Chapter 924 - Du Bu’s Enlightenment

Name:Ninth In the World Author:Goose Five
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After standing in the Heavenly Witch Realm for a day, Di Jiu sorted out his feelings and tore the plane of the Heavenly Witch Realm.

This also showed his progress. In the past, even if he had restored his cultivation level, he probably wouldn’t have been able to tear the plane of the Heavenly Witch Realm. Right now, he could do so easily without any difficulties.

In the Qi-Converting Sea of the Five-Element Universe, a middle-aged man in a hemp garment with an ordinary look suddenly opened his eyes and lifted his head to look at the vast void of the universe. At that moment, it seemed like his gaze could pierce countless planes and see countless planets.

He started to frown. Although he had landed himself in such a situation, it was not completely because of the Dao law called the Escapee. However, it was mostly because of that Dao law.

If he wanted to cut off his means of retreat, no matter how many heaven-opening experts Du Mo found or how much Du Mo took advantage of him, it would be hard for Du Mo to plot against him and kill him.

Part of his Dao was indeed a result of Du Mo’s plot against him. More importantly, it was because he had been enlightened that his Dao was imperfect. His Dao had experienced the creation of the Five-Element Universe, so it was clearer than other people’s Dao.

In the beginning, he had been very conceited and had never taken anyone in the universe seriously. Even though he had accepted eight disciples and let them control the Primordial Dao Laws, he had never thought that they would betray him. Du Bu had believed that as long as he was still in the Five-Element Universe, nobody could betray him. Since he represented the Five-Element Universe, who could betray him?

However, when Cao Xi had perished and he had truly experienced disappointment and sadness, he had finally understood what his Dao was lacking.

Other people’s Dao had Dao Degeneration, which his Dao had never experienced. Ever since he’d had his Dao, nobody in the Five-Element Universe had been able to threaten his existence. In his opinion, there was only one reason for that: It was because he was Du Bu.

This was not his pride but his sorrow.

While he was standing at the peak of the Five-Element Universe and nobody could fight against him and nothing in the universe could threaten him any longer, his Dao had reached the end of the Five-Element Universe.

However, he knew that there was an even vaster void universe outside the Five-Element Universe. The Five-Element Universe was only a corner of the vast and boundless universe.

Regardless of how formidable Du Bu was, he was only a corner of this universe.

If he wanted to surpass his current Dao, he would have to experience failure and Colossal Degeneration. He had pursued the perfect Dao, and this was his enlightenment after losing Cao Xi.

Even though he couldn’t have Cao Xi, he would always be thankful for her. Without her, he would still have been pursuing perfection and the extremes of the Five-Element Universe.

After Cao Xi’s death, he had lost what he’d thought was a necessity and had then understood that if he wanted to stand on a vaster universe’s peak, he would have to go through Colossal Degeneration. At the same time, he needed to obtain the Escapee, as the Dao law in it was the most crucial Dao law for him if he wanted to rush out of the Five-Element Universe.

Therefore, when Du Mo had plotted against him, he had not chosen to cut off his means of retreat. However, he had chosen to form a cocoon. When he once again tore the Dao cocoon in the future, he would break through the cocoon and turn into a butterfly.

Regardless of how much time the universe had experienced and how many reincarnations other people had experienced, everything was within his control.

That day, he felt that the Escapee’s Dao law aura had weakened to the point of being indistinct.

He had experienced Colossal Degeneration. Although this was not the right time for him to break out of the cocoon yet, it was close. He had to obtain the Escapee, which was the key to breaking out of the cocoon and turning into a butterfly.

After a long time, Du Bu once again slowly closed his eyes. He believed that, apart from him, nobody could gain insight into the Escapee’s whereabouts. Perhaps, after he left the Qi-Converting Sea, he would sense the Escapee again. Since he had yet to transform into a butterfly, he had to take things seriously and stop being affected by external factors.

Even though his Dao had the right to surpass the Five-Element Universe, his cultivation level was still too low to be able to tear voids easily.

