"It is nice to meet you Miss Shiro. Or rather, shall I call you Miss Asakura? My sister has told me about some of the things that you have shared with the two of them." The woman smiled as Shiro raised her eyebrow.

"I presume that you are the current leader of God's Pantheon, Ilya right?" Shiro smiled.

"That is indeed who I am." Ilya nodded her head.

She was a relatively tall woman with long blond hair and piercing brown eyes. Much like what Kanae and Irina wore, she also wore a trench coat, some shorts, tights and boots.

Feeling her aura, Shiro could tell that Ilya was rather prideful and that she clearly wanted to have the upper hand in this talk.

"Do you have any proof about the things that you have said? This is a serious case so I will be needing proof otherwise God's Pantheon won't be able to do anything, It'll be rather difficult to convince them to act without having proof." Ilya said as she sat down on a chair.

"You want proof? Well I don't really have any proof except for what I've seen as well as the information I have gathered from the system." Shiro shrugged.

"Oh? You have gathered information about this new age from your system? How did you do that? If we can also draw information from the system we'll be able to prove the liability of your statements." Ilya asked as Shiro frowned in her head since she was rather demanding.

"You want to know how to gather information from the system? Do it yourself. I'm not going to serve you everything on a platter just because you're the leader of a faction you know that right? If you think I am going to do that then you are belittling me quite a bit." Shiro narrowed her eyes as sparks seemed to appear as the two glared at each other.

Seeing this, Irina panicked since this wasn't what she wanted to happen. She understood that her sister seemed demanding, but she had to be that way otherwise she won't be the leader of God's Pantheon.

Glancing towards Kanae, Irina saw that she was rather relaxed and just checked her phone while the two were having a stare off.

"Aren't you worried?" Irina whispered over while gesturing at the stare off.

"Mn? Well… I know that Shiro-nee is nice so she wouldn't do anything too drastic so long as you don't push her buttons. She even shared this important information with us after all. I think whether or not your sister believes her, Shiro-nee has done her job by providing the information. The rest is up to your sister so it's not a case of being worried of Shiro-nee but rather will your sister back down I suppose." Kanae shrugged before gesturing towards Ilya.

Glancing towards her sister, Irina was surprised to see that sweat seemed to roll down her face as she eventually sighed and closed her eyes.

"I see… I will attempt to persuade the God's Pantheon. Is there anything we should do before the Age of Demons and Gods arrive?" Ilya asked.

"You got about 5 months to make everyone as strong as possible. That's about it. There's nothing else other than to get as strong as you can. You probably want to stay in a dungeon for a bit longer so that you can extend the time. I know this is asking for a lot but the best case scenario would be that everyone can clear a dungeon solo and try to get as much EXP as they can. It's impossible to get everyone to the peak of tier 5 but try get as close as you can. For those that are already at the peak, aim for tier 6 if you can since the enemies in the new age are much stronger than the enemies we face now. Tier 6 is just the beginning as there will be tier 7's, and 8's among us. Just so you know, tier 7 is demi god and tier 8 is god." Shiro explained as Ilya nodded.

"Are you able to give any hints about reaching tier 6?"

"I suppose I can but I want to wait until I can get the government to listen to me I suppose. Once they tell everyone about the new age, I'll get them to publish some hints about reaching tier 6 with some demonstrations I suppose. 5 months should be enough for the talented ones to reach tier 6." Shiro replied.

"However, if there are any dipshit's that decide to abuse their tier 6 power, me and Lil' Tian will deal with them personally." Shiro narrowed her eyes as Nan Tian agreed.

Talking for a little longer, Shiro decided to leave since there was still much to do.

"Kanae, do you want to come with us? I can get my mum or dad to train you during the 5 month period we have left. Plus, I can also get Helion to make you a new weapon since your old one had been broken." Shiro asked.

"Hmm… would Irina be able to come with us?" Kanae asked while glancing back at her friend."

"She can if she wants to. I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind training her." Shiro nodded her head.

"However, it's really up to her and her sister." She shrugged as Ilya stood up.

"It would be her honour to be trained by your parents as not many get this chance. However, I will leave the decision to Irina as she is her own person." Ilya smiled.

"In that case then I want to train with Kanae." Irina said since she had seen how strong Shiro was. If she could get stronger, she could be more reliable on the battlefield.

Seeing this, Shiro only smiled as it reminded her of Silvia when she first joined the party.

"Sure, I'll contact you later about her progress." Shiro smiled as the four of them left the apartment.

Once she was alone, Ilya sighed and sat down heavily. During their stare off, she felt like she was sitting in front of a powerful monster as her aura gave her the feeling of death. Should she do anything out of line, she would definitely die!

Taking a deep breath, Ilya calmed herself before calling for an emergency meeting with her faction. After all, she needed to tell them about what she knows.


"Before we go to my parents house, we're going to make a small detour." Shiro smiled.

���Where are we going?" Kanae asked.

"Just a small trip to the world government. We're acquainted so they should be rather familiar with me." Shiro chuckled as Kanae nodded her head.

However, Nan Tian only shook his head.

"You might want to brace yourself for what Shiro does. Hmm… a tip is to imagine the most insane thing she can possibly do and use that as a baseline." Nan Tian said as both Kanae and Irina tilted their heads.

"What? It's not like she's going to attack the government, now is she?" Irina asked as both Nan Tian and Shiro stayed silent and looked forward. Without saying anything, they teleported away with Kanae and Irina in tow.

Arriving at Lerit, Shiro and Nan Tian made their way back to the previous spot they were in when they were checking out the city.

"Sit down here and wait for a bit. I'll sort it out quickly." Shiro smiled as the two nodded their heads.

Flying into the sky, Shiro immediately released her aura as both Kanae and Irina widened their eyes in shock.

"Is she trying to pick a fight????" Irina shouted out in shock.

"Yes and no, just trust her." Nan Tian sighed and placed a hand on her shoulder, stopping her from going forward.

"Are you just going to watch her?" Irina frowned.

"Yes and I have done so plenty of times. Just trust me and watch. Enjoy the show if you can." Nan Tian smiled.

Suddenly, a portal opened up as a young man appeared before them with a forced smile.

"Seems like you have decided to come back rather quickly." He said with a forced smiled. He couldn't help but curse the old geezers that forced him to come talk to her after what she had done last time.

"Don't be so scared. I came with some information this time. Of course, we can have a proper fight if you want. I destroyed your portals before you could use them last time didn't I? How about I let you use your spells first?" Shiro grinned.

"I'll be fine. So what information did you want to share?" 

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