"Hello? Su Yu... Have you reached Qinghe town? "

Huo Mian leans on the car which the armed police comes, reluctantly eats the egg yolk pie which Lord Qin brings.

She reached out and touched her abdomen. I don't know how the little baby in her belly has grown up, because she is in such a low mood recently?

After a while, Qin Chu hung up and came back.

"Husband, has the child received it?" Asked Hermione at once.

"No, Zhang Manlin hasn't been to Qinghe town yet."

"How could this happen? Is there something wrong? " Huo Mian's face was very ugly.

"No, don't worry, Xiaomian Qinghe town is Zhang Manlin's only way. She has no way back. She will definitely pass by Qinghe town. Now there are Su Yu, Tang Chuan and Ning Ning Ning in Qinghe town. There are also a lot of police in the tight defense, let alone the big living people. Even flies are hard to fly past... " Qin and Chu comforted Huo Mian.

"I hope the children are OK..."

With that, Huo Mian attached to Qin Chu's shoulder and cried again

Perhaps pregnant women like emotional, the recent Huo Mian, physically and mentally exhausted, really looks very fragile.

Even Gao ran can't look down

"Huo Mian, you go to the car to have a rest first. There is hot water in it. It's too cold outside. You have nothing to do outside..."

Before Huo Mian could speak, he heard a loud noise in the mountain.

"What voice?" Gao ran turned his head and his face changed greatly.

Then, watching several armed police run out in a panic, "report to the platoon leader that the gangster has explosives on his body, and our people have been injured..."

"Contact the hospital now." Platoon leader Zhang Bin is also anxious.

"I've said they have explosives on them. Why didn't you be careful..." Gao ran was also upset to hear that someone was hurt.

"High Bureau, we have been very careful But the bandit is too cunning He's not a direct drop of dynamite, he's buried, we can't see it at all. "

An aggrieved reply from a small armed police officer.

"Lying trough, play mine war with me?" Gao Ran is also angry.

"Gao Ju, what to do now? Do you want to find a demining expert?" The platoon leader Zhang Bin is also confused.

They are only armed police forces, usually anti explosion and anti-terrorism. They are all acting. Where did they pass through such battles as mine? So he asked Gao ran what he meant.

"It's too late to transfer mine clearance experts from the province If it's not well rectified, he Yongjun will run away... " Gao ran said, biting his teeth.

He has read the information of he Yongjun. He is very cunning. A person who is good at smuggling can come here freely in places like Vietnam where there are many dragons and snakes.

So they must not take it lightly

"I'll clear the mine. I'll come." Qin Chu took off his black leisure coat, put it in his hand, and walked out from behind Gao ran.

"Well You? " Gao ran didn't expect that Qin and Chu would come out at this time, but he knew that Lord Qin never boasted. If he wanted to say yes, he would.

"I'll clear the mine, and your people will follow me That's all right. " Qin Chu looked at platoon leader Zhang Bin and said.

"No, I don't agree." Huo Mian directly threw the yolk Sect on the ground, trotted all the way to take Qin Chu's hand.

"Little sleep..." Qin Chu's tone was gentle, trying to coax Huo Mian.

"I said no, I can't. I can't let you take risks He Yongjun is a man who doesn't play cards according to common sense. We can't risk ourselves. " Hermione was resolute.

"What now?" Platoon leader Zhang is also confused.