The Heavenly Witch Realm and the Five-Element Universe were clearly separated by a plane, not by a realm.

Di Jiu didn’t know how to step across a plane, so he could only constantly tear the realm in the void and choose a familiar void position.

In the Mountain Gaze Hotel, Dao Lord Po Xu was reclining on a chair, sitting at the entrance and looking clearly bored. Jing Xihua, who had chased after him in the past, was distressed while doing what Lightning used to do.

In the past, Lightning had been assigned to arrange where the guests would stay. It had enjoyed giving orders there. However, in Jing Xihua’s opinion, this was torment. He had to do it but he couldn’t win over Po Xu. He was also unwilling to leave. He could only stay and do what a hotel assistant would do while he waited for Di Jiu to return.

Po Xu was also waiting for Di Jiu’s return. After he had come out of the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone, Di Jiu and the others had strayed off and had naturally promised to gather at the Mountain Gaze Hotel.

There were not many people in the vast universe like Di Jiu, who had great strength and bright prospects and was a friend with a human touch. Po Xu had made it out with difficulty, so he didn’t want to be casually implicated. Therefore, he had to follow Di Jiu while waiting for the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone to be destroyed and the Mountain Gaze to appear again in the future.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Explosions were heard at the entrance of the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone in the distance. The sound of the explosions awakened all the cultivators in the Mountain Gaze Hotel. Dao Lord Po Xu, who was lying down with his eyes closed to rest, also leaped up.

The explosions became louder and louder, as though something had broken apart from the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone.

“Senior Po Xu? What’s going on?” a Primordial Dao cultivator asked as he looked at Po Xu in fear.

If Po Xu, who had joined the Creation War in the past, hadn’t been there, people might have escaped due to the disturbance that took place in the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone.

There hadn’t been a disturbance in the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone for many years. Now that such an explosion had occurred abruptly, something had clearly happened.

Dao Lord Po Xu frowned. Before he could utter a word, he saw a rift in the exploding Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone. Then, a cultivator fell through that rift.

What made everyone feel a little calmer was that after that cultivator fell, the explosion sounds gradually disappeared. In the end, the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone was restored to its original state.

“I’ve seen you before. You’re…” Dao Lord Po Xu pointed at the cultivator who had fallen and frowned as though he was recalling who that was.

The cultivator who had fallen got up. When he saw Dao Lord Po Xu, he said, “Daoist Po Xu, I’m Ge Lun. You met me once many years ago… We’ll talk about that later. I need to see Dao Lord Di as soon as possible…”

“You came out of the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone just to find Di Jiu?” Dao Lord Po Xu looked at Ge Lun in shock. Since when had it been so easy to get out of the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone? If it had been so easy to get out, Po Xu, Myriad Poison, Itinerant Yi Ji, and the others would have been able to come out.

Ge Lun said hurriedly, “We’ll talk about this later. Is Dao Lord Di here?”

Po Xu went back to his lazy self. “I’m also seeking Brother Di. What do you think? You can just tell me if anything’s wrong. I’ll pass it on to Dao Lord Di when the time comes.”

When he heard that Di Jiu was not there, Ge Lun looked very disappointed. He set up a restriction and said urgently, “Tell Dao Lord Di as soon as possible. Before he reaches the third step, he shouldn’t meet Ye Zifeng. He shouldn’t ever do that…”

Po Xu roughly knew that Di Jiu should have just completed his Dao Integration successfully. If Di Jiu could kill third-step experts while being at the Dao Integration, why couldn’t he meet Ye Zifeng before he reached the third step? Upon hearing Ge Lun praise Ye Zifeng, he said disdainfully, “Ye Zifeng is a fool. He bullied me because I had yet to reach the third step. If he wants to bully Brother Di, he’s still far from being able to do so. Tell me how you came out first. This is what I’m concerned about…”

Dao Lord Po Xu paused. When he saw Ge Lun’s skin start to wrinkle and his life-force start to dissipate, he quickly asked, “Daoist Ge, are you okay?”

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