Liu Ze always thought that his practice was foolproof. Even if he examined the wound again, he would not see anything.

Because in addition to the knife hurt by the mysterious man that night, in order to make Su Yu more realistic, Liu Ze was ruthless and took his own fruit knife and made another knife.

So the scar on the surface is caused by the fruit knife. When Liu Ze used the fruit knife, he was wearing a water jacket, so he didn't leave any fingerprints.

After Su Yu entered the door, he picked up the bloody fruit knife out of instinct reaction, and became the murderer. It must be said that Liu Ze was very vicious.

Doctors only look at the surface scars, not too deep to investigate. As a forensic doctor, Lin Mingyu himself is strict, and a lot of details are handled in place.

And it's also a forensic doctor specially hired by the Municipal Bureau. That's why Huo Mian found him

Liu Ze did not move. Lin Mingyu's assistant took out all the necessary equipment. Lin Mingyu put on his mask and gloves and began to examine the wound.

Huo Mian stands aside, watching quietly

At the same time, we should accept Liu Ze's ridicule and contempt.

"Vice president, you said How could your life be so good? There are so many men fascinated by you. It's reasonable to say You don't look very good, and you're not gentle Is it Because the bed technology is good, so So that men can't stop? "

Liu Ze's heart was already overwhelmed by hatred because he wanted to revenge Zhao Xiya.

So he didn't hate Huo Mian at first. Suddenly, because she wanted to help Su Yu, she became very hateful. What she said was very bad.

Huo Mian had seen through his heart for a long time, and was not willing to fight more. His face was indifferent, and he had no intention of refuting.

But Lin Mingyu couldn't listen. He unconsciously pressed Liu Ze's wound.

"Ah What are you doing? Don't you know how to be light? " Liu Ze looks back and stares at Lin Mingyu.

"You're a big man. How can you be like a woman If men in our country are like you At the beginning, when we went to war to resist US aggression and aid North Korea, we would not be laughed off by the US Army. It's really, ha ha. "

"Comrade forensics, have I ever offended you?" Liu Ze saw that Lin Mingyu had a bad attitude and asked directly.


"Then how do I feel like you have a problem with me?" Liu Ze squinted at Lin Mingyu.

"You worry too much. I always do business."

Lin Mingyu's tone is completely formulaic. Liu Ze can't help it. The wound hurts. He's not in the mood to go on sleeping.

Huo Mian's emotional intelligence can be seen at a glance. Just as Lin Mingyu was deliberately hurting Liu Ze, he was mocking her.

Huo Mian suddenly felt that Lin Mingyu looked cold. In fact, his heart was pretty good. Unfortunately, they could not be friends.

Huo Mian will not be a virgin, and she will be friends with every man who likes him, which is not fair to Lord Qin.

Su Yu is an exception. For Huo Mian, Su Yu has been the benefactor of her and her twins. In recent years, her benefactor is as heavy as a mountain.

She will never forget how the Su family held out their hand to take her in at her most difficult time.

Twenty minutes later

"OK, OK." After Lin Mingyu finished, he took off his mask and breathed a sigh of relief.

Liu Ze impatiently put down his sleeves

"What's the result, forensics Lin?" Huo Mian looks at Lin Mingyu anxiously.