... "

"Well Otherwise, what do you think of Gao Boyuan? " Su Yu is deliberately joking.

Douding immediately became angry, "Su Shuai, don't betray me."

"I'm kidding..." Su Yu Le.

"No kidding What's the matter... " Douding is now more and more bad to let people talk about her and Gao Boyuan.

"You haven't finished yet?" Huo Mian looks at the office scene behind Su Yu.

"Well, I was just about to leave work."

"Well, hurry up and go home, or there will be a traffic jam in the rush hour When I came back, I found that there were cars on Hexi Road from north to South... " Remind me.

"OK, I'll hang up..." Su Yu nodded.



After the two said goodbye to each other, Huo Mian helped Douding hang up the video and put the mobile phone on the head of the bed.

"Douding If you have nothing to do, can you send a video to Uncle Su Yu? He is busy sometimes and often works. You can send it on weekends or at night. "

"I see Mommy. " Douding nodded his head cleverly.

"Well, darling, Mommy, go to change clothes first..." Huo Mian dotes on Douding's head.

"Mommy..." Douding suddenly opens again.


"Mommy Do you think Su Shuai is pathetic? " Childish, Douding naively asked Huo Mian this question.

"Pitiful? Why do you think so? Uncle Su is pathetic? " Huo Mian is very curious. Douding will suddenly ask such a question.

"Look Every time you get together Everyone is one-on-one. Even uncle Zhixin's wood is about to catch up with aunt Bella Only Su Shuai is always alone. He doesn't fit in with you. He is even abused by you from time to time I don't think it's Fair On Valentine's day, daddy prepared a sea of flowers for Mommy Romantic Let all the women in the city envy My sister and I were going to accompany Su Shuai, but Su Shuai didn't let us I guess on such a day, he must be extremely miserable and embarrassed... "

"So? What do you want to say, Douding? " Huo Mian listens to her daughter's words, in the heart is also slightly touched.

"So Mommy, can you find a way to help Su Shuai find a girlfriend? " Douding asked.

"Me? Help Su Yu find his girlfriend? " Hermione thought the subject was a bit of a drag.

Let's not say who she doesn't know. Even if she does, Su Yu won't agree. Will he be willing to accept her introduction to his girlfriend?

"Mommy, don't you want to? Don't you want to see Su Shuai find someone he likes? " Douding asked seriously.