"Forget it. I won't talk to you. You'll go back to the ward and have a rest."

Huo Mian doesn't want to talk to Su Yu at all. He thinks he's a slick talker and doesn't have a word of truth in his mouth.

With the help of Huo Mian, Su Yu can walk faster than before.

Xiao'an was going to run back with her mobile phone and give it to the boss.

Later, I saw from afar that the boss was supported by Huo Mian, and I knew myself all of a sudden.

Find a place to hide now

After Huo Mian helped Su Yu back to his room, he jumped out.

"Boss, you're flirting with the nurse."

"What do you mean? I used to flirt with you." Su yubai gives Xiao an a look.

"Boss, cell phone."

Xiaoan hands over her cell phone.

Su Yu takes it, immediately opens it and takes a look at wechat. Huo Mian still doesn't add him.



"Do you like that little nurse?"

"You can see that." Su Yu is playing with his mobile phone while he is absent-minded.

"The whole hospital saw it, so obvious..." Xiao an's mouth is flat.

"Any questions?" Su Yu looks up at xiao'an.

"With all due respect, that little nurse is not very beautiful It's not like the taste of the boss before. "

"What was my taste before?" Su Yu asked jokingly.

Xiao'an leaned on her chin, thought about it carefully, and then said, "you used to like it. You have a high face value, big bottom, big chest Long hair, big eyes, coquetry, coaxing, dancing, singing... "

"Was I so blind before?"

Xiao an:

"I don't like women like that anymore." Su Yu's solemn promise.

"Miss Zhao, Miss Jane, they..."

"It's not my food."

"So boss, you are looking for a little nurse. Do you want to catch up? How many months is it going to be fresh this time? "

Xiao'an thinks that the boss may be because he hasn't been in the nursing industry. He thinks it's fresh. The little nurse always hates the boss.

That's why he's full of interest.

But according to the boss's bad temper, it is estimated that within a few months, he will be tired of being crooked, and then he will have to change people.

What do you know, this time Su Yu said, "this time I plan to live a new life."

"No Don't tell me, you are going to get married? " Ann wondered.

"No, no, no, I'm running to have a baby."

Xiao an almost bled after listening

Having a baby?

This is a topic that the boss didn't want to talk about before, because Su Yu doesn't like children, as we all know.

I don't think it's cute to see other kids. I don't even have interest in teasing them.

Mrs. Su once said that she wanted Su Yu to get married early and have children.

Su Yu said at that time that he was a non married man, not to mention a child, and hated those naughty ghosts.

Now I take the initiative to have a baby with a nurse.

Xiao'an feels that her brain capacity is not enough.

"Boss, have you been lowered? I think we should find a accuser and show it to you. "

"Look at you I'm fine Come on, don't talk nonsense. Go out, I'll take a nap. "

Su Yu is in a beautiful mood.

After xiao'an went out, he talked with Wei Liao and Tang Chuan in the group for a while, and then had a good nap.

"Xiao Mian, how can I feel that Su Shao is interesting to you?"

Another little nurse looked at Huo Mian and was very envious.

"No way. We all know who Su Yu is. He's just bored in hospital. He teases us. He can't be serious."

"Xiaomian, I think it's a good opportunity. If you have something to do with Su Yu, you don't need to be a nurse Look at the female artists of the star king. Which one is not worth tens of millions? "