"Wife, you check to see if the mobile phone is abnormal?"

Huo Mian nods, takes Su Yu's cell phone, links the computer.

But a picture made her very embarrassed

If it was not for Su Yu's accident, no one would have the right to touch Su Yu's personal belongings.

I don't know. So far, Su Yu's cell phone screensaver is still a picture of Huo Mian.

It was a picture a few years ago. Compared with the present, Huo Mian was still green at that time.

When he was just a doctor in the Southern District, he was wearing a white coat and a picture with a black frame.

At that time, his hair was not as long as it is now, but he was also very patient.

"Cough..." Xiao an coughs awkwardly behind the couple.

Huo Mian is also a little embarrassed to hurry up.

After checking, jomeen unplugged.

"The phone is not abnormal, there are no suspicious and deleted call records." Huo Mian said.

"That's really strange. Su Yu is not so easy to be taken away. Will it be a temporary matter for him to go out to work and leave?"

"It's impossible. President Su never left without saying a word, and even if he left, there would be monitoring pictures. Now the problem is Total Su disappeared out of thin air. "

Xiao an's anxious explanation.

"How could a living man disappear from the sky? Someone must have moved his hand and foot." Huo Mian felt that it was not so simple.

Qin and Chu also frowned slightly and said, "those who can tie Su Yu away in the middle of the night without any voice can see their strength How powerful. "

"Yes, I also guessed that the enemy should be very strong, otherwise the Soviet Union would not easily be taken away without counterattack."

"Has Su Yu offended anyone recently?" Qin Chu asked Xiao an.

"No, but Not long ago, President Su's car was tampered with. Fortunately, I found it in time. "

"That is to say, he has been deliberately misbehaved?" Qin Chu picked the sword eyebrow.

"Husband, have you forgotten? The last car accident... "

Huo Mian reminds Qin Chu.

"Yes, I still don't know what happened last time, so it's very likely that the people who moved their hands and feet in the car, the last car accident and the one who took Su Yu away this time It's all a group. "

"Who will it be?" Huo Mian raised his head and sighed.

"First, I'll call Gao ran to check the suspicious vehicles and surveillance in the city."

Qin Chu turns to take his mobile phone and calls Gao ran of the Municipal Bureau for help.

Xiaoan is anxious.

"Mr. Huo Our boss Will something happen? "

Xiao'an is always worried that Su Yu will be killed like this.

"No, Su Yu is very lucky." Hermione also convinced himself.

"But those people clearly want his life I was so careless that I should have gone out with him last night... "

Xiao'an is so regretful that she reaches out and beats her chest hard.

The feeling that it's too late to say anything now.

Huo Mian is in a complex mood and comforts Xiao an.

"Don't think so. It may protect you Xiao'an, if you think about it, Su Yu is no worse than you. He can be easily taken away by others. It won't make any difference if you go out. It's probably only one you can get in at most, so it's not your fault. "

"Mr. Huo, you've always been the smartest person I think. What Mr. Su cares most is you. You must find a way to save our boss."

Xiao'an is really flustered. She can only put all her hopes on Huo Mian.